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Just Passing Through
 Post subject: I need to say this..
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Just want to share something about this site thats been on my mind for a while now.
Ive been a member here now for years and out of all the game forums that Im part of, this one is by far one of the worst when it comes to being treated with maturity and respect. Ive never said anything like this before, but I simply cant stand idle anymore. Ive had more then several of my post completely deleted, with no explanation. My post always remain on topic and are never without thought. Yet when I report post that shouldnt exist, they remain for years. This forum really needs to monitor the mods more closely. Ive seen newbies come here and treated like children by certain mods, being bitten instead of informed. This goes for a minority of members here as well, thinking that they are the only ones who know/understand any thing about SH and are always right and will look down on others for that reason.
This site has already lost one member (good friend of mine) due to being treated poorly. After making 2 post, one that got locked a day later (no explanation) and the next one where he was ridiculed, he simply stopped due to fear of it happening again. This community has turned into a piss poor version of what it used to be.
Sorry if this post upsets anybody, but I really dont care anymore.

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 Post subject: Re: I need to say this..
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Given I have no examples to see of the posts you claim to have had removed without reason, I can't speak towards anything in that train of thought.

However, to play devil's advocate, there are certainly a number of people that come onto the forums and begin posting without ever taking a moment's time to read through one of the numerous threads covering practically every topic from any game. This often leads to the majority of scenarios I have seen that you describe. People come championing an idea they believe to be unique or original, when in fact it has been widely covered already. This is when I see the condescension you talk about, and I can kind of see why. Many of these members have been on the forums for many years, and they have a base set of experience and knowledge that far outreaches people such as myself.

Does every member respond in an appropriate matter when such a situation or similar instance arises? No, but that's likely something you'll find on any forum on the internet. The double edged sword of being connected to the world is that you're connected to everyone. You can either take the good with the bad or decide that interaction on such a grand scale with others is simply asking too much of you.

I don't want to excuse impoliteness or being mistreated, but when I look at things from the perspective of the side you're calling out it becomes very easy to see why one might perceive postings such as those to be more hostile and hurtful than perhaps they even intended.

As for moderators, I must be completely ignorant. I've never had a problem (personally) with any of the moderation staff, and I think they do a fine job for the most part. There are certainly some I like more than others, both past and present, but I don't believe I've ever seen them take action that was uncalled for.


 Post subject: Re: I need to say this..
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Are you sure you've had posts deleted? Because we keep records of that and you don't appear in them. You've had three posts edited and one thread deleted (your Town Centre intro thread, all of which are purged periodically.)

If you have such concerns you really should inform one of us as soon as you notice it, instead of waiting until it becomes a general grievance. Really, that is what anyone should do. Otherwise, there isn't any effective way to address a problem we see no evidence of.



 Post subject: Re: I need to say this..
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I've double checked the logs, and you definitely only have 3 edits, and one delete which was from a Town Centre clean out.

I also checked the report logs, and you have only ever reported one message, which was several months old at the time of reporting, and the member had not been around in a long time either. I didn't deal with your report, but I would have done exactly the same as the moderator who did.

As Ryan said, if you have any problems, you're better off contacting a member of the staff directly. We are here to help. We can all see what each others actions are, so if someone is locking/deleting something without explanation, then we'll know about it.

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 Post subject: Re: I need to say this..

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Are you referring to this post:

Hello there my friends! Before anything, if this is wrong please let me know and i'll delete my post!

I'm willing to trade one item, is not exactly from SH but i think it could be interesting for a fan of Akira Yamaoka...

It's the soundtrack of the game "Shadows of the Damned", obviously composed by Akira Yamaoka, the CD is also SIGNED by Yamaoka. It was limited to a 1000 copies worldwide.

I'm looking for the next SH items:

Art of Silent Hill DVD.
Silent Hill 3 (PS2) with mini-disc.
Silent Hill 4 Limited Edition Soundtrack US.
Silent Hill 4 (PS2) with mini-disc.
Official posters from SH to SH4.
Promotion DVD's.

If anyone is interested in the trade, please, PM me and we'll talk about it! Thanks! :D

You reported it on Thu 26 Apr, 2012 at 1:07 pm. If you reported it thinking it shouldn't exist well actually I see nothing wrong with it. ALL actions of mods are logged. So the logs pointed out to you above are the only ones that exist. Would you like to say otherwise?

As for your friend that left well if they had a problem with a mod(s) they should have taken it up with Vixx and said mod(s).


Cafe5to2 Waitress
 Post subject: Re: I need to say this..
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I've had threads locked before and the mods always told me why and even gave me a link to a thread that existed already, and not just me they treat everybody the same, I don't see why they would treat you different

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