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Cafe5to2 Waitress
 Post subject: Interview with Gans on French TV.
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--Courtesy of Silent Hill Talk Forum--

A very nice guy sent me this email translating everything he saw on a
French TV channel. His name is "Durendal."

***Maybe you'll have to check what I said. I'am french an I speak
English pretty well, but i'm not American, nor English, so there might be
some mistakes. I don't expect anything in return.. but if you insist !!
Some screen captures to come, an the video when you'll have told me if
I can send it to you by mail.***

Interviewer (I): Your guest today is filmmaker Christophe Gans, who brought
us "Le Pacte des Loups" (Brotherhood Of the Wolfs) 6 years ago -already-,
which has been seen by 5 Million people in France. It was important -has
been important- become this is what give you the opportunity to make the
film in question today "Silent Hill", the adaptation of a very famous game.
You were actualy a fan of this game, could you tell us why ?

Christophe Gans (CG): Actualy, if you want to know what's good in a video
game, you had to play to all the other video games, an "Silent Hill" is like
no other, something really amazing. At first, it could look like "Resident
Evil", which was an other popular game -horror game, with zombis...

I: Yeah, you had to shoot some zombi

CG: Yes, mainly. And when you play "Silent Hill", you know it's not that
kind of game, you know you're in some sort of peculiar paralel world,
psychologicly and horrificly, something close to the "Twilight Zone" TV
Show, which brings us to some science-fiction story without any science in
it, and leads us to some metaphysique.

I: actualy, the most important thingin this game was the "climax", it was a
very frightening game, so the main aim when you're making a movie of it is
to put this climaxon the screen.

CG: Absolutly. The most important -and I knew I was observed by all the
gamers community, become you don't make a movie out of "Silent Hill" with
ease. You know that you are threatened by all the people who played the game
and liked it- is to render this idea of "texture" of the game.

I: We'll talk later about the different univers within "Silent Hill", just
tell me : what is Silent Hill ?

CG: Silent Hill is the name of a town, in West Virginia (in english inthe
text), which exist in several dimensions at the same time. In the real
world, she is locked, we can't enter it, the coal mines under the city are
still burning, but she also exist with different personnalities : full of
fog in one of them, maybe like Hell for another in which she could be seen
as an enormous sick-rusty-metalic-organism where it's always raining and
where some creatures are strolling.

I: The story stars within a deep fog with a car crash, lets see some

(trailer, from "She looks exactly like Sharon" to the Nurses Scene)

I: That's it, so the goal is to make you scared. The game was classified
"Survival-Horror", what is the equivalent for a movie ?

CG: .... There is no equivalent. All the lastly released horror movie, and
moreover from Hollywood, are some kind of "reactive games", which means that
you have to fight against the... "thing". In a survival, you have to
survive, that means you have to run ! You have to stay under the water for
some time. You have to hide, in fact.... And run as fast as you can !!

I: So, this is tha story of a women

CG: yeah, an women like anyone.

I: yeah, she's looking for her little girl, she'll have to run very fast, to
find her...


I: "Silent Hill", directed by Christophe Gans, form the "Silent Hill" video
game. Have you based your movie on one of the game, since there are 4 of

CG: yeah, 4. Actualy, we inspired form the story of the first and the third
game, the aesthetic of the seconde game, and the camera moving of the fourth

I: Because it's really a "movie game" (when a game looks like a movie)...

CG: and psychologic game though. That's why it looks like a movie. Because,
actually, a normal video game looks like a bad TV Show. You're having some
pleasure when you're playing it, but it's just some big man with his big
arms who's twisting some zombi. Which isn't really interesting if you try to
put it on a screen. The interesting point in "Silent Hill" is that the game
take the time to develop the characters. So you have some action, and some
calm moments in which you can appreciate the story. That's why "Silent Hill"
was maybe the most "adaptable" game.

I: Do you mean that all the other movies made out of some games - like Tomb
Raider or others- were bad ?

CG: Absolutly. To me, yes, absolutly, because these movies mainly try to
exploit the gamers, and not to create some link between two creations. And
they also considers the game like some despicable thing.

I: There were some difficult things in the plot. For exemple, you changed
the characters : there are more womens, the heroine is a girl even if it was
a men in the game, the little girl was called Cheryl and not Sharon, but why
did you give sush importance to the womens ?

CG: Because, when we tried to put the main male character, Harry Mason, on
the movie, we realised that he was reacting as a women. Like a women within
en man's skin. This was because it was easyer for the player to identify
himself to the character, but in a movie, it's not working like that. So
instead of making him reacting more like a "male" man, we decided to make of
him a character who could express its motherhood. Some, he became a women.

I: There has been several versions of the plot, how did you chose ? how did
the creation worked ?

CG: Firstly, I wrote a basic version if two other filmakers -Nicola Boucrief
and Roger Avari-, and then, along the filmaking, we had some meetings with
all the actors every week, and we gave all your idea of the characters, like
some king of labotory, to elaborate the caracters. So we were re-writting
the plot everyday on the shooting.

I: Of course there are some monster, that one of "Silent Hill"'s aspect, I'd
like to show you one, just a little clip :

(Red Pyramid's clip, in front of the church)

CG: (smiling) that's Red Pyramid !.... That's his little name...

I: That's a bad guy...... Big sword and all.....

CG: Yeah, not in that scene, but he has a sword which must be 3 meters long
(9,9 foot) and weigh 3 tones (laughs). He's a good exemple, he defines
pretty well the monsters of "Silent Hill", he's like some kind of a God.
"Silent Hill"'s creatures are more like a modern art sculpture than a basic

I: Because they have a meaning in the story.

