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 Post subject: Timeline of Silent Hill's History—UPDATE: AUGUST//19//2014
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Missing since: 19 Jul 2003
Notes left: 19375
Last seen at: #lfk
This is 99.99% mine and is the basis for most other peoples' work.

This is the first timeline developed by a fan. Most others' that have been done since were based on mine, so . . . go me. Feel free to comment.

Anyway. Enjoy.

If you would like to include this timeline on your Silent Hill Web site, do not steal it and do not alter it in any way, shape, or form. It is disrespectful to plagiarize the work of others, esp. when the attempt to pass it off as one's own effectively butchers the content. It is obvious when this material is stolen and thus infuriating. Simply contact me and something can be arranged. Thank you,


UPDATE 19 August, 2014
Fixed a typo. I should probably fix more.


UPDATE 22 November, 2012
Added some SILENT HILL: DOWNPOUR information.


UPDATE 26 August, 2011
According to the calendar on the desk of the D.J. in SILENT HILL: DOWNPOUR, the month is October. The date alignment works, most recently, for 2011. (Thanks, krakalackin!)


UPDATE 21 June, 2011
Entered the first date from Silent Hill: Downpour.

UPDATE 11 May, 2011
I've been working on this all day long and it's finally complete. Again. I changed some years around—notable Origins, Silent Hill, and Silent Hill 3's dates. They make more sense now, and are all perfectly in tune as far as I can tell. Not a major change, no, but they all moved forward two years. I had some problems with the third game; however, it all worked out well.

You may also notice I have included notation for nearly every entry in the timeline. My notes for The Room are a wreck, and I've misplaced some of my sources, so there are a handful of [citation needed]s. That shouldn't take away from the rest of the material, though—and of course I'll fill in the gaps as soon as I find everything again.

If you see any errors—either content- or formatting-wise—please respond in this thread or send me a private message. Thank you for your continued support.

UPDATE 10 May, 2011
I'm doing some stuff to this, so it will be temporarily down. Sorry for any inconvenience.

UPDATE 9 May, 2011
Silent Hill: Homecoming happens on October 16th, 2007.

UPDATE 27 April, 2011
Silent Hill: Past Life entry/-ies included.

UPDATE 21 May, 2010
It's funny what you can learn when reading while drinking: Douglas' retirement date.

UPDATE: 12 May, 2010
Formatting revisions.

—The Adversary
UPDATE: 03 January, 2010
Alex Shepherd had a traumatic experience as a kid, so I included it.

UPDATE: 31 August, 2009
Vincent has a last name according to the official Silent Hill 3 novel, published by Konami. It is included now (thanks to Burning Man).

UPDATE: 21 July, 2009
I forgot to add the Bartlett Winery's induction year. There now (thanks to Linda).

UPDATE: 6 July, 2009
Jasper Gein's age discovered and added. He's 30.

Oh, I also reverted back to my original date for Silent Hill 2: May 14, 1994. A minor discrepancy occurred. It's rectified now. Nothing to worry about.

Note the calendar seen in Amy Baldwin's bedroom: The month was November. This led me to believe she died in November one decade before the events of SH2. The calendar indicates the month began on a Thursday. The appropriate year for such an occurrence was 1984. Additionally, according to the Trick or Treat game show host, Billy and Miriam Locane were murdered "a few years back." So, the new date—or old date, really; the date I originally had—is May 14, 1994.

UPDATE: 16 June, 2009
Evidently I forgot to include the auxiliary characters' ages from Silent Hill: Homecoming, so those have been added.

I also finally discovered Deputy Wheeler's first name!

UPDATE: 1 May, 2009
Back. Please report any inconsistencies.

UPDATE: 29 April, 2009
Massive aesthetic overhaul being done. As such, I've deleted the contents temporarily. Everything will be back shortly.

UPDATE: 31 March, 2009
First update of the year. Minor adjustments made, mostly stylistically.

Additionally, while I don't agree in Silent Hill: Origins' canonicity, it will remain in my timeline for those who do. If something unforeseeable changes, I will make more adjustments. Just know that Travis' age does not make sense given the information provided, and there's nothing I can do to amend the error.

UPDATE: 17 December, 2008
Included birth years for the rest of the Silent Hill: Homecoming cast. That's all.

