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"Henry Help Me!" - Items & Extras Guide
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Author:  Naomi [ 05 Nov 2005 ]
Post subject:  "Henry Help Me!" - Items & Extras Guide

It's recommended that you play through once before reading.

Updated: 30th April 2006

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  • Eileen's Statements (Normal & cursed) continued.
  • Ending Requirements
  • Enemies
  • Health
  • Henry's Hauntings & Photos
  • Hints & Tips
  • Items General
  • Items Key
  • Items Trigger
  • Memos
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  • Memos continued
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  • Memos continued
  • Memo Locations
  • Memos Uncollected
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  • Painting Descriptions
  • Parents Voices
  • Peephole (Front Door/ Eileen)
  • Prisoner Statements (Memos)
  • Signs
  • Victims (21 Sacrements)
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  • Weapons
  • Worlds
  • Credits & contact


Pistol bullets:
The number of bullets per magazine varies according to difficulty. 12 rounds on Easy, 10 rounds on Normal and 8 rounds on Hard.
25 in total.
    Subway World (1st) the staircase to the right of giant worm-like creature in the wall.
  • Level B1Subway World (1st) southeast side of Lynch Street Line Platform.
  • Water Prison World (1st) First floor, in room with blood stained on the ground; two doors to your right as you just enter (graffiti on wall room)
  • Building World (1st) Back of Albert's Sporting Goods store.
  • Building World (1st) Level B12, through elevator door, gated alley.
  • Aparment World (1st) apt #101.
  • Apartment World (1st) apt #304.
  • Subway world (1st) Floor B2 on the stairs (walk up the staircase from B3, left platform of Lynch Street line )
  • Forest world (1st) in the first factory like „room“
  • Water Prison world (1st) 3F, in the 4th cell on the right side
  • 2 BOXES- Hospital: 2F in two of the many rooms you can find 2 boxes with pistol bullets, but the places you can find them is changing every time you're playing SH4!
  • Subway world (2nd) B3 left platform of Lynch Street line, lying on a bench
  • Forest world (2nd) in the „room“ in northwest (before entering the viewing platform of Lake Toluca)
  • Water Prison world (2nd) 3F, in the second cell on the left side
  • Water Prison world (2nd) 2F, in the first cell on the right side
  • Water Prison world (2nd) 1F, in the first cell on the right side
  • Water Prison world (2nd) B1, in the shower room (northwest)
  • Building world (2nd) B7, in the pet shop on one of the shelves
  • Building world (2nd) B8, the room with the „clock-door“
  • Apartment world (2nd) 3F if you walk the staircase
  • Apartment World (2nd) apt #207.
  • Apartment World (2nd) apt #101.
  • Apartment World (2nd) In the hall, in front of apt #101.
(??? 1 more)

Revolver bullets:
The number of bullets always remains 6 per magazine.
5 in total.
    Hospital Room 2F, random room.
  1. Forest World (2nd) Toluca Lake.
  2. Building World (2nd) B1, near stairs.
  3. Building World (2nd) B8, exit north from elevator – corridors end.
  4. Apartment World (2nd), apt #303

Silver bullets :
Best used in succession.
The first against Ghost Andrew in the Water Prison Revisited.
When you’ve completed that world, you can retrieve your Sword of Disobedience from him and enter the hole.
Upon starting the next world you will see Ghost Richard, fire your second silver bullet and use your Sword of Disobedience again. Saves a lot of hassle!
2 in total
    Forest World (2nd) South West area (before save/portal) X 1.
  1. Subway World (2nd) - South Ash - North End - blocked staircase (up) X 1.


Cynthia Costume:
You must have all four endings before being able to access this.
After which you select the Nurse oufit as above, and Cynthia's new outfit will silently be included.
She wears some lingerie and a Robbie tatto on her right bum cheek!

Cynthia dance:
There is a way to see her 'booty dance'.
If you approach her at the beginning of the game with her new costume, you'll see a manhole cover on the left hand wall with two white lights beneath it.
Don't walk past the second light, or she will stop.
You will see her 'shaking her booty' to the left and then right, giving it a little jiggle before starting again.
This is her 'special favour' for Henry.

Eileen Costume:
Finish a game in which Eileen survives. (That's an Escape or Mother ending.)
On your subsequent game you will find a nurses costume on Eileen's armchair when you visit her apartment (#303) when you visit the Apartment World for the second time.
Carry this whilst you defeat Walter at the end.
On your next game you should be given the option to select a Nurse outift for Eileen. Though she will only wear the skimpy thing once you meet her at the hospital.
She has also been 'blessed' with new animations - namely breast implants filled with helium and jelly, she'll wobble at every occasion now!

Eleven Hand Weapons:
Namely, the steel pipe, wine bottle, stun gun, aluminium bat, spade, rusty axe, bug spray, Richard's revolver, knife, pickaxe of despair and chainsaw.

One Weapon Mode:
If you achieve a perfect rank (100 stars) you will be awarded this mode.
When you start the game in the subway, eleven hand weapons will lie in a row at the bottom of the escalator.
However, once you pick one up, all the other ones will disappear. The pistol, torch and golf clubs will still be in their normal places.
If you can complete this mode on Hard, you will be rewarded with 'Special Mode.'

Special Mode:
Once you finish One Weapon Mode on Hard, you will also be presented with the eleven hand weapons at the bottom of the escalator.
This time, you can pick them all up though. As a bonus, you'll have a constant supply of Nutrition drinks and ammo in apt #302 when you return from other worlds.

Submachine Gun: Eileen Weapon: Apartment World (New Game) apt #101. If you get a rank of at least 90 points.

Walter Diaries Bonus:
If Eileen is severely ‘cursed’ she will read some texts differently and with more insight. Though the spelling ain’t too good.

    October 3rd I played with Bob again. I went even frther this time. There was a hewj rock. It was reely kool. HE beet me up aftr it.
  • October 15th Bob is gawn. No body will tell me wut hapind. I bet HE did it.. Andru!
  • October 16th Sum impaurtant peeple came today. One of them wuz a lady named Daleeuh…
  • February 10th I went to Ashfeeld agen. Again I couldn’t find mommy. Sum mean girls in the train sed mean stuff to me and I got scared. He beet me agen too.
  • March 17th I went to Ashfeeld agen. It wuz my forth time. Just like befor I didn’t see mommy. The sity is scarey and the upartmint were mommy is haz a scarey guy in it. If I can just reed the 21 sacrumentz for the holy mother thing I can be with her.

Easter Eggs & Secrets

Ghost Call:
H.Apartment (1st) Look out lounge window - Look at Billboard - dial number.

Grave Markers:
In the cemetery, most of the grave markers have-
"...nothing very interesting on them."
BUT a few read-
"Best Wishes for Wish House."
& two read the following-
1.- "Tread there and you will tremble in
fear for the Decent of the Holy Mother."
2.- "Tread there and thy home shall be
made like nuto Hell by the power of
the Lord."

Another is later deciphered by Eileen naming an important SH1 character as buried there.

Henry's animation:
Will vary when you leave him alone with various weapons.
Leave him with a golf club for a bit... he'll practice a normal golf swing.
Leave him with a shovel & he'll lean on it.
With the chainsaw, he'll raise it above his head ('James style').

Opening game sequence:
This makes more sense second time around.
You actually start the game as Joseph Schreiber!
If you don't look at the face shaped stain on the wall, he'll have great comments as you look at all the other things in his apartment, including a photo of Henry!
He won't understand why most of the other objects have changed.

Pet Shop massacre:
After you leave the pet shop during your second visit to Apartment World, you'll see some newspapers on the ground.
Read them and hear the submachine gunfire let rip on the poor screaming animals!

Radio reports
(??? in total)
    A commercial promoting Silent Hill as a relaxing holiday destination.
  • Shoot-
    A report of a mass shooting.
  • Urine-
    Talks of Mister Suguru Murakoshi naked, urinating from halfway up a flagpole. Look up the name on the credits of the manual.
  • Zoo #1-
    Report saying Wally the Walras gives birth to a healthy baby, named Buttercup.
  • Zoo #2-
    Report saying that a tiger has given birth to a healthy baby & both are doing well.

Robbie Sightings
    H.Apartment - Throughout game - Look out lounge window - Robbie the Rabbit hot air balloon moves across the skyline.
  • H.Apartment -Eileen peephole - After Eileen scenario - Look through peephole.

Sub Machine Gun is CURSED!:
If you equip the submachine gun for Eileen, then when you both meet Walter after Subway World for the second time, Eileen will be completely 'cursed' and covered in blood.
Even if you've left the machine gun back in the trunk at home!

Eileen - A Definative Guide
    Eileen can't die, but can receive damage throughout the game from being left alone in monster-infested rooms and from being attacked by certain enemies (primarily ghosts, Walter, bosses and maybe wheelchairs).
  • You can't damage her by hitting her, unless there are no monsters alive in the room.
  • The amount of damage she receives throughout the game is a large factor in determining the ending you get.
  • Holy candles do heal her, but it only seems to affect your ending if you do it at a specific time (this is unconfirmed).
  • She will make conversation with Henry throughout the game, and if she says strange things or acts weirdly, it's an indication that she's received a lot of damage. She will also have a lot of bloody splotches and wounds all over her body if this is the case.
  • The panting is just when she's been running and fighting a lot and doesn't seem to affect her condition (much like Henry seems to get tired after a lot of fighting, but can still run and fight just as well).
  • Don't leave her alone for long periods of time, never leave her alone in rooms with enemies (i.e. always kill all enemies in the room, including tremers, before you enter a hole, and wait for her to catch up with you before you exit an area with enemies).
  • Don't let her hang around ghosts too much if you don't have a saint medallion equipped, and don't let her get attacked too much if you can help it, and she should be just fine.
  • Healing Eileen can be done by lighting a holy candle, placing it on the floor and "pushing" Eileen into it. Usefull for just before the final boss fight.

Eileen's Statements (Normal & Cursed)
Common Statements
Don't go too fast...

Don't go too far ahead...

My leg hurts...

I'm getting tired...

I'm scared...


Where are we...?

My leg...

Henry, you're going too fast...

Please...don't leave me alone...

I'm feeling weak...

I can't keep going....

I'm scared... Please don't leave me...





What is this place?

This is just horrible...

I wonder what could be down there...

This must be what Hell is like...

I'm cold... Help me...

It's him... He's coming in...

I'm scared!!

Where's mommy??

Daddy...? Where's daddy???

Mommy... Wake up... Let me in...

Hen...ry... Towns...hend...

And God said, thou must return to the wellspring of sin...

And God said, separate from the flesh too, she who is the Mother Reborn and he who is the final Receiver of Wisdom...



Hospital World

This is a nightmare...It can't be happening...

