US downloads on UK Vita?

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US downloads on UK Vita?

Post by Royal Bear »

Hi everyone I'm not sure this is the best section to be asking this, but I'm a massive SH fan who would like to play the original game on a PS Vita. Only problem is I'm based in the UK and it's not available to download from the UK PS network, if I were to buy a UK Vita would I be able to download the game from the US network? Many thanks.
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Re: US downloads on UK Vita?

Post by thy_butcher »

Sorry for the really late reply.

I know of people creating foreign PSN accounts to download content from that region with the intent to play it on their native system.
I don't see why you couldn't make a US account, buy SH, download it on your UK Vita, & then play it.

I don't know if Vita has weird region locks though.
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Re: US downloads on UK Vita?

Post by nur_ein_tier »

I just bought a Vita recently. I bought SH1 on PSN a couple years ago to play on my PSP. I am in the US. When I look at my PSN purchases, this is what I get:
For comparison, other PS1 games I bought on PSN can be downloaded just fine on my Vita:

But i talked to someone recently who claimed he downloaded SH1 for his Vita from the EU PSN store. So I dunno, it seems to be available somewhere, but I can only play on PS3 and Vita.

Though the idea of making another account is interesting, I might try that.
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Re: US downloads on UK Vita?

Post by stonecoldsteveurkel »

The Vita is a region free system. All you have to do is make a US account, buy some US PSN cards online, and you can play the game. Bear in mind some PS1 classics require you to transfer them to the Vita from the PS3 in order to play them.
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Re: US downloads on UK Vita?

Post by Matt S »

Heck I don't know how to download the U.S. PSN sh to the U.S. Vita. The SH game is on the PSP store, and when I connect my Vita to my PS3 to download that way, it literally doesn't allow me to do so. The games option is simply not there....

AM I doing something wrong?
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