UPDATE: 14 October, 2008
Minor adjustments to the timeline, including updated information due to Silent Hill: Homecoming. Also: This post has been edited 50 times.


UPDATE: 7 October, 2008
Silent Hill: Homecoming was released. I've only completed the game once thus far, so my additions will be limited. Additional material will be added as the information becomes available to me. A memo FAQ would abet me immensely.

UPDATE: 24 May, 2008
Included Silent Hill's county's tri-centennial celebration date and rewrote a few endnotes.

Also, more importantly, a massive overhaul of the game's dates, by about three years for each entry due to an oversight on my part, has caused me to semi-drastically change this timeline which had been, until now, pretty much unamended. Oh well. For accuracy's sake, I have changed it—as much as I hate to admit my error—though I will say: the years between each entry was still accurate, it was only that I chose the wrong year for Silent Hill 4: The Room to start from that caused the mistake. Now, though: Fix'd.

UPDATE: 02 Apr. 2008
Included Alessa's diary and made several stylistic revisions.

UPDATE: 11 Jan. 2008
Just a few additions. Nothing terribly important.


UPDATE: 10 Nov. 2007
Completed the game, so now I intend on putting in as many new dates as possible for Silent Hill: Origins.

UPDATE: 9 Nov. 2007
I've now begun including these update notices as I go through and add Silent Hill: Origins information. I have continued to not mark spoilers, but I've tried to refrain from stating anything that will ruin an entire game, so please be aware of that while browsing this. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to either a) post them here or b) send me a PM—I will answer regardless of which method you choose.

Sometime in the future I'm going to put this online, to a Geocities site or something along those lines. That way it'll be easily accessible for everyone and it won't be required to scroll and scroll and scroll through pages on here.

—Teh A.


Up until late 1500s
· Silent Hill is deemed a sacred place by Native Americans; sacred rituals are conducted [o1]

Late 1600s
· Settlers begin to occupy Silent Hill [02]

Early 1700s
· An unknown epidemic breaks out in Silent Hill and the town is abandoned [o3]

1810 (ca.)
· The town is resettled as a penal colony; Silent Hill Prison is constructed; Brookhaven Hospital is built in response to a great plague following a wave of immigration to the town [04]

· Devil's Pit Mine established by Gillespie Coal & Iron Co.

1840 (ca.)
· Silent Hill Prison closes [05]

1850 (ca.)
· Excavation of Wiltse Coal Mine begins after coalfield is discovered; Silent Hill is revitalized as a town [06]

1853, September
· Members of the religious group located in Silent Hill separate from the group and found the town Shepherd's Glen and the Sect of the Holy Way [07]

1861, January
· The South secedes from the Union; Civil War begins
· Silent Hill residents Edward Chester, and his son Patrick, participate in the Civil War [08]; only Edward Chester returns to Silent Hill [09]

· Toluca Prison Camp is constructed for Civil War POWs [1o]

· Toluca Prison Camp is converted into Toluca Prison [11]

· Events of Silent Hill: Past Life [12]

1875 (ca.)
· The county in which Silent Hill is located is founded [13]

1890 (ca.)
· People around Silent Hill began to mysteriously vanish [14]

· Bartlett Winery established in Shepherd's Glen [15]

1900 (ca.)
· At the turn of the century, Toluca Prison closes and Silent Hill becomes a sightseeing community [16]

1914, June 28th
· The 19-year-old student Gavrilo Princip assassinates Archduke Franz Ferdinand; the Great War begins

1918, November
· The Little Baroness ship sinks "for some reason" in Toluca Lake and nineteen passengers disappear [17]

1919, June 28
· Treaty of Versailles signed, Great War ends

· Helen Grady born [18]

· Michael Kaufmann born [19]

· Dahlia Gillespie born [20]

· "An even stranger event occurred" involving Toluca Lake and the sixty-seven men and women who died of illness [21]
· World War II begins after Germany invades Poland

· Douglas Cartland born in this decade [22]

· Devil's Pit founded as historical park

· Harry Mason born [23]

· Martin Fitch born [24]

· Margaret Holloway born [25]

1954, April 18th
· Adam Shepherd born [26]