Down? Where could that be...?

The boy that helped me...I wonder if he's okay...

How did I get into this...?

That man with the coat...Something about him isn't right.

Subway World
I wonder if Joseph is still alive...

This looks like South Ashfield Station... This looks like the station closest to our apartment...

I used to live in North Ashfield...

I used this subway all the time when I was younger...

Forest World
Could this be...Silent Hill woods...?

I'm pretty sure that somewhere in these woods, is an orphanage called "Wish House"...


Author:  Naomi [ 05 Nov 2005 ]
Post subject: 


Eileen Statements CONTINUED...
Walter's Diary (full version)
Айлин: I studied archaeology back in college, but... I can read this writing... It looks like some kind of a diary... Here goes...

Octoburr 1
He told me two rite watever No body wil see it anihow I like two rite. teecher toed me haw.

Octoburr 2
I playd wit Bob. It was fun. Butt I wint two far and HE gat reely

Octoburr 3
I playd with Bob agin. I went even frther this time. There was a hewj rock. It was reely kool. HE beet me up aftr it

Octoburr 4
My cheek herts. I hate him.

Octoburr 5
I got hit agin I didnt do anethin rong I wish he wuz ded

Octoburr 6
Twomoro is Book study in the chappil If I cant read good Ile wind up
like John. I am reely scard.

Octoburr 13
I finuly got outside John is stil stuk in the round cell I hope I can reed good tomoro

Octobur 14
I did good reedng today I wuz so hapy But the 21 sacrumentz for the
desent of the holy mother was hard

Octoburr 15
Bob is gawn No body will tell me wut hapind. I bet HE did it --Andru!

Octoburr 16
Sum impaurtant peeple came today One of them wuz a lady namd Daleeah...

Octoburr 17
The impaurtant lady told me mommy wuz asleep in Ashfeeld. I got a mommy two! Im reely hapy! I wanna see her. Were is Ashfeeld anyhow?

Octoburr 18
I hav to stay in the round cell tomoro even if I reed good If I do it God wil be happy so I wil do it HE cums into the round cell a lot to vizit but its ok I gess

Octoburr 21
I only leeve the round cell on Sunday Then I go and reed the Book I red reely good today two! If I can keep reeding the 21 sacrumentz for the desent of the holy mother good, I can see mommy.
That's wut the impaurtant lady sed But tomoro Im goin to the round cell agen

Octoburr 28
I hav to take a trane or sumthin to go to Ashfeeld Evrybody sez Asheffeld is a reely scary place but I reely wanna see my mommy

Febrerry 10
I went to Ashfeeld agen Again I couldn't find mommy. Sum mean girls in the train sed mean stuff to me and I got scared. He beet me agen too

March 17
I went to Ashfeeld agen It wuz my forth time Just like befor I didint see mommy The sity is scarey and the upartmint were mommy is haz a scarey guy in it If I can just reed the 21 sacrumentz for
the holy mother thing I can be with her

Water Prison
It's so damp and gross here...

Could this be...that Silent Hill cult...?

The place where they kept all those kids locked up...?

I wonder if this is where that boy was kept too...

That article that Joseph said he was writing... Was it about this place?

Building World
I remember this place... It looks a lot like downtown Ashfield...

Are you...okay?

Considering the circumstances, I guess we're doing pretty good, huh...

Is this really what happened to the city...?Or are we just going insane...?

I'm in too much pain for it to be a dream...Plus, I can see you so clearly...

Apartment World
This is our apartment building, it looks like some kind of nightmare.

We can't get out of here...?

That boy... I feel so sorry for him.

Ending Requirements
    21 Sacraments: Fail to exorcise up to 80% of the ghosts in your apartment (place holy candles) and Eileen dies at the end.
  • Bad
    Mother: Fail to exorcise up to 80% of the ghosts in your apartment (place holy candles) but Eileen survives the end.
  • Good
    Eileen's Death: Succeed in exorcising at least 80% of the ghosts in your apartment (place holy condles) and Eileen dies at the end.
  • Good+
    Escape: Succeed in exorcising at least 80% of the ghosts in your apartment (place holy candles) and Eileen survives at the end.

    Bottoms: (???)
  • Dummy: (???)
  • Ghosts:
    Victim (Old Type): Victims 1, 2, 3, 6, and 9 appear as this Old Type Victim. (???)
    Victim 04 : (???)
  • Gum Head (Old Type): These are the monkey-like creatures you first encounter in the building world. The old GUM HEAD monsters joke around and will hit you when you come too close.
  • Gum Head (New Type): aka Rubber Faces. These look the same as the old types, but the new types have darker colours and carry melee weapons. They are also much more aggresive and clever.
  • Hummer: aka Mothbat. One of the easiest annoying and less-threatening monsters; appear to be like bats that hover around in the air. One hit with any weapon like steel pipe sends them down, with a quick stomp finishing them off.
  • Patient: These are encountered in the Hospital level the first time. They are larger than you and carry melee weapons. Be careful when fighting a group of patients as they can cause some heavy damage.
  • Red Tremer & Blue Tremer: (???)
  • Sniffer Dogs (male): More of a yellowish tint (rather than their pinkish females); cannot do long distance lunge.
  • Sniffer Dogs (female): Pinkish tint; can do a long distance lunge to increase infliction.
  • Toadstool & White Toadstool: These are long creatures that generally "grow" in groups. One shot is enough to kill them. If Henry touches them, they die too, but he then suffers some damage. When killing them, just be sure to stand a safe distance away.
  • Victim 07 + 08: aka Twin, Twin Victim, or Baby Monster. - Strong enemy as it has a long reach & will point (mark you) at a distance. It is slow to turn, so take advantage of it having it's back to you, use a strong melee weapon or pistol.
  • Wall Man: Attatched and stuck to walls; their attacks include popping out and thrusting their arm out to hit you.
  • Wheel Chair: You first encounter them in the Hospital level. They move around quite fast and on impact, may throw Henry to the ground. You can stun them by hitting them (they cannot "die"). When stunned, you should get away!
  • Wall Man (New Type): They are the same as the old type, but they are stronger and are of a grey colour.

The number of supply items remains the same regardless of difficulty level, though their efficacy may change.
Large healing, with extra rejuvenating effects even after you’re hit again! – so keep these two for the final battle.
2 in total.
  1. Apartment World (2nd) apt #106 of Nurse Rachael.
  2. Hospital World (1st) Supply Room on 1F.

Nutrition drinks:
Partial health (common)
34 in total.
  1. Subway World (1st) King Street Line Platform, right in front of escalators.
  2. -Subway world (1st) B4, next to the escalator
  3. -Forest world (1st) in front of Jasper, next to the candles
  4. -Buidling world (1st) B12 (after you went down the ladder from the evelator) on the floor
  5. -Hospital, in the emergency room (NOT the one you start in!)
  6. Hospital, two drinks can be found on 2F in two rooms, but the places you can find them is changing every time you're playing SH4!
  7. Subway world (2nd) B1, before reaching the worm monster, on the right side in the niche
  8. Subway world (2nd) B2 after you went down from B1, don't head forward to B3, instead walk to the south end on the map
  9. Subway world (2nd) B2 right before the escalator with the wall man at the end of the long way on the right side (where you could find the pistol bullets before)
  10. Subway world (2nd) B4 on the way to the door to King Street platform
  11. Forest world (2nd) first „room“ after starting at the cemetary
  12. Forest world (2nd) from Wish House: in the first northwest „room“, next to the door to the second „room“
  13. Forest world (2nd) from Wish House: in the second northwest „room“, next to the entrance to the viewing platformof Toluca Lake.
  14. Forest world (2nd) from Wish House: in the first southeast „room“, opposite the entrance
  15. Forest world (2nd) from Wish House: the last room southeast, next to the hole in the wall.
  16. Forest world (2nd) from Wish House: the fifht room northeast, on the factory like room
  17. Forest world (2nd) from Wish House: the last room northeast, next to one of the stones with the writing
  18. Water Prison world (2nd) 3F: the first cell on the left side
  19. Water Prison world (2nd) 1F: the first cell on the left side
  20. Water Prison world (2nd) 1F: next to the hole in the wall
  21. Water Prison world (2nd) B1: in the dining room
  22. Building world (2nd) B2 on the floor
  23. Building world (2nd) B7 in the pet shop on one of the shelves
  24. Building world (2nd) B8 on the floor
  25. Building world (2nd) B10, next to the hole in the wall
  26. Building world (2nd) B10, after beating the gumheads and the sniffer dog, on the floor
  27. Apartment World (2nd) apt #304
  28. Apartment World (2nd) apt #201
  29. Apartment World (2nd) apt #304
  30. Apartment World (2nd) apt #105
  31. Apartment World (2nd) apt #107
  32. Apartment World (2nd) apt #103
  33. Apartment World (2ne) apt #102
  34. Apartment World (2nd) apt #205

Med kits:
Moderate health (less common)
9 in total.
    Forest World (1st) Northwest Path, in front of grave stone.
  1. Apartment World (1st), apt #106.
  2. Hospital World 1F (1st), Doctor’s Lounge.
  3. Subway World (2nd), B3 up stairs.
  4. Water Prison (2nd), B2 Waterwheel room.
  5. Building World (2nd), B12 by Cynthia.
  6. Building World (2nd), B23 end of stairs.
  7. Apartment World (2nd) apt #106.
  8. Apartment world (2nd) apartment 104.

Henry's Hauntings & Photos
There are 14 different forms of haunting that can take place in Room 302, and they have 3 levels of intensity.
14 in total.
    Worst Damage:
  • Uninvited Guest (All rooms)
  • Take a seat (Lounge)
  • Peephole (Front Door)
  • Wash the dishes (Kitchen)
  • Pretty Picture (Bedroom)
  • Moderate Damage:
  • Wall Crack'd (All rooms)
  • Day Care (Lounge/Chest)
  • Prime time TV (Lounge)
  • Cat Food (Fridge)
  • Kloset Kid (Bedroom)
  • Least Damage:
  • Telemarketing (Bedroom)
  • Crazy Clock (Lounge)
  • Falling Fan (Lounge)
  • Footsteps (hall-Kitchen)
  • Wacky Windows (Lounge)
  • No Damage-Visual only:
  • Blood Bath (Bathroom)
  • Blood Machine (Storage)

Photos: The more memos & info Henry collects, the more detailed the descriptions are given when he returns to the apartment & looks at his photos again.
When to check? Do a quick sweep each time you return from the start of the game, sooner or later the new info will pop up.
NB- Once the apartment is in the beginning stages of 'harmful' hauntings, Henry won't have anything to say about the photos again.
Here's the list of 'Henry comments' at current point of play-
NB - I'll add more if/as they come.
At this point (veiwings #1,2,3) I'm (Naomi) only at the harmless television/bathtub hauntings.
KEY- #. = time veiwed.

