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Problems with a Silent Hill game on PC? [Sollutions]
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Author:  paladin181 [ 26 Sep 2010 ]
Post subject:  Re: Problems with a Silent Hill game on PC? [Sollutions]

I for one am glad you bought the games, even if from a second or 3rd party sale.

As for SH4.. It's sadly disappointing throughout, except for the story. You'll like it, maybe.. I had a LOT of trouble getting into it, and SH3 for that matter. Don't know enough about forbidden Siren to give an educated answer on that.

Author:  alissonam [ 04 Oct 2010 ]
Post subject:  My method for playing SH2 on Windows XP

Hi! My PC is single core and runs Windows XP. However, the stuttering
didn't stop, even after trying every solution I found on the internet
But when I was about to give up, I used an application called
"WinLauncherXP" and set the process priority of "sh2pc.exe" to the
lowest priority. And IT WORKED! Now I can even alt-tab the game
without any problems! Perhaps the process priority is the cause of all
the stuttering?

Changing the process priority by the Task Manager works the same way,
but then that would have to be done everytime the game opens, so using
the "WinlauncherXP" or a similar program makes it easier.

Oh, and on the "Advanced Options" of the game, I put everything on the
max except for the resolution (640x480) and the software 3D sound
(No Virtualisation; I "unlocked" that option by turning the PC sound
acceleration on "basic acceleration" via Control Panel or DXDIAG).
Some stuttering still occurs, but it's VERY rare now (except on some
indoors areas, like the apartments, but the game is much more stable
than before).

One more thing: sometimes, when I'm saving a game, some stuttering
happens and the save file could get corrupted. When that happens, I
wait until the "Checking Hard Disk" message and close the game by
Alt-F4 (it may take a while for the game to close, though). And after
I started using this Alt-F4 trick, I didn't lose my saves anymore!
But on Windows Vista or 7, this may need more steps (turning off UAC,

I hope this is helpful! :mrgreen:

Author:  alissonam [ 04 Oct 2010 ]
Post subject:  Re: Problems with a Silent Hill game on PC? [Sollutions]

Oh, and about Homecoming, I recommend the ENB Series patch (you can find it at It even fixed some bugs here! (like the black screen, FMV freezing...)

Author:  SenorKaffee [ 31 Oct 2010 ]
Post subject:  Re: Problems with a Silent Hill game on PC? [Sollutions]

I recently dug out the Silent Hill games for a videopodcast and tried to get them to run on Windows 7 64.
Silent Hill 2 made a lot of problems, but binding the task to CPU 0 fixed 99% of them, including freezing cutscenes and looping music fragments - thanks you! :mrgreen:

BTW, the port seems to be based on the XBOX version, not the PS2 special edition. I encountered a screen that said that my harddrive was full so I couldn't save games and it referred to the colored buttons on an XBOX pad.

Author:  DarkReign27 [ 22 Apr 2011 ]
Post subject:  Re: Problems with a Silent Hill game on PC? [Sollutions]

I've never had problems with any other Silent Hills in any OS except for SH3. In both OS (Windows 7 64bit or Vista 32bit) I have tried all settings with the video cards (V-sync too), compatibility modes and options, disabled Aero, disabled crossfireX and I still have not solved the terrible "SCREEN TEARING", monitor refresh changes do nothing too. Windows XP seems to be the only solution that I have read, but I cannot install XP 32bit on this system it does not work with my videocards and I don't want XP 64bit OS running don't want two 64bit dual booted I need one 32bit system for compatibility issues. For some reason it is something involving only Vista and 7 anyone ever solve this? I had an older system before and I had this issue in Windows 7 64bit I thought it was the 64bit system or videocards now it turned out, it wasn't. It's the newer operating systems in general.

Author:  steph_physarum [ 22 Jul 2012 ]
Post subject:  Re: Problems with a Silent Hill game on PC? [Solutions]

:D I have SH2 and the multiple-core processor fix worked perfectly for me. Thanks!

(I'm playing it on a Dell XPS 13 with an external drive)

Author:  RedAbyss [ 19 Oct 2014 ]
Post subject:  Re: Problems with a Silent Hill game on PC? [Sollutions]

Hello. This seems to be the best place to post my problem. I can't seem to find an answer anywhere and this is driving me crazy. I'm playing Silent Hill 4 on Windows Vista. It's been buggy here and there but has become unplayable after completing the Apartment World (1st time). Now the only way to play it is by running it as Administrator (should have done that in the first place I know, but I wasn't really aware that it would run better :oops: ).

The problem is the program appears to be saving in two different folders: one for normal (on my desktop) and one under Administrator (in Program Files). I've tried several times in several different ways to move my current save to the Program Files. But for some reason, SH 4 in Administrator mode won't recognize it and just says "No Game Data". Doesn't make any sense to me.

I don't think my specs are necessary since this is a filing issue and not a problem with the game itself; but if you want them I'll post them. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm already halfway through the game and I don't have it in me to play through again.

Author:  Fredrick2003 [ 27 Jan 2018 ]
Post subject:  Re: Problems with a Silent Hill game on PC? [Sollutions]

I just finished Silent Hill 2 on PC and it was great. I used the setup guide from this site and everything worked fine once all was said and done.

I was planning to revisit Silent Hill 3 as well, but after I install the game I can not get it to start. Just get the circle to indicate that Windows is loading something and then it stops, nothing ever happens. Any ideas?

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