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nicole84 wrote:
What the hell did they do to "Always on my mind"?! What, Akira ran out of ideas, Christ... Definately didn't like that one :( Stick to your own songs man, like you used to. I love Akira's music for SH, but although I'm not a fan of Elvis, Akira totally ruined that song for me.

Btw Nicole, I also frowned when I recognized the lyrics. And the first thing that came to my mind was that it really shows that Yamaoka was ready to leave Konami and doesn't want to continue with Silent Hill.

However, to think like this would be a mistake. Don't think for a minute that Yamaoka/Romersa just decided to do a cover willy-nilly, because like always there is a deeper meaning behind the song. Only this time around it's not the lyrics but the song itself. Think about it, Shattered Memories is a reimagined Silent Hill 1. The same with the song, it's a reimagined version of an existing one!
If you listen closely you will notice that it's not even a 100% cover, the song is shorter and some of the lines have been swapped.

And if you are reaching you could even get to the conclusion that these changes to the original correspond to the game itself, because the game is: shorter and certain aspects are jumbled, for example character relations (Dahlia).

Speaking of which; I like SM (in this case I guess I shouldn't use acronyms XD). But after having played it, I have to say that it was absolutely unnecessary, even downright stupid, to use the existing characters for the game. In Dahlia's case it's not even the same character. What's up with that?
The plot and the game is strong enough to stand on its own feet. There was no reason for them to create an alternate Silent Hill universe. All they should have done was use different names. If only they had done that.

I just hope that Romersa and Mc Glynn will still be on board for future Silent Hill games. And of course that they find someone who is able to at least emulate Yamaoka's style and not do the same mistake they did with the character choice of Shattered Memories and try to reinvent one of the most important trademarks of Silent Hill, which is the sound design.


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