  • Exterior of Apartment block-
  • #1. - "This is a photo of the outside of South Ashfield Heights. I was immediately attracted by the outside of the buliding, as well as the veiw from the window here. When I moved here two years ago, I almost felt like I was being drawn here."
  • #2. - "This is South Ashfield Heights. It's U-shaped. The west side has two floor,and the east side has three floors."
  • #3. - "This is South Ashfield Heights. I wonder when it was built...I guess it's a pretty old building."
  • #4. - "This is South Ashfield Heights. It's U-shaped, so you can see what the person living across from you is doing all the time. Now that I think of it, there was a movie like that a long time ago..."
  • Frank's gift-
  • #1. - "I got this photo from Frank Sunderland, the super here at South Ashfield Heights."
  • #2. - "I heard that Sunderland, the superintendent who gave me this photo, has been the super here since the building was built."
  • #3. - "I got this photo from Sunderland, the superintendent. I heard his son anddaughter-in-law dissapeared in Silent Hill a few years back..."
  • #4. - "I got this photo from Sunderland. He uses Room 105 as the superintendent's room."
  • Henry-
  • #1. - "It's a photo of me as a kid and then when I graduated from highschool."
  • #2. - "I was that age once too..."
  • #3. - "I was that age once too...It's not a very sentimental memory for me."
  • #4. - "I visited Silent Hill lots of times when I was that age..."
  • Bedroom:
  • Church-
  • #1. - "This is a photo of the church I ran accross while I was visiting Silent Hill. For some reason, I was really attracted by the way it looked, so I took the picture."
  • #2. - "It's a photo of Silent Hill Church. It was just a quick snapshot, but if I stare at it, I feel like I'm being sucked in.It makes me feel so strange..."
  • #3. - "I wonder if there's a connection between Silent Hill Church and the orphanage in the forest..."
  • #4. - "It seems there's some kind of ancient native religion still active in Silent Hill."
  • Desk photos-
  • #1. - "There are alot of small items here, but none of them is particularly interesting."
  • #2. - "There are scraps from magazine articles, books, and things like that, but nothing useful."
  • #3. - "There are scraps from magazine articles, but I don't remember why I cut them out."
  • #4. - "There are scraps from magazine articles, but I can't remember what magazines I cut them out from."
  • Lighthouse-
  • #1. - "It's a photo of the lighthouse near the lake in Silent Hill. It feels a little bit lonely for a tourist town, but it's a nice place to relax and heal your soul."
  • #2. - "It's the lighthouse near the lake in Silent Hill. There was an old amusement park by there."
  • #3. - "There's a rumour that something weird happened at the amusement park near this lighthouse a few years back, but nobody knows the truth."
  • #4. - "There was even a rumour that a UFO came flying right by the lighthouse..."
  • Bike-
  • #1. - "It's just a quick shot I took in downtown Silent Hill. It's a nice tourist town about a half-day's drive from here."
  • #2. - "It was a nice, sunny day when I snapped this shot in downtown Silent Hill. The air was so fresh and I felt so good."
  • #3. - "Apparently, it's super rare to have a sunny day in Silent Hill. I was just a lucky tourist to show up on that day I guess."
  • #4. - "I hear that it's almost never sunny in Silent Hill...And people say that when the fog comes out, strange things happen."
  • Lake-
  • #1. - "It's that Lake in Silent Hill. I went sightseeing there a few years ago. I like this photo because it really captures the beauty and tranquility of the trees and lake there. I put this up on the wall right after I moved here."
  • #2. - "There are so many weird stories about Silent Hill, but looking at this's hard to believe that any of them are true."
  • #3. - "Could that forest world have been somewhere on this photo of Silent Hill...?"
  • #4. - "Maybe that orphanage in the forest...and the cylinder-shaped prison were both somehow in this photo too..."

Hints & Tips:
100 stars Rank:
Easy -5 stars
Normal -10 stars
Hard -20 stars

Play Time:
20 stars if you finish the game in under 2 hours. You lose one star after exceeding this time, and then for every subsequent half hour.

12 stars if you finish the game without using them. You lose one star for every save.

10 stars if you finish the game without using them. You lose one star for every continue.

Enemies Defeated:
1 star for every creature killed, leading to a maximum of 20 stars, which equals 120 creatures.

Memo Items Found:
20 stars for all 52 memos. You receive 1 star for every 5% of possible memos collected, which roughly equals 1 star for every 2.5 memos.

No stars. Doesn’t affect the ranking score at all.
NB-If you add up the maximum total, you’ll see that in fact it is possible to score 102 (though I understand that the game will only display 100 stars) so you have some leeway!

Loading animations:
Can be controlled by both your analogue sticks to vary size and position.

Miscellaneous tips:
Check the loungeroom window following each death even when not directed to do so, a follow up scene will still take place.
Recheck all photos, paintings etc reguarly for Henry's observations/comments throughout his apartment, they become more detailed,informative & interesting.
Use the holy candles only when Henry is physically effected by the hauntings, step back to watch it take effect before leaving as some hauntings may require the use of 1 candle & a part of a medallion's strength before being dispelled. (eg- Bedroom corner- Cracking wall)
Equip medallions only when confronted with many ghosts & low health (make them last- they break!)
Use swords as you encounter the more random ghosts, leaving you free to explore (eg-apartments) then take them back before leaving/completing the area.
Do not store the shabby doll from Walter unless you want things to turn nasty very quickly in your apartment.
NB-Better to leave it on the stairwell.

Portal/Wake up skip:
Press start to skip the portal travel & Henry's 'wake up' return.

Items (Key):

4 in total.
  1. Temptation Placard: Subway World (1st) Attached to door office.
  2. Source Placard: Forest world (1st) Attached to door inside Wish House.
  3. Watchfulness Placard: Water Prison World (1st) Attached to door inside Kitchen (B1).
  4. Chaos Placard: Building World (1st) Attached to room 207 at the end.

Swords Of Obedience
5 in total.
  1. Buliding World - (1st) - Cake Room - remove from ghost - Run like hell.
  2. Buliding World - (1st) - 2nd Elevator - press button - top level - opposite elevator door - follow 'square' hallway round to the end (warning 2 ghosts).
  3. Subway World - (2nd) - On the King Street Line train, on the ramp before the exit... semi hidden.
  4. Water Prison World - (2nd) - Second floor cell, hidden under bed with bottles - (press X)
  5. Apartment World - (2nd) - apt #202. Though it's a bit late in the day to find this one... Careful though, Walter is in here with both guns blazing!

Holy Candles:
Can be used against hauntings in 302, helps nullifies ghosts ‘aura’ outside and also helps a ‘cursed’ Eileen.
16 in total.
  1. Hospital 2F (1st), random room.
  2. Subway World (2nd) B1, by first door.
  3. Subway World (2nd) B3, top traincar on the left.
  4. Subway World (2nd) B3, tiny SE room.
  5. Forest World (2nd), Wish House.
  6. Forest World (2nd), far NE area by cliff.
  7. Forest World (2nd), close NE area by torch.
  8. Water Prison (2nd), 3F cell.
  9. Water Prison (2nd), 2F cell.
  10. Water Prison (2nd), 1F cell.
  11. Building World (2nd) B1, by stairs.
  12. Building World (2nd) B5, behind sports shop.
  13. Building World (2nd) B12, south of elevator.
  14. Building World (2nd) B13, by stairs.
  15. Apartment World (2nd), Apt #206.
  16. Apartment World (2nd), Apt #106.

Can protect you against hauntings in 302, ghosts ‘aura’ outside and protects you against a ‘cursed’ Eileen.
7 in total.
  1. Water Prison World, B1 stairs.
  2. Hospital World (1st) 2F, random room.
  3. Subway World (2nd) B3, bottom traincar on the right.
  4. Forest World (2nd), NW area by candle display ('Jasper's seat').
  5. Water Prison (2nd) B1, Dining Hall.
  6. Building World (2nd) B12, by volleyball.
  7. Apartment World (2nd), Room 301.

Items (Trigger)
These trigger events for new areas.
1& Coin - Billiard Ball - Blood - Inscribed Spade - Cake Candles - Chaos Placard - Chocolate Milk - Crested Medallion - Cynthia’s Commuter Ticket - Doll’s Head - Doll’s Left Arm - Doll’s Left Leg - Doll’s Right Arm - Doll’s Right Leg - Filthy Coin - Lynch Street Line Coin - Nurse Uniform - Pickaxe of Hope - Prisoner’s Shirt - Red Paper X 2 - Shabby Doll - Skinned Mike Cassette - Source Placard - Spear of the Holy Mother - Stuffed Cat - Succubus Talisman - Temptation Placard - Torn Red Paper X3 - Train Handle - Umbilical Cord - Volleyball - Watchfulness Placard

  • First Letter
    Why doesn't u Wake up?
  • Book Scrap -
    Through the Ritual of the Holy
    Assumption, he built a world.
    It exists in a space separate from
    the world of our Lord.
    More accurately, it is within, yet
    without the Lord's world.
    Unlike the world of our Lord,
    it is a world in extreme flux.
    Unexpected doors or walls,
    moving floors, odd creatures,
    a world only he can control...
    Anyone swallowed up by that world
    will live there for eternity, undying.
    They will haunt that realm as a spirit.
    How can out Lord forgive such an

    (This part of the book is too damaged
    to read.)

    ...It is important to travel lightly in that
    world. He who carries too heavy
    a burden willregret it...

    (The book is too damaged to read any
  • Jasper's Memo Pad -
    I'm note sure what that nosy guy meant
    whe he said:
    "His home is the orphanage
    in the middle. The lake is northwest.
    So the opposite is southeast."
    The nosy guy said one other thing I
    don't understand:
    "If you bring the dug-up key,
    you can't go back.
    Put it away somewhere before you return there."
  • Holy Scripture Scrap -
    The Second Sign
    And God said,
    Offer the Blood of the Ten Sinners
    and the White Oil.
    Be then released from the bonds of
    the flesh, and gain the Power of Heaven.
    From the Darkness and Void, bring
    forth Gloom,
    and gird thyself with Despair for the
    Giver of Wisdom.

