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 Post subject: Henry is a hero
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Since there are too many threads where people are bitching about Henry, someone suggested that there should be a thread where people can dedicate their love for Henry instead.

Henry is actually one of the most heroic characters in the Silent Hill series. While most characters in the series seems to be struggling with their own personal problems, focusing mainly on themselves (James for instance is nothing but a pillowhugger crying for judgement), Henry has actually done something heroic.

Think about it. By wiping out one of the worst serial killers of the time he brings justice, peace and revenge to all of the victims that Walter killed. He saves Ashfield Heights from a bitter fate and rescues the pretty woman he shows interest in. He finished what Joseph started and made everyone happy in the end. What Henry did was very courageous and unselfish, if he really wanted he could've just said "Fuck it, kill me Walter, my life is pointless anyway". The only one that can compare with him in terms of gallantry is Harry Mason.

Sure Henry has some flaws, but don't we all? Henry is still a pretty cool and chill dude when it comes around. I liked the way he was presented, since it makes him more mysterious and fascinating as a character. He completely lives up to the "Average Joe" type that Team Silent focused on when creating protagonists.

Additionally, every woman he encounters in the game likes him. What a man!

What's your reason for liking Henry?

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