CG: Yeah yeah, of course

I: they are the "key" of "Silent Hill"

CG: Yes, they are the key, some expressions of a 10 years-old girl's Hell.
That's the idea.

I: There are several univers like you said, paralel univers, 3 I think ?

CG: 4 if you take into acount the Past Silent Hill. We had to build 4 times
each set, with 4 different aspects of them. And the fourth aspect is the

I: Did you asked yourself why Hollywood came to you -you're known here for
"Le Pacte des Loups" (Brotherhood of the Wolves) for this movie ?

CG: Actually, hollywood didn't came to us, but we came to Hollywood. The
movie is produced by a french guy, Samuel Hadida -whom I worked with on "Le
Pacte des Loups" and "Crying Freeman"-, and to make a movie like this one,
which cost 50 Million Dollars, you have to make it in America, so Sony
Picture Tristar bought the movie in the US and produced 1/3 of the movie.

---That's the French aspect of the interview---

I: You'll never be able to work in france again with such a budget !!

CG: To be honest, money is not the point,but french movies are made to be
broadcasted on a TV Channel at 8.30pm, and I don't fit in this box. So even
if I wanted to make movies in france, I think I couldn't.

---That's it...---

I: Do you think there's gonna be a "Silent Hill 2", 3, 4 ? There are 4

CG: Oh yeah ! I Do hope that there'll be a "Silent Hill 2", and I'am really
ready to film it ! Absolutly !



Just Passing Through
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if you likes here's a video I found on you tube -



SHH Cult Subscriber
SHH Cult Subscriber
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Thanks for that Fungo! Nice interview, ot looks like the interviewer did some reaserch, at least his assistant did :)


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Wow. I was surprised (and reassured) when he basically referred to every other movie based on a game as "le' suck." :D


Historical Society Historian
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Thanks Fungo, and thanks especially to Durendal!

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Just Passing Through
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nice interview, although everytime i hear his excuse for eliminating harry the less convincing it is. Still the subplot with christopher sounds interesting so it should all work out anyway.


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This guy, who talked with Gans was quite 'not in the subject'. But it was very interesting anyway - thanks for posting it!


Cafe5to2 Waitress
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Interviewer(I): Hello Rada Mitchel

Radha Mitchell (RM): Hello

I: You're here tonight for the "Silent Hill" movie, based on a video game,
did you knew this game before the movie ?

RD: No. In fact, T discovered it by reading the script.

I: An when you read it, I just saw 30 minutes of the movie this morning,
it's a movie that really scares you, and I heard you have some strange
reactions by reading the plot.

RD: (laught) You heard that ?! It's true. The script arrived in my house and
I read it by night, and I got to page 30, and I spread it out, under the
bed, I forget it

Member of the TV Team(MTT1): Because you were scared ?

RD: Oh yeah, very scared ! It was dark, I was alone with this script, and
the next day I read it again and it stayed with me that it was really an
important story.

(Documentary about the 4 games by MTT2, the show's "mister cinema")

I: I heard that Chirstophe Gans thought about you for the role while he was
shooting "Le Pacte des Loups" (Brotherhood of the Wolves), because he saw
you on "Melinda & Melinda" and "Neverland" : that's some kind of different !

RM: I think we was really able to put the heart of the game into the screen,
an the cast and crew was really concerned, there was no jokes about the
game, so that's why the movie looks so real, it's very unique


MTT2: As for Tomb Raider or Resident Evil, the main character is a women,
how do you explain that ?

RM: Hum................ I don't know ! That's an interesting point ! Ask
Christophe !!! Maybe it's more interesting to se a girl screaming rather
than a man screaming, maybe they'd look strange, but also, I think that a
women is a very interesting character when she's fighting.

I: Is Silent Hill a purgatory and Hell ?

RG: Ah.... It's a kind of purgatory. The movie takes you to Silent Hill
which is a mysterious place, but you have to see the movie to understand
what Silent Hill is.

I: You speak french a little ?

RG: Humm... Juste un peu (Just a little)

(Documentary about some others adaptation from video games to movies to
come -The Sims, Hitman, Prince of Percia, GTA Vice City, Max Payne-, while 2
other MTT are fighting with the "Silent Hill" game boxes.)

I: Thank you for coming Radha Mitchell.


My Bestsellers Clerk
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The Sims is being adapted into a movie? :lol:


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How the hell does that work?


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wonder what that part is of alessa ion the tv. kidna scary don't u think lol


Historical Society Historian
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Thanks for the interviews. They were a good read! :)

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Yes yes, great interviews! It's nice to pass the time.


Cafe5to2 Waitress
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Missing since: 20 Sep 2004
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Pictures of Radha's interview.



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I think we've already seen The Sims as a movie/TV/etc. already.. you know, like in Desperate Housewives / various soap operas / etc.? Why a movie?? What would make it 'different' from the others?
Only way I could see it being unique is if they actually filmed it using the game's engine like The Strangerhood.. but even then it's not original because of The Strangerhood :-)


Historical Society Historian
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Man Radha is really beautiful...

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Subway Guard
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First things first, Radha is an attractive woman, and i don't agree with Gans' reason(s) for eliminating Harry.


My Bestsellers Clerk
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Awesome... so I'm not the only one thinking of similarities between The Twilight Zone and Silent Hill. Gans is the shit.

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