    The Third Sign
    And God said,
    Return to the Source through sin's
    Under the Watchful eye of the demon,
    wander alone in the formless Chaos.
    Only then will the Four Atonements
    be in alignment.
  • Exploration Memo -
    Lucky! I finally escaped from the cell.
    I decideded to take a careful look around
    this building.
    The scariest place was the 1st floor
    basement. There's a kitchen in the
    northeast, but next door in the
    northwest is a death chamber.
    To get in there, you have to punch in
    the right numbers. I don't know the
    numbers, and it was too dark to even
    see the panel, so I didn't go in.
  • Guard's Diary -
    To get to the surveillance rooms in the
    middle of this complex, you have to use
    the corpse disposal chutes in the cells.
    However, on the 1st and 2nd floors,
    these cells are locked. That's so the kids
    wouldn't discover them.
    So you have to get to the 1st floor from
    one of the cells on the 3rd floor. I know
    how to do it, but it's really a pain. Also,
    the lights only work on the 3rd floor.
  • Waterwheel Room Plate Message -
    To turn on the lights in the 3rd floor
    cells, turn this waterwheel. Remember
    that the water must flow in the
    direction of the waterwheel. Of course,
    you also have to open the sluice gate on
    the roof.
  • Prison Diary -
    We had beef stew yesterday.
    In the cafeteria, I heard there's a death
    chamber behind the kitchen, and they
    take meat straight from the dead people
    and cook it.
    That really scared me.
  • 1F Surveillance Room Report -
    Difficulty: Easy/Normal
    This place continues to deteriorate.
    The doors to a numver of cells no longer
    open. As a result, the kids inside can no
    longer go outside. But the less they
    know about that, the better.
    I can't open the doors, but from this
    room, I can watch them get more and
    more emaciated each day. With no food
    and never showering themselves, they
    turn into smelly little grey lumps in
    Following the suggestion of an engineer,
    we've disposed of the corpses by
    digging a hole below the cells. Since each
    floor of this building can be rotated
    independently, we can dispose of the
    bodies without the others noticing by
    aligning each cell with a body in it
    I bet you're just dying to see the
    interrogation room behind the kitchen.
    I understand your feelings, but have
    you noticed?
    There are three rooms with bloody
    beds. One is on the 1st floor, one is on
    the 2nd floor, and one is on the
    3rd floor. If you line those three rooms
    up, then it's "bingo."
    Difficulty: Hard
    I am sleepy...
  • 2F Surveillance Room Report -
    Difficulty: Easy/Normal
    To keep a close eye on the kids,
    it's important to keep the cells well lit.
    The lights on the 3rd floor were
    originally bought as searchlights.
    As a precaution against a blackout,
    they were set up to run on a private
    generator. There's a hydroelectric
    generator in the basement. To light up
    the 1st and 2nd floors, use the corpse
    disposal chutes.
    Since each floor of the building can be
    rotated, you can light up any of the
    cells by matching up the holes.
    Repeating this periodically is an
    effective way to keep the kids fearful
    and well-behaved.
    Chief, if you turn the handle in the
    middle of this room, you can easily
    rotate the cells. You can't rotate the 1st
    floor, so align the 2nd and 3rd floors
    with the 1st floor cell that has the
    blood-stained bed.
    By the way, if you use the peephole in
    this room, it's easy to make sure you're
    doing it right. Give it a try.
    Also, please don't forget to open the
    sluice gate on the roof.
    Much appreciated, Chief!
    Difficulty: Hard
    I want to go home.
  • Secret Number Memo -
    The Secret Number for getting through
    the door in back of the kitchen this
    month is "0302."
    Thanks for your cooperation.
  • Superintendent's Memo -
    (It's stained with blood, and
    I can't read it...)
  • Bartender's Memo
    The boss said that the number this time
    is the last 4 digits of this store's phone
    number. But the phone number is
    written right there on the sign on the
    roof. Anybody could see it from South
    Ashfield Street. Is that really okay?
  • Mike's Diary
    The last few months, Joseph, the guy
    next door to me who gave me that rare
    porn magazine, looks like he's been
    working super hard.
    He said if he found another rare one,
    he'd give it to me but he hasn't shown
    his face around much lately.
    He said he was a journalist and he
    is always investigating stuff.
    But I think something strange is going
    on with him. He's been shut in his
    apartment and I can hear all these weird
    noises coming from there.

    July 1 -Mike
  • Oh my beautiful Rachael,
    What's with the note on the red paper?
    I though you'd written a note back
    to me...
    But I guess maybe it was somewhere
    He took it along with my clothes.
    Those were my best clothes.

    July 2 -Mike
  • Superintendent's Diary -
    The red box seems even stranger today.
    It's giving off a terrible smell.
    It's disgusting, but I just can't throw it
    It must have been around 30 years ago.
    That young couple was living in
    the apartment, but one day they just
    suddenly disappeared.
    Ran off just like thieves in the night.
    I don't know why. It must have been
    money troubles, or may be they got
    themselves into some kind of danger.
    The problem came after that. They left
    their newborn baby when they took off.
    I even found the umbilical cord.
    I called the ambulance right away and
    I heard the baby survived, but I don't
    know what happened to him.
    Although a few years later, I often
    saw a young kid hanging around the
    One day he just stopped coming by.
    But now that I think of it, I'll bet he
    was that abandoned baby.
    It's a horrible story.
    Abandoning a newborn baby...
    That all happened in Room 302...
    And the umbilical cord I found there...
    Well, I still can't get myself to throw
    it away.
  • Mike's Love Letter -
    Rachael... you...always
    ...protect you...ith love,
  • Nurse's Memo-
    I lost Eileen Galvin's hospital room key.
    She was a patient brought in with
    severe injuries.
    I wonder if I left it in one of the other
    hospital room. I really hope not...
  • Kid's Letter -
    Mommy, I'll giv you this so pleez
    wake up soon.
    It's inside my toy train.

Author:  Naomi [ 05 Nov 2005 ]
Post subject: 



    Jasper's Burned Memo -
    Something's here but nothing's here.
    I feel something from the well.
    Something's missing...
    It has begun!!!


  • Wheelchair Doll Text
    Though my body be destroyed,
    I will not let you pass here.
    To prepare for the Receiver of
    I cut my body into five pieces and hid
    them in the darkness.
    When my body is once again whole,
    the path to below will be opened.
    If you are the Receiver of Wisdom,
    you will understand my words.
    The ritual has begun...

  • Descent of the Holy Mother-The 21 Sacraments -
    "The Descent of the Holy Mother
    -- The 21 Sacraments"

    The First Sign
    And God said,
    At the time of fullness, cleanse the
    world with my rage.
    Gather forth the White Oil, the Black
    Cup and the Blood of the Ten Sinners.
    Prepare for the Ritual of the Holy

    The Second Sign
    And God said,
    Offer the Blood of the Ten Sinners and
    the White Oil.
    Be then released from the bonds of the
    flesh, and gain the Power of Heaven.
    From the Darkness and Void, bring
    forth Gloom,
    and gird thyself with Despair of the
    Giver of Wisdom.

    The Third Sign
    And God said,
    Return to the Source through sin's
    Under the Watchful eye of the demon,
    wander alone in the formless Chaos.
    Only then will the Four Atonements
    be in alignment.

    The Last Sign
    And God said, separate from the flesh
    too, she is who is the Mother Reborn and
    he who is the Receiver of Wisdom.
    If this be done, by the Mystery of
    the 21 Sacraments, the Mother shall be
    reborn and the Nation of Sin shall be

  • Note from the Bloody Prisoner's Shirt -
    My room is on the 2nd floor and I had
    to drink something with black things in
    it. I hid the sword with the triangle
    handle under my bed. That guy,
    the fat one, took the basement key.
    Next time I'll stick this triangle sword
    into that pig and take the key.

  • Reminisces -
    I want to go back to that time...
    Things were so good then..
    The day of my birthday...
    The cute cat in the pet store...
    All those balls in the basket...
    Playing pool was fun too...
    The door of time was wide open...
    When I see four things,
    I can't help but remember that time...

  • Later Bartender's Memo -
    The boss said we had to change our
    phone number 'cause of all the
    complaints about the weird noises.
    Now we have to change the store sign
    on the roof. What a pain.
    By the way, the number is the last
    4 digits of the new phone number. Not
    too smart if you ask me...

  • Superintendent's Diary -
    I had that weird dream today.
    The one with the man with the long hair
    and coat. He was crying and looking for
    his mother again.
    I saw that man with the coat 10 years
    ago at this apartment.
    He was going up the stairs, carrying a
    heavy tool, an old-looking bowl and a
    bag that was dripping blood.
    I never saw him again after that.
    But a few days later, the neighbors
    complained that they heard strange
    noises coming from the supposedly
    empty Room 302.
    So I took a look around Room 302 and
    found signs that someone had been in
    there, but nothing odd other than that.
    But that's when it all started.
    I still hear strange noises coming from
    the window of Room 302.


  • Crimson Tome -
    "Cimoson Tome"
    She who is called the "Holy Mother"
    be not holy one whit.
    The "Descent of the Holy Mother" is
    naught but the Descent of the Devil.
    Those that be called the "21 Sacraments"
    be not sacramental one whit.
    The "21 Sacraments" be naught but the
    21 Heresies.
    To give birth to a realm of wickedness
    within the blessed realm of our Lord be
    blasphemy and the work of the Devil.
    If thou would stop the Descent of the
    Devil, you must bury part of the
    Conjurer's mother's flesh within the
    Conjurer's true body.
    Thou must also pierce the Conjurer's
    flesh with the 8 spears of "Void,"
    "Darkness," "Gloom," "Despair,"
    "Temptation," "Source,"
    "Watchfulness" and "Chaos."
    Do so and the Conjurer's unholy flesh
    will become that which once it was,
    by the grace of out Lord.

  • Old Picture Book -
    There once was a baby and a mother
    who were connected by a magical cord.
    But one day the cord was cut, and
    the mother went to sleep.
    The baby was left all alone.
    But the baby made lots of friends
    at Wish House, and everyone was
    very nice to him.
    The baby was happy.
    His friends told him how to
    wake up his mother.
    So the baby went right away
    to go and wake her up.
    But the mother wouldn't wake up.
    No matter how he tried,
    she wouldn't wake up.
    Because the one that he was
    trying to wake up was actually
    the Devil.
    The baby had been deceived.
    Poor baby.
    The baby cried and cried and cried.
    When he thought of the mother,
    he remembered the feeling of being
    connected to her through the magical
    Just then, a ray of light came down
    from the sky.
    The light was very warm and made
    the baby feel good.
    When the baby looked into his hand,
    he saw that the magical cord was lying
    With the cord clutched in his hand,
    the baby went happily to sleep.

  • Red Diary - April 4 -
    Lately I've been feeling like
    my life is in serious danger.
    I've been through a lot in my life,
    but I've never felt this kind of pure,
    animal fear.
    In case something happens to me, I've
    decided to write down what I've learned
    for whoever you are that's living in the
    apartment now.
    I've been investigating the mass murder
    that took place 7 years ago in which 10
    people were killed in 10 days.
    They were killed in a variety of ways,
    but the one thing they had in common
    was that each corpse had the following
    numbers, in order of their deaths,
    carved into them:
    01121, 02121, 03121,
    04121, 05121, 06121,
    07121, 08121, 09121,
    10121 ... The name of their killer...
    it was carved in as well...
    His name was...Walter Sullivan.

