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 Post subject: New Indie game Centralia?

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Recently saw this on the Silent Hill subreddit.

Supposedly, an indie developer pitched an idea for a new Silent Hill game to Konani. Konami denied them for "creative reasons," though it seemed they allowed the Indy devs to make a spiritual successor called Centralia (the name from the SH movies, based off the real life ghost town of Centralia, Pennsylvania). Supposedly, Konami would only want to make a SH game "in house."

The Centralia gameplay is based off of PT.

As for Konami's hypothetical SH game, Silent Hill: Survive, anyone? If we're even that lucky...

As far as this Centralia game is concerned, this is where I have issue, and that's the decision to make it into yet another PT clone. In a way, PT kind of homogenized the way modern horror titles are made, especially by indie developers. First person walking simulators. Seeing that Silent Hills was supposed to feature Norman Reedus, it would have been at least partly a third person game. Instead, a lot of Indie devs are running with PT's concepts in a short sided way without preserving the soul of the game and without understanding what made PT unnerving and captivating to begin with.


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 Post subject: Re: New Indie game Centralia?
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Although I would love a Silent Hill successor out there, I agree that it being modelled after PT is unnerving. I played Layers of Fear and that satisfied the itch. Now, I want to go back to third-person. Hell, even Resident Evil did the PT first-person jump.
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