· Cybil Bennett born [27]
· Thomas Orosco born [28]

· Token Wheeler born [29]

· Sam Bartlett born [30]

1959, November 4th
· Helen Grady attempts suicide and is committed to Cedar Grove Sanitarium [31]

1960 (ca.)
· People linked to the development of Silent Hill begin to mysteriously die [32]

· Lisa Garland born [33]

· Lilian Shepherd born [34]

1961 (ca.)
· South Ashfield Heights apartments built and opened [35]

1961, June 12
· Richard Grady hangs self [36]

· James Sunderland born [37]

· Curtis Ackers born [38]

· Walter Sullivan born and abandoned in South Ashfield Heights Apartments [39]

· Dahlia Gillespie gives birth to daughter Alessa [40]
· Mary Shepherd born [41]
· Harry Mason and Jodie wed [42]

1969 (ca. Sept. – Dec.)
· Claudia Wolf born to Leonard Wolf [43]

· Eddie Dombrowski born [44]
· Jasper Gein born [45]

· Cynthia Valesquez born [46]

· Six-year-old Walter Sullivan returns to South Ashfield Heights weekly to visit Room 302 [47]
· Andrew DeSalvo is hired as a watchman at Wish House [48]
· Bobby Randolph and Thane Martin born [49]
· Henry Townshend born [50]

· Alessa Gillespie gives childhood friend Claudia Wolf a birthday card, celebrating her sixth birthday [51]
· Vincent Smith born [52]

· County celebrates Tricentennial [53]
· Angela Orosco born [54]

1976, March
· Alessa Gillespie allegedly killed in Gillespie home fire, six houses destroyed [55]
· Events of SILENT HILL: ORIGINS [56]
· Cheryl Mason born

· Amy Baldwin fathered by Ernest [57]
· Eileen Galvin born [58]

· Jodie Mason dies of an unknown illness [59]

· Lisa Garland dies
· Harry and Cheryl Mason visit Silent Hill for vacation: Events of SILENT HILL [60]
· Harry and daughter move to Portland, Maine
· Walter Sullivan meets Eileen Galvin at a subway station and is given a toy doll [61]

1984, November
· Amy Baldwin dies after inadvertently falling out of an attic window [62]

· Walter Sullivan leaves a broken clock at William Gregory’s clock shop [63]
· Walter Sullivan meets Cynthia Velasquez in the subway, stops visiting South Ashfield Heights Apartment [64]
· Alex Shepherd born to Adam and Lillian [65]
· Elle Holloway born by Margaret [66]

· Walter Sullivan moves to Pleasant River from the Wish House orphanage [67]

1986, cont. (ca. May 7th)
· Laura born [68]

· Harry Mason shoots “occult freak” in self-defense; Mason family immediately moves from Portland and begins using alias Heather [69]

· Douglas Cartland retires as police officer; he and his wife divorce [70]

· Walter Sullivan begins "Ten Hearts killing spree"; within a few days, he is convicted and kills himself in his prison cell by driving a spoon two inches into his neck; days later a man is seen entering the then-vacant room #302 [71]
· Ritual of the Holy Liberation/Assumption performed

1991 (ca. Summer)
· James Sunderland and Mary Shepherd-Sunderland visit Silent Hill
· Mary becomes ill and is hospitalized at St. Jerome’s Hospital in Ashfield p72]

· Lakeview Hotel burns down [73]
· Alex Shepherd (8 years old) saved by Dr. Martin Finch in school bus accident [74]

1994, May 9th
· Mary Shepherd-Sunderland is committed to Brookhaven Hospital for depression; she begins writing diary after being transferred to Brookhaven Hospital [75]

1994, May 13th
· Mary Shepherd-Sunderland is released from Brookhaven
· Mary Shepherd-Sunderland dies
· Thomas Orosco murdered
· Eddie Dombrowski shoots and kills a dog, flees to Silent Hill

1994, May 14th
· Events of SILENT HILL 2 [76]

1994, July/August
· The body of Peter Wolls is found in an Ashfield hotel with the numbers 12121 carved into it [77]
· The drowned body of Sharon Blake is discovered near Wish House with the numbers 13121 carved into it [78]

· Joshua Shepherd born to Adam and Lillian [79]