    April 4

  • Red Diary - April 8 -
    Although the cult itself is gone,
    I'm sure the spirit of it is still alive.
    There are too many strange things
    happening in that town.
    I'm investigating two people. Or maybe
    I should say just one. I've just about
    discovered what's going on.

    April 8

  • Red Diary - May 2 -
    I figured out the riddle behind
    the numbers.
    "01121" is actually "01/21."
    In other words, 1 out of 21.
    So Walter was planning on killing
    21 people...?
    But he never finished the job.
    He was convicted for the murders of
    Billy and Miriam Locane, the 7th and
    8th victims. Afterwards, he committed
    suicide in his jail cell.
    The girsly mass murder of 10 people
    shocked the world and came to be
    known as the "Walter Sullivan Case."
    There are two big puzzles here.
    The first is: What was the motive
    for the murders?
    The second is: Why did he kill himself
    before completing his tasks?
    Was he simply insane...?

    May 2

  • Red Diary - May 14 -
    It was four years ago that they
    discovered the body with "12/21"
    carved into it. Right away I had this
    terrible feeling and couldn't stop
    shaking. The victim had been murdered
    six months earlier, but Walter had been
    dead for seven years, having committed
    suicide three years before the murder.
    The police think it's a copycat crime
    and are calling it the Sullivan Case
    Round Two.
    But something about it bothered me...

    May 14

  • Red Diary - May 20 -
    I picked up the key that Eileen from
    Room 303 must have dropped.
    I thought I'd return it but she wasn't
    home. I guess I'll give it to the super.

    May 20
  • Red Diary Scrap -
    I lost the key to Eileen Galvin's room.
    I've gotta find it and bring it back.
    Let me think... The last place I saw it
    (It's ripped here and
    I can't read the rest...)
  • Red Diary Scrap (cont.) -
    Oh yeah, I had a really wicked headache
    that day and just collapsed on the bed.
    Maybe if I look near the bed in my
    room -302's bedroom- I'll find it.
    I get headaches every day now.
    It's terrible.
    What am I going to do?

    May 22

  • Red Diary - June 11 -
    Walter Sullivan did kill himself.
    He died in his prison cell of blood loss
    after he stabbed himself in the neck
    with his spoon.
    His body was buried in a cemetery just
    outside his hometown of Silent Hill in
    an unmarked grave.
    After that, his name became famous all
    over the world and it looked like his
    string of mass murders was finished at
    10 out of 21.
    But 3 years later, they found a corpse
    that had "12/21" carved into it.
    The corpse was from 6 months earlier.
    In other words, the person was killed
    two and a half years after Sullivan
    committed suicide.
    The MO was exactly the same as
    Except for one thing.
    All 10 of Sullivan's victims were found
    with their hearts cut out and their chest
    wounds sewn together expertly with
    On the other hand, the "12/21" victim
    still had their heart.
    Naturally the police think it's a copy
    cat and are proceeding on that basis.
    But they haven't made any progress and
    recently discovered victim number 13.
    This corpse also had their heart intact.
    The police still haven't even identified
    a suspect.
    I've got a working hypothesis.
    Very few people knew the details of the
    original crimes and would be able to
    copy Sullivan's MO so precisely.
    First I'll head to Silent Hill...
    To the graveyard near that beautiful
    little lake.
    Maybe I'll find the answer there.

    June 11

  • Red Diary - June 14 -
    The weather that day was very strange.
    Even though I avoided the earlier storm,
    there was still a thick fog clinging to
    Fortunately, that allowed me to avoid
    being seen and get right to work.
    The police are still stubbornly acting as
    if it's just a copycat case. So I figured
    things probably hadn't been touched
    But I was wrong.
    I should have come sooner.
    The cemetery was in such bad condition
    that it was almost sad.
    The storm must have raised the sea
    level. Anyway, that's how it was when
    I found Walter Sullivan's grave.

    (This diary is pretty damaged around
    this point and I can't read anymore...)

    I'm still in shock...
    There was no body in the grave...
    And on top of that, written on the
    coffin were the numbers "11/21"...

    June 14

  • Red Diary - July 13 -
    I don't think I can protect myself.
    He's truely insane.
    I can't hold on any longer.
    His power can't be measured.
    I was so scared today that I sealed off
    the back of the storage room.
    I wonder if Eileen Galvin is okay.
    She has no idea what's going on...
    But she's in danger nevertheless.

    July 13

  • Red Diary - July 17 -
    A few days after Walter killed himself
    in his cell, several residents witnessed
    a long-haired man with a coat here.
    Through his window, Richard
    Braintree in 207
    saw the man moving something heavy
    and doing something in Room 302.
    Even Sunderland, the superintendent,
    saw the man with the coat hanging
    around Room 302, and confirmed there
    were signs of someone having been in

    July 17

  • Red Diary - July 18 -
    My theory is that Walter never died at
    the prison. It may have been someone
    else who committed suicide. Either that,
    or the person the police arrested was
    not the real Walterr Sullivan.
    I'm in no position to investigate what
    really happened at the prison, but in
    any case, Walter didn't die at the prison.
    The man with the coat that showed up
    here was the real Walter.
    7 years ago, he did something in that
    apartment. I'm certain there's a link
    between that and the bizzare things that
    have been happening here. Just a little
    more and I'll have this whole thing
    figured out. I may even find that the real
    Walter is somewhere nearby...

    July 18

  • Red Diary - July 20 -
    You've seen that world as well...
    That horrible nightmare.
    But if you get sucked into it, it's not
    just a nightmare. Don't get lost in there.
    If you get pulled in, you'll be killed.
    But there's still hope.
    Maybe this "small key" will guide you.
    If you've seen the door with the placard
    set in it, look on the other side of the
    Then keep going down. To the deepest
    part of him.
    And look for the ultimate Truth.

    July 20 -Joseph

  • Red Diary - July 23 -
    I've found something that's extremely
    effective against the ghosts.
    It saved my life.
    It was stuck into the huge rock in the
    woods near the orphanage.
    It's a sword blade with a hand-made,
    triangle-shaped wooden handle that
    has some kind of spell written on it.
    As a weapon, it's heavy and hard to
    carry. But somehow it seems to change
    in response to the ghost-victim's power.
    Strike when the sword is energized!
    If you don't reduce their power, your
    attacks will be repelled.
    As far as I know, there are only 5
    swords in existence with that kind of
    power. It's extremely valuable.

    July 23

  • Red Diary - July 25 -
    I've found two mysterious and powerful
    artifacts that seem to be very effective
    for evading the ghost-victims:
    the Holy Candle and the Saint Medallion.
    Not only are they effective against the
    ghost-victims in the Other World, they
    also seem to prevent them from
    invading my room. Just light the candle
    near where they're coming in and its
    holy power is activated.
    The Saint Medallion seems to repel
    unholy energy when it's worn
    I'm starting to gain some hope.

    July 25

  • Red Diary - July 28 -
    I'm going to summarize everything that
    I've learned about Walter Sullivan so far.
    He was born right here in Room 302 of
    "South Ashfield Heights." His parents
    abandoned him soon afterwards and
    disappeared somewhere, leaving the
    baby alone. He was discovered and sent
    to St. Jerome's Hospital.
    He was "adopted" by "Wish House," an
    orphanage in the forest near Silent Hill
    that's run by the secret Silent Hill
    religious cult. When he was six years
    old, someone from the cult showed him
    where he was born.
    Since then, he started to believe that
    Room 302 itself -- in other words, this
    room --- was his mother. Every week, he
    travelled from the orphanage to South
    Ashfield Heights, a pretty long trip for a
    kid his age. Sometimes he tool the
    subway, and sometimes the bus.
    I'm tired...
    My headache is already killing me.
    I'll write more tomorrow.

    July 28

Author:  Naomi [ 05 Nov 2005 ]
Post subject: 



    Red Diary - July 29 -
    Continuing from yesterday, I'm going to
    summarize everything that I've learned
    about Walter Sullivan so far.
    Naturally, it was a long way for a kid his
    age to travel, but he made the trip every
    week by subway or bus. Unfortunately,
    someone else was living in this
    apartment and so he couldn't be
    reunited with his mother (Room 302).
    For years, he continued to come here,
    almost like he was possessed, just to
    peek into the apartment. Eventually, the
    tenants began to complain and treat him
    badly when they saw him hanging
    around. Walter began to fear the
    tenants and see them as obstables
    preventing him from seeing his mother.
    After the years passed and Walter
    matured, he began to be more and more
    influenced by the teachings of the cult.
    Furthermore, his obsession with his
    mother and his feelings of resentment
    towards the outer world became even
    Walter became preoccupied with one
    particular tract from the cult's "Bible."
    "The Descent of the Holy Mother
    -- The 21 Sacraments"
    "By the Sacraments, the Holy Mother
    shall appear in the countries of the world
    and shall bring salvation to the sinful ones."
    After Walter left Wish House, he
    moved to Pleasant River, a town
    neighboring Silent Hill. For a while, he
    lived the life of a normal student, but he
    was still filled with bitterness and
    resentment towards the rest of the
    Several years later, he launched his plan
    there. The 21 murders...

    July 29

  • Red Diary - August 2 -
    What's with this room?
    It's covered in blood and rust...
    This is my room...
    But what the hell has happened to it...?
    This room...
    Is it really my room...?
    It's in terrible shape...
    The air is so heavy... My head hurts...
    Creepy... It looks like a face.
    What the hell am I writing...?

    August 2 -Joseph

  • Red Diary - August 3 -
    I can't break down the wall.

    August 3 -Joseph

  • Red Diary - August 4 -
    When the bell rings, Eileen=mother's

    August 4 -Joseph

  • Red Diary - August 5 -
    The Crimson Tome
    "Bury part of the Conjurer's mother's
    flesh within the true body of the
    Part of the flesh=super's room?

