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Stupidest creatures ever?
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Author:  The Procrastinator [ 05 Feb 2008 ]
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The Patients were disemboweled female patients, by the way.

The Wheelchairs and Hummers -- both completely unnecessary.

Like I said -- they had some excellent monster ideas, very well incorporated into the plot, some of them -- but the ideas just weren't executed right, in my opinion.

Author:  five5sixers [ 05 Feb 2008 ]
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Fair enough and agreed. I think once you realize why the Patients burp, though it's still funny, doesn't make them dumb anymore. They have a reason, it's not just "Well. They're going to burp. It will bring lulz."

Wheelchairs and Hummers, definitely at the top. The most confusing creature, though, for me at least, were the Bottoms. They just spring up at the very end of the game, and for what? Variety? I don't remember if they made any weird pain calls, but they definitely didn't seem very intimidating with an ass for a head.

The Gum Heads seemed like they had some promise. When I first encountered them I wanted to run right away, but then their noise and then a few good whacks later I realized they weren't as tough as they appeared... Not exactly sure what purpose they served, though, but that's for another thread.

Author:  The Procrastinator [ 06 Feb 2008 ]
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Yes, at least the Patients' sounds make sense, even if only in theory.
Though I don't think they should have made the exact same noise each time they were struck; some variety might've made it less distractive.

The most confusing creature, though, for me at least, were the Bottoms.

Yeah ... never actually thoght about it, but those things really do make you wonder about their symbolism/meaning.
I have no theories on the matter.
Then again, I don't really see the symbolism behind monsters like Hummers and Sniffers either.

Any ideas?

Author:  five5sixers [ 06 Feb 2008 ]
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All I can figure for the Sniffer Dogs is that their tongues are the real case of symbolism there; the fact that it looks so strikingly like an umbilical cord is the only thing I can really figure. Sure enough the symbolism of the monsters has become more vague, if not slightly convoluted, and in 4 I'm thinking that only one or two characteristics of the monster are really symbolic instead of the entire creature. What's most of notice to me is that, for almost every monster, there is a clear distinction on their genders. Green and purple Sniffers, Old and New Type Gum Heads, Toadstools and Whitestools, etc, and that's probably where a lot of the symbolism went, I guess anyway.

Variety to the noises definitely would have been good, the burp was certainly distracting. Maybe the occasional quite one or something, but their burps were extremely deep xD

I'm just really at a loss as far as the Bottoms are concerned. They come out of nowhere and don't seem to serve any purpose unless the upside down head is meant to represent Joseph or something, but that seems incredibly out there.

Author:  crucifix [ 06 Feb 2008 ]
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the wheelchairs are controlled by ghosts, if you didn't know that. i think of hummers as just annoying little things to deal with, like the roaches in SH1 and 2. bottoms? no idea, but it is kind of strange they only appear in the final area. maybe to symbolize the numerous corpses?

there were ape-like creatures in SH1. they were alessa's fear of adults, but alessa has no place in SH4. to be honest, i have no idea if all of the monsters in SH4 were created with symbolism. some were, obviously, but others seemingly just there for some sort of scare factor. if those ones do mean anything, team silent hasn't mentioned it.

Author:  five5sixers [ 06 Feb 2008 ]
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I figured something along those lines, what with Henry getting the haunting symptoms around them and all. I think it's just the fact that they appear to be simple, unmanned wheelchairs sliding about and ramming him down that seems extremely comical and not scary at all... Walter certainly doesn't have anything to do with wheelchairs like Alessa did, though, so I'm wondering why they decided to go with that...

Yes, the Rompers. Not sure, but maybe that's how Walter sees people? ...I dunno, just a thought, and a rather groundless one at that, so it can be ignored xD but yeh, I can't think of anything at all for the Hummers unless Walter didn't like bats and bugs or something. That doesn't necessarily make sense, either, though. I guess it is just down to that; some have meaning, and some don't. Pity, though.

Author:  crucifix [ 06 Feb 2008 ]
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i've heard numerous times that the wheelchairs are able to open doors, or at least, that they were supposed to be able to. is that true? it never happened to me. the other downside is they move in fairly uniform patterns, and it's easy to avoid... like every other monster. i think i already mentioned that, but it really helped to hurt the game.

Author:  five5sixers [ 06 Feb 2008 ]
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I don't think that's true. They've never been able to open doors when I play, and I don't know if that was an idea originally or what, it doesn't seem to make a whole lot of sense for a wheelchair to open a door, but if it's being controlled by ghosts who knows what's possible anymore.

Hmm, fair enough... It would rather detract from the intensity of the game with them being so easy to avoid. I never really experienced that with the other monsters, though, but that could just be the fact that I want to slaughter each and every one that I encounter, probably to make up for the fact that the ghosts and wheelchairs are invincible.

Author:  Rhenislauss [ 09 Feb 2008 ]
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honestly....the dog monsters and bird things annoyed me....bland design and overused cougar sound effects?

Author:  crucifix [ 09 Feb 2008 ]
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Rhenislauss wrote:
honestly....the dog monsters and bird things annoyed me....bland design and overused cougar sound effects?

people still use "gay" as an insult, huh? sad.

Author:  lyndatu [ 10 Feb 2008 ]
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When I first saw the Patients upon entering a hospital room I was like, "oh shit" then when I whacked them with my spade, the scary feeling disappeared. But I like the way they're tall.

My favorite creature are the Twin Victims. The scariest part were in the forest 2nd time, where the place is quite foggy and you walk more and in the distance you see two pale baby faces. When you're about to attack it, another one charges from behind! That scared me. Even when they're dead, they're still scary. The funny thing about them is that they somehow remind me of my pet chickens.

Author:  phantomess [ 11 Feb 2008 ]
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What really cracked me up was when I saw Eileen strike one of the possessed wheelchairs with her weapon. That was stupidity on her part, though, not the "creature's"...

Author:  Lost_In_The_Fog [ 11 Feb 2008 ]
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Theres always something disturbing about the creatures in silent hill but the spirits and the baby headed creatures blew me away,

I thought these two were terrifying and the fact that the ghosts kept coming back to life was relentless and awful!


Author:  Anonymous [ 17 Feb 2008 ]
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i thought the gum head's were great, and the first time i saw the patients i flipped, i got so scared,
then when i hit it, i just laughed. :?

Author:  LanceS133 [ 17 Feb 2008 ]
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Most of the creatures in SH4 don't even appear like SH creatures. You'd never knew they were unless you already knew what game they came from. Then again, they're created by each individual so I guess they could look like whatever. :|

Author:  serek [ 17 Feb 2008 ]
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At first I thought the Gum Heads were absolutely stupid, but the more often I play, the more unsettling they become: I keep dreading the terribly annoying noises they make, and remain in a heightened state of anxiety until I know for certain each and every Gum Head in the immediate vicinity has been taken care of.

Author:  crimson illusion [ 22 Feb 2008 ]
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the patients ,for me, were the stupidest monsters! :x
you see them then your like OMFG1 :shock:
after you smack them sideways i'm just laughing my ass off :lol:
stupid and funny :roll:

Author:  Nicole [ 22 Jun 2008 ]
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The Toadstools and the Leeches. They could have been scary if they were used appropriately.

Author:  Koshercrackers [ 02 May 2009 ]
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I always chuckle when one of the leeches rears up and does this little growl. They just try so darn hard to intimidate you!

Author:  carneeval [ 02 May 2009 ]
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I dunno when everyone I was with at the time saw the wheelchairs we freaked out. I don't like the ghosts but they're part of the game.
Ah! The babies! Those...not only are they freaky but their depressing when you know their story...

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