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 Post subject: Signature/Avatar Restrictions
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Although many of us are browsing with sexy broadband speeds, there are still those unfortunate souls who have to manually sign up to their ISPs and trawl cyberspace on 56k.

As such, we have a honour system where we ask members to adhere to signature size restrictions of no more than 580 (wide) and 100 (tall) pixels.

Avatars larger than 100x100 pixels will not be displayed. We permit animated sigs/avs, but only if they don't disrupt board loading time.

If you're asked to change you sig and/or avatar, please don't complain - this decision is final. Complainers and repeat offenders will have their sig and av permissions revoked.

Thanks in advance for your co-operation!



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Amphreded posted this first:

Due to the current trend of members having cluttered signature, we'd like to clarify something up:

Multiple Images in Signature
The forum guideline states that your signature's image can go up to 580x100 pixels. This does not mean you can have 2 images at 580x100 pixels. You can have multiple images as long as all of them accumulate up to 580x100 pixels, but we would prefer if you have only one big image in your sig rather than a lot of smaller ones.

Text-Only Signature
If you decide to have only texts in your signature, make sure it doesn't exceed 7 lines. We've seen some users have 10 lines of text in their signatures and that is not acceptable. You can try trading in smaller fonts for more lines of texts but make sure the overall height in your signature doesn't exceed the height of 7 lines of text.

Image and Text in Signature
If you have a 580x100 image in your signature, you can attach 2 more lines of text in your signature. Again, you can trade in smaler fonts for more lines of texts.

Decorative Images
Referring to the little images such as those "hatched eggs" images, please keep them as minimal as you can. If you have 580x100 image, two lines of text, then three more of these decorative images, then there's too much going on in your signature. Remove them or remove other components in your signature such as the texts so we don't have to send you a warning PM.

Other Things to Remember
No nudity. No advertisements. No links to copyrighted materials. Make sure your links are working and the sites you're linking to do not have any viruses or trojans.

Please understand that we are trying to keep the forum clean and ease the forum's bandwidth.

This post is the property of its author and is not to be used elsewhere without explicit permission from the author.


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