· Joseph Schreiber publishes exposé on Wish House in the magazine Concord [80]

1999, November
· Claudia Wolf hires Detective Douglas Cartland to locate Heather Mason [81]

2000, cont. (ca. Spring)
· Events of SILENT HILL 3 [82]

2000, April 4th
· Joseph Schreiber begins keeping diary

2000, June 14th
· Joseph Schreiber travels to Silent Hill and discovers Walter Sullivan’s grave is empty

2000, late-June / early-July
· A third victim in "the Sullivan Case round two," Toby Archibold, is discovered in Mexico

2000, early August
· Joseph Schreiber disappears [83]

· Henry Townshend moves into room 302 of South Ashfield Heights Apartments [84]
· Henry Townshend purchases a new dress shirt from Express Fashion [85]

2001, December
· Events of SILENT HILL 4: THE ROOM [86]

· Alex and Joshua Shepherd involved in boating accident on Toluca Lake
· Alex is hospitalized at Alchemilla Hospital

2006, February 26
· Murphy Pendleton arrested for stealing police cruiser

2007, October 16th

2011, October
· Events of SILENT HILL: DOWNPOUR [88]


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81. Claudia writes in her diary, dated November 16, "I don’t want to be a mere bystander in this world. I can’t do anything now, though, and that’s what’s hard." The two previous entries also suggest her desire to find Alessa. This is undoubtedly when she hired Douglas Cartland—only a few months earlier.
82. SILENT HILL 3 happens 17 years after SILENT HILL. It must also occur after Joseph Schreiber’s article in the magazine Concord, and before he begins his journal on April 4th. On April 8th he claims “the cult itself is gone,” suggesting that high-profile members of the religious group are deceased—Claudia Wolf, Vincent Smith, Jimmy Stone, and George Rosten, for example.
83. Joseph Schreiber’s journal entry dated August 2nd is identical to the dream Henry Townshend experiences when he is first trapped in his apartment.
84. Eileen Galvin tells Henry Townshend Joseph Schreiber “disappeared about 6 months before you moved in . . .” Henry moving in in December allows Joseph’s journal the appropriate amount of time before SILENT HILL 3 happens and the Order’s priests and leaders to be killed.
85. In Henry Townshend’s closet is a box from EXPRESS.
86. Walter Sullivan, as a six-year-old, wrote in his diary on October 21, "I only leave the round cell on Sunday. And I go and read the book." We learn this entry is written on a Sunday—the only day he is allowed to leave. The other days on which Walter travels to Ashfield (February 10th and March 17th) are, then, also on Sundays. Examining a calendar for a year (and the following year) in which these dates all occur on Sundays reveals they happened in 1973 and 1974. Therefore, by knowing Walter’s age and that 28 years pass until Walter begins his murder spree and from when SILENT HILL 4: THE ROOM occurs, the date is firmly established.
87. Both Token Wheeler and Elle Holloway’s journals end on October 15. The 150th Anniversary of Shepherd’s Glen was celebrated on “Saturday and Sunday, September 20th and 21st.” Examining a calendar for days on which these dates fall reveals it occurred most recently in 2003. Alex Shepherd is institutionalized in Silent Hill after graduating high school and returns four years later, at the age of 22.
88. The alignment of the calendar on the music producer's desk is for October 2011. The 10th is marked specifically because that is Columbus Day.


Last edited by The Adversary on 19 Aug 2014, edited 99 times in total.


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Thank you, I was shocked when Nursery Cryme went down as much as everyone was i'm sure.



Just Passing Through
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That's a good timeline. So, why's the site closed?

One by one the penguins steal my sanity.

It's a Fleetwood Mac thing, you wouldn't understand.

Procrastinators of the world unite... tomorrow!!

Thanks to my little sis for the avatar!!


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Tell me how you know this.I can handle it.



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I think you forget put the year when HArry and his wiofe found Cheryl... Anyway is great... Thanks a lot!!!


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Adversary, once again you prove you know absolutly everything about sh.I should just stop trying.
That is a very persice timeline.I am surpirsed team silent hill have not come knocking on your door wanting to have you on the team because of your great knowlegde of sh.
I bet you get tired of people saying that. :wink:

Oh,& to be like every one else,Is nursery cyrme ever going to come back?

