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 Post subject: Official 'Room for Imporvement' discussion
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Great movie, no doubt, but there were some things that could have been better.

The film seemed to be oddly focused on it being a dead mining town, with apparently a coal fire still burning undergound. I thought that was an idea that need a LOT more explanation at the very best.


Just Passing Through
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yah, i but silent hill games were always read and figure it out yourself, which i liked in the movie of how they did that. They only really big thing i thought they needed some improvement on was when she finds the heart of darkness, alessa's room and then it goes suddenly white and alessa is like "yay rose, you won the game, here's your reward" something like that.. idk.. i wasn't that impressed with jodelle as sharon, but i was impressed with her as the dark alessa girl.

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I was hoping for some new music from Akira. The music they used was appropriate in someplaces and in others not so much. I thought the music should be more eery when in the foggy town and more heavy when in the otherworld.

Cybil came across as too action hero-ish at times. Gucci's acting was annoying, as was Anna's.

Overall, the next movie should be more subtle and not so over the top. We don't need characters walking around in guts on the church floor. Some of the cult stuff was overdone a bit.

Also, Lisa was just fan service. If you're going to use a game character, give them a purpose.

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I thought the coal fire was quite a good addition to the story. I know it's a departure for the games, but it does go to explain the fog, and the reason for it's abandonment.

I think it'd be better if Cheryl/Sharon and Alessa were more like their original characters. I really, really can't stand creepy children in movies, the lines the kids had were terrible ('They're lying to their souls' or some stupid crap like that). It's really difficult to relate to someone when they're just the same as every other scary kid in every horror movie since The Sixth Sense. I felt sorry for Alessa in SH1, I couldn't care less about creepy kid Alessa in the movie.

and, well, the ending; Alessa looked laughable, I didn't think the ending was really that dramatic, it's nothing that hasn't been seen before. and although I really didn't like the entire addition of the church, It was interesting at first, the idea of people survivng there and having sanctury, but, well, as the story progresses, it becomes more and more mundane.

And... yeah, everyones mentioned it so far, but the matrix scene, it was just a dumb plot device. It was going absolutely great up until that part. They should have found some better way to explain what was going on.


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I agree 110%. When you see movies like Tomb Raider and RE, this movie is by far, a EXCELLENT adaption. But even not seeing those two other dreadful movie, Silent Hill is still FANTASTIC.
Anyone who says they didn't understand this movie is D.U.M.B. especially when the girl EXPLAINS EVERYTHING at the end (which was lame BTW, but i guess time was short and they needed to wrap up the movie)

A little bit funny to see Dahlia made into a good person in the game. They should have switched role with that other woman who was the head of the order, but she died in the end so we can't have that... Unless they don't kill Dahlia at the end or something. And Dahlia looked too young. In fact, I thought she was kinda attractive :D Reminded me of those Japanese J-rockers. Lol

Also, not enough disturbing images and evilness about it. One of the things that made the original Silent Hill game stand out from the RE game then, was that Silent Hill was PURE "Evil". Occult evil. I remember thinking "how could Konami make such a game? This game is soo evil. I guess it was like seeing porn for the first time or something :D A totally new emotion. A new level of fear that wasn't "Jump, Shock" type of fear. A fear that touches on our basic Psycological instinct. They need more occult evilness and devil worshipping in the next SH movie. And less people! WTF was that with all those people running into the churches! That bit made me laugh and Pyramid Head ripping Anna's skin off? I guess you have to give the americans some gore otherwise they'll just dis it even more. American fanservice...

I think if I have to describe this movie in short though it be something like "A tour of Silent Hill for fans. A cut and paste movie made of scenes from the game, stuck together with the OST."
Still, it is more than just a fan service (unlike FF7 the movie. That was just pure fanservice with some lame excuse for a plot.)

I hope they released a special edition DVD soon with alternate endings like they have in the game. I also have to congratualate all the people involved in making the movie for not f***** up a fantastic series (like what happaned with the RE movie, until RE4 came out and RE got some of their greatness back.)

Now I have to watch "The Dark" and compare the 2 :D. BTW, "Flight Plan" was also a movie about a mother searching for her missing daughter! ROFL. Whats the chance of that? 3 movie released very close to each other, all about a mother searching for her lost daughter. I guess originality has just left the room. Still, we all know Silent Hill came first with the game so I can safely say everyone else copied Silent Hill :D

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