    August 5 -Joseph

  • Red Diary - August 7 -
    No. 1...Ten heart...
    No. 2...Ten...
    No. 3...Ten hearts...
    No. 4...Ten hearts Steve Garl...
    No. 5...Ten...
    No. 6...Ten heart...
    No. 7...Ten hearts Billy Locane
    No. 8...Ten hearts Miriam Locane
    No. 9...Ten hearts...
    No. 10...Ten...
    No. 11...Assumption Walter Sullivan
    No. 12...Void...
    No. 13...Darkness...
    No. 14...Gloom...
    No. 15...Despair Joseph Schreiber
    No. 16...Temptation Cynthia Velasquez
    No. 17...Source Jasper Gein
    No. 18...Watchfulness Andrew DeSalvo
    No. 19...Chaos Richard Braintree
    No. 20...Mother Eileen Galvin
    No. 21...Wisdom Henry Townshend

    August 7

  • Red Diary - ??/?? -
    How long has it been since I left this
    room? I can't tell if it's been days or
    But during that time, they've found
    the body of "14/21."
    I've been having hallucinations lately.
    I think I'm losing my mind.

    (No date written.)

  • Joseph's Letter -
    He used this place as the locus for the
    creation of his world. I'm certain he
    must have performed the "Ritual of the
    Holy Assumption" near here.
    But I'm just not strong enough to stop
    him anymore...
    He locked me up in this room and
    played with me just like a toy...
    My eyes are starting to go blind...
    The pain...
    I can geel my body starting to die...
    But...things are taken care of...
    Whoever lives here after me...
    You'll be the 21st, the last of
    the sacrifices...
    I leave it up to you...
    When the bell tolls,
    the ritual begins,
    Eileen=mother's body,blood.
    Part of the mother's
    flesh=the super's room.
    This is all that I've been able
    to figure out.
    I hopt this letter gets to you in time...

    Joseph Schreiber

  • Joseph's Article -
    Teaching Despair: "Wish House"
    "Wish House," an orphanage on
    the outskirts of Silent Hill. But
    behind its false image is a place
    where children are kidnapped
    and brainwashed.
    Wish House is managed by the
    "Silent Hill Smile Support Society,"
    a charity organization sometimes
    called "4S."
    It's true that 4S is a well-respected
    charity that "takes in poor children
    without homes and raises them with
    But at its heart, it is a heathen
    organization that teaches its own
    warped dogma in lieu of good
    religious values.
    Mr. Smith (temp), who lives near
    "Wish House," had this to say:
    "Sometimes at night I can hear their
    weird prayers and the sounds of
    [children] crying. I went there to
    complain one time, but they ran me
    right out. Since then, it hasn't changed
    a bit."
    In fact, this reporter was refused
    admission when he attempted to
    take photographs in the facility.
    What exactly do the folks at
    "Wish House" have to hide?
    During my investigations, I was
    able to discover, however, a
    suspicious-looking round concrete
    tower which appears to be part of
    their facilities.
    Unfortunately no one was willing
    to tell us what the tower was used
    for. But it seems unlikely that it has
    anything to do with the business of
    raising orphans. It may in fact be a
    prison, or a secret place of worship.
    The cult religion that operates
    "Wish House" is know by the
    locals simply as "The Order."
    It's a religion that is deeply interwoven
    with Silent Hill's history.
    But its worshippers' fervent belief
    that they are among the elite "chosen
    people" has a dark and dangerous side.
    I intend to continue my
    investigation of "Wish House"
    and the cult behind it.
    I've always believed that "telling
    the whole truth" and showing the
    children the true path, is out most
    important duty.

    Joseph Schreiber

Memo Locations
These are listed in the order in which Henry files them in his scrapbook.
    First Letter - Room 302, front door.
  1. Book Scrap - Room 302, by shelves.
  2. Jasper’s Memo Pad - Forest World, in car.
  3. Holy Scripture Scrap - Forest World, Wish House.
  4. Exploration Memo - Water Prison World 1F, hallway.
  5. Guard’s Diary - Water Prison World 1F, by hole.
  6. Waterwheel Room Plate Message - Water Prison World B2.
  7. Prison Diary - Water Prison World 3F, cell.
  8. 1F Surveillance Room Report - Water Prison World 1F, surveillance room.
  9. 2F Surveillance Room Report - Water Prison World 2F, surveillance room.
  10. Secret Number Memo - Water Prison World 3F, surveillance room.
  11. Superintendent’s Memo - Room 302, front door. This one is sneaky, visit the peephole after going into the hole from the Sports shop in Building World.
  12. Bartender’s Memo - Building World B15, the Bar.
  13. Mike’s Diary - Apartment World 3F, Room 301.
  14. Superintendents Diary (Umbilical Cord) - Apartment World 1F, Room 105
  15. Mike’s Love Letter - Room 302, front door. After using Torn Red
  16. Paper from room 203 in Apartment World.
  17. Nurse’s Memo - Hospital World 1F, Reception.
  18. Kid’s Letter - Room 302, front door after returning from Subway World (2nd).
  19. Jasper’s Burned Memo - Forest World (2nd) Wish House.
  20. Wheelchair Doll Text - Forest World (2nd) wheelchair in Wish House
  21. Descent of the Holy Mother – The 21 Sacraments. Forest World (2nd) underneath Wish House.
  22. Note from the Bloody Prisoner’s Shirt - Room 302, wash shirt in bath from Water Prison (2nd).
  23. Reminisces - Building World (2nd) B10, on the floor as soon as you start this world.
  24. Later Bartender’s Memo - Building World Revisited B15, the Bar.
  25. Superintendent’s Diary (Man with the Coat) - In front of Room 302, after descending spiral staircase from Building World (2nd).
  26. Crimson Tome - Room 302 of the past, living room.
  27. Old Picture Book - Room 302 of the past, living room.
  28. Red Diary – April 4. Room 302, front door after return from Water Prison World.
  29. Red Diary – April 8. Room 302, front door after return from Subway World.
  30. Red Diary – May 2. Room 302, front door after return from Apartment World.
  31. Red Diary – May 14. Room 302, front door after using Red Paper from Apartment 301.
  32. Red Diary – May 20. Room 302, front door after using Red Paper from Apartment 105.
  33. Red Diary Scrap. Room 302, front door after using Torn Red Paper from Apartment 105.
  34. Red Diary Scrap (Cont.) Room 302, front door after using Torn Red Paper from Apartment 102.
  35. Red Diary - June 11. Room 302, by the shelves after return from finding Eileen in the Hospital.
  36. Red Diary - June 14. Room 302, by the shelves after return from finding Eileen in the Hospital.
  37. Red Diary - July 13. Room 302, front door after return from Apartment World.
  38. Red Diary - July 17. Room 302, front door after return from Subway World (2nd) (after opening toy box.)
  39. Red Diary – July 18. Room 302, front door after first return from Forest World (2nd).
  40. Red Diary – July 20. Room 302, front door after return from finding Eileen in the Hospital.
  41. Red Diary – July 23. Room 302, front door after return from Water Prison World.
  42. Red Diary – July 25. Room 302, front door after first return from Subway World (2nd).
  43. Red Diary – July 28. Room 302, front door after washing shirt from Water Prison (2nd).
  44. Red Diary – July 29. Room 302, front door after first return from Building World (2nd).
  45. Red Diary – August 2. Room 302 of the past, bedroom.
  46. Red Diary – August 3. Room 302 of the past, bedroom.
  47. Red Diary – August 4. Room 302 of the past, bedroom.
  48. Red Diary – August 5. Room 302 of the past, bedroom.
  49. Red Diary – August 7. Room 302, front door after finishing Building World (2nd).
  50. Red Diary – ??/?? Room 302, by the shelves after return from finding Eileen in the Hospital.
  51. Joseph’s Letter – Room 302, laundry Room after finding Keys of Liberation.
  52. Joseph’s Article – Apartment World 3F, Room 301.

The Walter (child) diaries.
Walter scribbled his diary as a child on stones and stumps when
he stayed at Wish House.
Eileen can decipher his script in the Forest World when the area is clear of monsters.
She will translate differently in some cases if she is severely ‘cursed’. See Bonus section (page 1).
    October 1st He told me I could write whatever I wanted because nobody will ever see it. I like to write. My teacher taught me how.
  1. October 2nd I played with Bob. It was fun, but I went too far away and “He” got angry.
  2. October 3rd I played with Bob again. I went even further this time…
  3. October 4th My cheek hurts. I hate him.
  4. October 5th I got hit again. I didn’t do anything wrong. I wish he was dead.
  5. October 6th Tomorrow is Book Study in the chapel. If I can’t read well, I’ll wind up like John. I’m really scared.
  6. October 13th I finally got outside. John is still stuck in that round cell. I hope I read well tomorrow.
  7. October 14th I did a good job reading today. I was so happy. But the 21 Sacraments for the Descent of the Holy Mother was hard.
  8. October 15th Bob is gone. Nobody will tell me what happened. I bet…
  9. October 16th Some important people came today. One of them, Dah…
  10. October 17th The important lady told me my mother was asleep in Ashfield. I have a mother, too. I’m so happy. I want to see my mother. Where is Ashfield, anyway?
  11. October 18th I have to stay in the round cell even if I read well tomorrow. If I do it, God will be happy. So I will do it. He comes into the round cell a lot to visit, but it’s okay I guess.
  12. October 21st Sunday is the day I leave the round cell to read the Book, I read very well today. If I can do a good job reading the 21 Sacraments for the Descent of the Holy Mother, I can meet my mother. The important lady told me that. But tomorrow I’m going to the round cell again.
  13. October 28th I have to take a train or something to get to Ashfield. Everyone says Ashfield is a scary place, but I really want to see my mommy.
  14. February 10th I went to visit Ashfield again. Again I… something… something… mommy.
  15. March 17th I went to Ashfield again. It was my fourth time. Just like last time, my mother… something… The city is scary and the apartment where my mother is has…

Memos Uncollected
    The pages lying outside of the pet shop on your 2nd visit to the Buildings-
    According to the Ashfield police, on...
    at approximately 8:30 in the
    evening, witnesses near the pet store,
    reported the sound of multiple
    gunshots, possibly from an automatic
    By the time police arrived, the
    perpetrator had already fled and the
    shop owner, Steve Garland,
    was found dead with a probable
    submachine gunshot wound to
    the head.
    All of the store's animals were brutally
    slaughtered and the store left in extreme
    In addition, inside sources say that
    Garland's heart had been removed,
    and on his back 5 number were carved

  • The writings on the wall of the storage room
    After he did the ritual of the Holy-
    other worlds began to force their way
    into his universe and it began to swell
    But his universe is different than ours
    -- it has limits.
    And in the limits of that universe,
    he rules as a king.
    And in the deepest part of his kingdom
    is his Mother.
  • Gun maniac's note at the cabinet-
    My eyes and skin are so itchy!
    That stupid cat next door made
    my allergy goes crazy.
    I was so pissed off, I took my
    converted model gun and blasted
    away that thing
    at point blank range. It was way cool.
    That thing just dropped like a stone.
    By the way, that revolver that Richard
    in 207's the real thing.
    That guy's dangerous...
  • The writings on the wall beside the sneak hole-
    There's a message carved in here.
    It looks like they use an ice pick or
    The faint hope I had is slowly changing
    to despair.
    I've somehow managed to tunnel this
    far, but no matter what I do, I can't
    get any further.
    The hallway, the windows, the walls...
    It feels like this room is stuck
    in another dimension.
    Eileen never noticed...
  • Jasper's words on the car-
    It's been a while since I came here to
    Silent Hill. Maybe I'll meet the Devil
    this time.
    But whenever I came to a cool place
    like Silent Hill, I always get real

    Jasper Gein
  • The message besides the cupboard at Wish House-
    Have you found Alessa yet?
    How is Walter's progress coming
    Send me a report.