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I'm like a circle, I'M TOO GOOD FOR CORNERS!!!


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>I think you forget put the year when HArry and his wiofe found Cheryl
1976 : Alessa Gillespie allegedly killed in Gillespie home fire, six houses destroyed; Cheryl Mason born

>why's the site closed?
Several reasons. My own interest, for one. Secondly: Time & money. I paid for it, an awful lot for it, and wasn't getting anything out of it--which wasn't my concern, but it consumed a lot of my own funds--except for the enjoyment of running Nursery Cryme. Third: My hosts fuck'd me over; it was as good a time as any to shut down.

>Tell me how you know this.
A lot of research.

>you know absolutly everything about sh.
I appreciate it. Not entirely true, but I appreciate what you've said. But no one should
stop trying on account of lil'ol' me.

>Is nursery cyrme ever going to come back?
Probably not, but definitely maybe.



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Love the events of 2003.

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is the realization that
natural evolution is complete.

Artificial evolution has begun.

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Legacy - Of the Higher Evolutionaries


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Not to jump all over you Adversary.I don't were it went wrong,either sh1 or you miss placed the year of when harry and cheryl went to sh.

In the town you will see a newspaper stand with a newspaper with the headline"BILL SKINS FIFTH".This is direct reference to the movie Silence of the Lambs(1990)In the movie there is a killer named Buffalo Bill.He removes the skin of his victims.In the movie, the investagator,Clarice,gets help from a psycologist,named Hanabal Lector.He went insane and killer and ate his victims.He was sent to prison in 1981.Clairce asks for his help and in the movie,Buffalo Bill has just killed his fifth victim and the headline is none other then,"BILL SKINS FIFTH" The date for this newspaper is 1989.

Now I know SH does weird things but ,you are saying that this happens around 1983,but the movie states 1989.I don't know who or when this problem of dates occure,but I just thought I would point it out.I hope you don't take offence,Adversary,you are the know-all guy here.Maybe I am wrong,but I just wanted to point it out.

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>This is direct reference to the movie Silence of the Lambs
Key word: Reference. There's a shop that opened in 1986, too, in the town, but at the time of Silent Hill 1, I doubt the developers thought this far ahead. In fact, I'm sure they didn't.

If you want to delve further, you'll learn that there's a mistake--on the developer's part, mind you--in the timeline provided in the Official Silent Hill 4: The Room strategy guide.

It states that Silent Hill 1 takes place eighteen years before The Room--an impossibility because of one man: Toby Archibold.



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I figured it was an accident on the makers of the game,because it was made around,what 1997ish,so they could have included that,but meant to set the timeline differently.
And who is Tony Archibold?It sounds familar.

The war has begun:
Use your voice today before you no longer have one tomorrow.
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I'm like a circle, I'M TOO GOOD FOR CORNERS!!!


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Toby Archibold = Victim #14. After George Rosten's & Jimmy Stone's deaths, he resumed control of the Order, and re-opened Wish House.



Cafe5to2 Waitress
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I don't think references should be taken as a way to calculate the timeline. Basically, they are just there as a glimpse and to show how the game is linked to the horror theme.

The Lost Memories have also another mistake. They stated that Harry's wife died 11 years before the sh1 events while Harry said himself that she died 4 years ago. This led a lot of people to think that Harry was married twice...


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Official timelines in games with sequels usually do end up having a discrepancy or two along the way. Developers get ahead of themselves, or even sometimes just sacrafice the continuity for story purposes or what not. This happens in comic books ALL THE TIME unfortunately :( .


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Many thanks out to you indeed, TA. Was this information released by Konami? (just wondering...)

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>Was this information released by Konami?
In a manner of speaking, yes. Mostly though: No, it's from own research & perspicacity.



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yay! SH's history starts when my country was discovered!!!
(kinda awkward... creepy I would say)


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Here is a link to a similar timeline of SH history:

PS. I was browsing another SH website where I posted the link above referring to the SH timeline, and people there were shocked and outrage because they strongly believe that SH2 took place in 2000~2001. :roll:

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That site is even closer to mine than it was three months ago.



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My only problem is the ending they chose for SH2. I'm sure the Adversary agrees with me there. :wink:

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