Author:  Naomi [ 05 Nov 2005 ]
Post subject: 


Painting Descriptions
    It's a painting of a young man.
    The memo says...
    He listens to great music.
    But I feel sorry for him, having
    to live under Braintree...

  • It's a painting of two adults and
    a lot of children.
    The memo says...
    How can they even sleep with so
    many noisy kids?
    Besides that, they have to live next
    to Braintree.
  • It's a painting of a man holding a brush.
    The memo says...
  • It's a painting of a nurse.
    On the memo, it says...
    My beautiful darling.
    Lately she's been bothered by a stalker.
  • It's a painting of a plump woman.
    The memo says...
    She's always eating something.
    But I wish my girlfriend liked to cook
    like her...
  • It's a painting of an old couple...
    The memo says...
    A nice, sweet old couple.
  • It's a painting of a woman holding a cat.
    The memo says...
    She loves cats too much and missed
    her chance to get married.
    I kind of felt sorry for her while she
    was mourning for one of her dead cats.
  • It's a painting of a man drinking alcohol.
    The memo says...
    He's so noisy. I wish he would stop all
    that drinking and fighting.
  • It's a painting of a man with a gun.
    The memo says...
    A gun maniac, he's always coughing
    from his cat allergy.
  • This must be...the superintendent...
    The memo says...
    Sunderland, the superintendent.
    The super mistakenly thought that
    Mike was Rachael's lover.
  • It's a painting of a man holding...
    a porno magazine...?
    The memo says...
    That perverted stalker...
    He got what he deserved!
  • It must be the guy who plays
    video games...
    The memo says...
    He's always shut in his room.
    It looks like he has a lot of weird
    I heard he tape-recorded Mike getting
    beaten up by Richard.
  • This must be...
    Richard Braintree...
    The memo says...
    Braintree, that prick. He's always
    yelling at kids. Especially that weird
    one that hangs around.
    But he took Mike into his apartment
    and peeled his skin off, so he's my

Parents Voices
    I told you we shouldn't have a baby,
    didn't I?!

  • Oh, shut the hell up!
    You can't blame it all on me!
  • Anyway, let's get outta here...
    I can't stand it anymore...
  • If that super hears him, we're in trouble.
    There's something about that guy...
    I just don't like the look of him...
  • Hurry up -- get packed!
  • Stupid little crybaby...

Peepholes (Eileen & Frontdoor)
Check both peepholes upon return to the apartment throughout the game, even when you aren't 'prompted' to with sounds.
In no particular order-
  • Staring.
  • Searching for broom.
  • Watching TV & laughing.
  • Watching TV & scared.
  • Reading (lying down).
  • Reading (sitting up).
  • Watching Ambulance.
  • Shaving underarms.
  • Dressed up for party.
  • Frontdoor: By character-
  • Eileen:
  • Groceries break.
  • Sweeping.
  • Shoo-ing away 'flies'.
  • Checking door.
  • Checking door w/Frank Sunderland.
  • Arguing w/FrankSunderland.
  • Checking door with Richard Braintree.
  • Frank:
  • Checking door.
  • Using keys.
  • Sweeping.
  • Loitering.
  • Pacing.
  • Checking door w/Eileen.
  • Arguing w/Eileen.
  • Richard:
  • Checking door w/Eileen.
  • Spying peephole.
  • Loitering.
  • Henry:
  • Dead.
  • Walter:
  • Smiling.
  • Message left on wall.
  • Handprint Sacrement count increases (constant).

Prisoner Statements (Memos)
-prison diary, 1st floor, cell with noose
I'm sick of being watched.

-graffiti, 1st floor prison cell
I'm being watched
from the middle room.

-memo on wall, 2nd floor prison cell with hanging laundry
I peed my pants. I gotta wash
them so nobody finds out.
Oh, I just saw a shadow.
I think someone saw me.

-prison diary, 2nd floor cell
I've been watching the surveillance
room's peephole the whole time,
and sometimes he's there.
I can tell 'cause I see a shadow move or
hear his footsteps.

-prison diary, 3rd floor cell with the collectible prison diary
I'm in trouble. I stood in front
of the surveillance room and yelled as
loud as I could, but nobody came out.

-piece of paper, 3rd floor cell with clothes laid out on bed
Now it will look like I'm sleeping.
Huh? Were those footsteps?
I wonder if they saw me.

-graffiti, 3rd floor prison cell
I wanna hide. But I can't hide.

-Eastern entrance to industrial complex, Forest World...
Danger. Do Not Enter.

-sign beside northeast Wish House gate, on a tree to the left (outside)...
Silent Hill Smile Support Society
Wish House

-sign beside northeast Wish House gate, to the left (inside)...
The Outside is filled with dangerous
If someone goes Outside without an
adult's permission, the Master is sad.

-Headstone in cemetery, far left side...
Tread there and you will tremble in
fear for the Descent of the
Holy Mother.

-Headstone in cemetery, far right side...
Tread there and thy home shall be
made like unto Hell by the power of
the Lord.

-Other headstones in cemetery...
Best Wishes to Wish House.

-sign on fence, Toluca Lake outlook...
Toluca Lake

21 Sacrements
Victim 01/21 - Jimmy Stone.
Occupation: Priest of Valtiel.
Gender/Features: Middle aged white male, muscular.
Height/Weight: 190cm, 85kg
Hobbies: Playing darts.
Other: Nicknamed "the Red Devil."
Theme of Murder: The Blood of Ten Sinners / Ten Hearts.
Method of Murder: Shot in the back of the head with a gun.
Murder Location: First floor of Wish House, in the forests of Silent Hill.

Victim 02/21 - Bobby Randolph.
Occupation: High School Student.
Gender/Features: Husky black male, aged 18 at time of death 10 years ago.
Height/Weight: 180cm, 140kg.
Hobbies: Into ghosts/paranormal/occult/horror/scary things.
Other: Liked to hang out with friends Sein and Jasper who like same things.
Theme of Murder: The Blood of Ten Sinners / Ten Hearts.
Method of Murder: Strangulation.
Murder Location: Pleasant River University campus.

Victim 03/21 - Sein Martin.
Occupation: High School Student.
Gender/Features: Thin white male, aged 18 at time of death 10 years ago.
Height/Weight: 184cm, 65kg.
Hobbies: Loves paranormal/scary/horror stuff.
Other: Liked to hang out with friends Bobby and Jasper, who shared interests.
Theme of Murder: The Blood of Ten Sinners / Ten Hearts.
Method of Murder: Strangulation.
Murder Location: Pleasant River University campus.

Victim 04/21 - Steve Garland.
Occupation: Manager of a pet shop called "Garland's".
Gender/Features: Middle aged white male, muscular.
Height/Weight: 180cm, 80kg.
Hobbies: Walking dogs.
Other: Easily angry with people, but kind to animals.
Theme of Murder: The Blood of Ten Sinners / Ten Hearts.
Method of Murder: Shot by submachine gun everywhere except his chest.
Murder Location: Inside the pet shop "Garland's" in Ashfield.

Victim 05/21 - Rick Albert.
Occupation: Manager of sports store, "Albert's Sports".
Gender/Features: Middle aged white male, short and muscular.
Height/Weight: 170cm, 70kg.
Hobbies: Baseball, volleyball, golf.
Other: Gentle and kind, but strong.
Theme of Murder: The Blood of Ten Sinners / Ten Hearts.
Method of Murder: Bludgeoned to death by a Golf Club.
Murder Location: Warehouse of "Albert's Sports" in Ashfield.

Victim 06/21 - George Rosten.
Occupation: Priest of Valtiel sect.
Gender/Features: Middle aged white male, slender.
Height/Weight: 180cm, 68kg.
Hobbies: Unknown.
Other: George was the right-hand man of Jimmy Stone, "the red devil."
Theme of Murder: The Blood of Ten Sinners / Ten Hearts.
Method of Murder: Bludgeoned to death by a Steel Pipe.
Murder Location: Underground altar at Wish House, in Silent Hill.

Victim 07/21 - Billy Locane.
Occupation: Elementary School Student.
Gender/Features: Adolescent white male.
Height/Weight: 138cm 45kg
Hobbies: Baseball.
Other: Close relationship with younger sister, Miriam Locane.
Theme of Murder: The Blood of Ten Sinners / Ten Hearts.
Method of Murder: Attacked with an Axe.
Murder Location: In front of the Locane house in Silent Hill.

Victim 08/21 - Miriam Locane.
Occupation: Elementary School Student.
Gender/Features: Adolescent white female.
Height/Weight: 126cm, 40kg.
Hobbies: Making cookies.
Other: Close relationship with older brother, Billy.
Theme of Murder: The Blood of Ten Sinners / Ten Hearts.
Method of Murder: Chopped up with an Axe.
Murder Location: In front of the Locane house in Silent Hill.

Victim 09/21 - William Gregory.
Occupation: Owner of Watch and Clock store.
Gender/Features: Elderly white male.
Height/Weight: 168cm, 65kg.
Hobbies: Fixing machines.
Other: Neat, punctual, and obsessive work habits.
Theme of Murder: The Blood of Ten Sinners / Ten Hearts.
Method of Murder: Stabbed with a Screwdriver.
Murder Location: Workroom, at his store in Ashfield.

Victim 10/21 - Eric Walsh.
Occupation: Bartender.
Gender/Features: Young white male, slender.
Height/Weight: 175cm, 65kg.
Hobbies: Driving, playing pool.
Other: Calm, but his character changes when he's driving.
Theme of Murder: The Blood of Ten Sinners / Ten Hearts.
Method of Murder: Shot in the face with a gun.
Murder Location: Living room of his house in Ashfield.

Victim 11/21 - Walter Sullivan.
Occupation: Unknown.
Gender/Features: White male.
Height/Weight: 190cm, 84kg.
Hobbies: Unknown.
Other: Thought Room 302 of South Ashfield Heights was his mother.
Theme of Murder: "Ritual of the Holy Assumption."
Method of Murder: Suicide, exact method unknown.
Murder Location: Room 302 of "South Ashfield Heights", in Ashfield.

Victim 12/21 - Peter Walls.
Occupation: High School Student.
Gender/Features: Juvenile white male.
Height/Weight: 180cm, 75kg.
Hobbies: Getting high by smoking marijuana.
Other: A junkie. Coward without marijuana.
Theme of Murder: "Void."
Method of Murder: Beaten to death.
Murder Location: Hotel room of Hotel South Ashfield in Ashfield.

Victim 13/21 - Sharon Blake.
Occupation: Housewife.
Gender/Features: Middle aged white female.
Height/Weight: 170cm, 72kg.
Hobbies: Cleaning and washing clothes.
Other: Her family are members of the cult.
Theme of Murder: "Darkness."
Method of Murder: Drowned.
Murder Location: Woods in Silent Hill.

Victim 14/21 - Toby Archbolt.
Occupation: Priest of Holy Mother sect.
Gender/Features: Middle aged black male.
Height/Weight: 180cm, 78kg.
Hobbies: Gambling, sex.
Other: Likes underaged girls.
Theme of Murder: "Gloom."
Method of Murder: Pushed off a 100m high cliff.
Murder Location: Woods in Mexico.

Victim 15/21 - Joseph Schreiber.
Occupation: Journalist.
Gender/Features: Middle aged white male.
Height/Weight: 185cm, 87kg.
Hobbies: Reading and fishing.
Other: Very active and competent journalist.
Theme of Murder: "Despair."
Method of Murder: Unknown.
Murder Location: Unknown.

Victim 16/21 - Cynthia Velasquez.
Occupation: Unknown.
Gender/Features: White female.
Height/Weight: 172cm, 68kg.
Hobby: Partying.
Other: Met Walter Sullivan 16 years ago.
Theme of Murder: "Temptation."
Method of Murder: Blood loss from multiple stab wounds.
Murder Location: South Ashfield Subway Station.

Victim 17/21 - Jasper Gein
Occupation: Unknown.
Gender/Features: Thin white male.
Height/Weight: 185cm, 67kg.
Hobbies: Loves paranormal/occult/horror stuff.
Other: Friend of the late Bobby Randolph and Sein Martin.
Theme of Murder: "Source."
Method of Murder: Burned alive.
Murder Location: Wish House, woods in Silent Hill.

Victim 18/21 - Andrew DeSalvo.
Occupation: Unknown.
Gender/Features: Fat middle aged white male.
Height/Weight: 168cm, 98kg.
Hobbies: Unknown.
Other: Former watchman of Wish House's Water Prison.
Theme of Murder: "Watchfulness."
Method of Murder: Drowning.
Murder Location: Wish House's Water Prison, in Silent Hill.

Victim 19/21 - Richard Braintree.
Occupation: Unknown.
Gender/Features: Middle aged white male.
Height/Weight: 178cm, 76kg.
Hobbies: Unknown.
Other: Known as a "tough and dangerous" guy at South Ashfield Heights.
Theme of Murder: "Chaos."
Method of Murder: Electrocuted.
Murder Location: Room 207 of South Ashfield Heights.

Victim 20/21 - Eileen Galvin.
Occupation: Unknown.
Gender/Features: White female.
Weight/Height: 170cm, 68kg.
Hobbies: Unknown.
Other: Gave Walter Sullivan a doll as a child.
Theme of Murder: "The Mother Reborn."
Method of Murder: Beaten/Unsuccessful?
Murder Location: Room 303 of South Ashfield Heights.

Victim 21/21 - Henry Townshend.
Occupation: Unknown.
Gender/Features: White male.
Weight/Height: 185cm, 80kg.
Hobbies: Photography and travel.
Other: Used to visit Silent Hill when he was younger.
Theme of Murder: "Receiver of Wisdom."
Method of Murder: Unsucessful?/Unknown.
Murder Location: Unknown.

Author:  Naomi [ 05 Nov 2005 ]
Post subject: 


Henry weapons
Wine bottle:
H.Apartment (1st), fridge.

Lead pipe:
H.Apartment (1st) bathroom, portal.

H.Apartment (1st), under sideboard (after directed to area, move sideboard).

Golf clubs:
12 in total.
    Driver--Building World (2nd) Level B1.
  1. 03 Wood--Building World (2nd) Sports shop
  2. 03 Iron--Building World (2nd) Level B10.
  3. 04 Iron-- Hospital World (1st) one of the many rooms on 2nd floor.
  4. 05 Iron--Building World (1st) Alberts Sporting Goods (shop).
  5. 06 Iron--Forest World (1st) end of southeast path.
  6. 07 Iron--Building World (2nd), B10 level.
  7. 08 Iron--Building World (2nd), B10 level.
  8. 09 -Iron--Subway World (1st) King Street Line.
  9. Pitching Wedge--Building World (1st) B12, held by enemy.
  10. Sand Wedge--Building World (2nd) B10, held by enemy.
  11. Putter--Apartment World (1st) apt #207.

Building World (1st) South Ashfield bar, on stool.

Richard revolver:
Apartment World (1st) apt #307 of Richard, electric chair.

Aluminium baseball bat:
Buliding World (1st) Sports store, bat display.

Paper cut knife:
Hospital World (1st), First floor office.

Bug spray: Apartment World (1st), apt #203, found amongst cans & boxes.

Building World (1st) B8.

Forest World (2nd), Corner of Cemetery, near flame.

PickAxe of Despair:
Forest World (2nd) North west end (heading to Toluca Lake) found on ground (cave area).

Forest World (New Game) by Jasper’s car.

Eileen weapons
Hospital World (1st) Central area (start)

Riding crop:
Subway World (2nd)South Ashfield, blocked hallway, left handside on body parts.

Forest World (2nd) Wish House draped over playground equipment (west side wall).

Water Prison World (2nd) 3 Floor Survellance Room.

Sub Machine Gun:
Apartment World (New Game) apt #101. (CURSED! See Easter Eggs & Bonuses)

The Worlds
1st & 2nd visits will be different in some small aspects.
8 in total.

Apartment World
Building World
Forest World
Forest World -Below
Hospital World
Hospital World -Below
Subway World
Water Prison World

Worlds- Level Order:
- Room 302
- Subway
- Forest
- Water Prison
- Building
- Apartment
- Room 302
- Hospital
- Subway (2)
- Forest (2)
- Water Prison (2)
- Building (2)
- Apartment (2)

For your interest:
SH4 Notes by maskrider
Room 302
konami Japan SH4 translated by Google

All formatting & SH4 information collected therein remains the property of SHH & the author.
Permission must be granted before copying or displaying of this guide on any website or forum.

Author:  Vixx [ 05 Nov 2005 ]
Post subject: 

Awesome - thanks, Ni! :)

V xx

Author:  Burning Man [ 05 Nov 2005 ]
Post subject: 

Very thorough! I'm impressed with your work, Naomi.

Just one thing though. I don't know if you knew this or not, but the victim profiles since Cynthia Valesquez are not from Konami.

Author:  emptimass [ 17 Nov 2005 ]
Post subject: 

Great job Naomi. The detail was awesome. :D

Author:  Naomi [ 26 Nov 2005 ]
Post subject: 

No problem.
I didn't do it alone, got alot of help from some great people.

The only thing missing is an enemy index on types of enemies, their strengths/weaknesses, fighting techniques, weapon use against them etc etc.

If anyone wants to help on this new section, just pm me.
full credit will be given. :)

Author:  The Adversary [ 30 Nov 2005 ]
Post subject: 

Couple things:

>1.- "Tread there and you will tremble in fear for the Decent of the Holy Mother."
Is this from the UK edition? I've never gotten this in the graveyard, nor the following: Another is later deciphered by Eileen naming an important SH1 character as buried there. Who? Dahlia, I presume, but which grave?

Author:  Nocturne [ 16 Dec 2005 ]
Post subject: 

Great info! Thanks, this is the most useful sh4 tips I've read so far!

Author:  amphreded [ 24 Jan 2006 ]
Post subject: 

Thank you for you and your friends hard work. Great stuffs right here

Author:  Anonymous [ 03 Feb 2006 ]
Post subject: 

Wow, this is amazing! I never knew half of the stuff that happens in this game. I aint seen henry outside his apartment dead yet.

Oh, BTW, one small thing I did notice; Walter Sullivan committed suicide by stabbing himself in the neck with a soup spoon, severring his cateroid artery.

Author:  Spudrush [ 13 Feb 2006 ]
Post subject: 

man, that is an awesome guide. i would say you didnt include the kitchen sink but theres some refrences to that in here, keep up the great work

Author:  ED209 [ 04 Mar 2006 ]
Post subject: 

Twice it happened throughout the game, Eileen fell on her knees because she got hurt. Before the umbilical cord part i used candle to heal her. After defeating the boss, game ended with Eileen's death. So did the candle do its job or i didnt place it right? Or the ending depends on how fast you beat Walter and prevent Eileen from walking towards her doom? Is there any connection between the doll and the
endings? When Eileen gets hurt is this visible?(im playin the game on MX card through emulation so i got some bugz like Eileen loosing her colours :shock: )
ps: sorry for any mistakes :wink:

Author:  Anonymous [ 04 Mar 2006 ]
Post subject: 

Whao!!! You should post that on game faqs, they would definately give you credit for tht. Excellent simply excellent! :o

Author:  ED209 [ 07 Mar 2006 ]
Post subject: 

Whao!!! You should post that on game faqs, they would definately give you credit for tht. Excellent simply excellent!

Im confused :) , isnt this topic actually a game faq
Well anyway i dont care about the candle part, its written in this guide that candles
heal Eileen and thats good enough for me :wink: . I couldnt find an option that fixes Eileen's textures.
But i managed to complete the game for third time and i learned two things:
1)Endings arent connected with the doll, i always take it
2)The ending does depend on how fast you beat Walter. If you hear the "drown in blood" sound
it means you get one of "Eileen dies in the hospital" endings.

Author:  amphreded [ 07 Mar 2006 ]
Post subject: 

The more injured Eileen is, the faster she walks to her doom.

Author:  Naomi [ 08 Mar 2006 ]
Post subject: 

It was the Euro version Adversary, and yes, Eileen was referring to Dahlia. :)
Not sure on the spelling of Locaine/Loccane, but it's 6 of one & half a dozen of the other at any rate. :)

The doll just creates an extra haunting once you place it in the chest.

TIPS: You'll know she's cursed by the moving marks on her skin & the way she 'baby talks'. She gets cursed if you leave her alone for any length of time with enemies. Leave her alone in a 'safe' area like outside Wish House while you investigate & she'll be fine when you return.
Use the candle just before the final scene in her apartment. She won't walk quickly to her doom then.

Thanks for the kind comments people, glad it's helped. :D

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