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Where it all began !!!!

Posted: 20 Mar 2017
by Fantam39
I was watching Silent Hill the movie and it captured the feel of the first game really well the way Rose crashes the car because Gillespie as a young girl was in the middle of the road and even the ally way scene was like when Harry went looking for Cheryl, I didn't know the order was apart of the cult till the end of the movie. Fantam 39 posted 20/03/17.

Re: Where it all began !!!!

Posted: 18 Apr 2017
by HeartlessBastard
Silent Hill Rule #21
Forget the movies if you want to know the series.

Re: Where it all began !!!!

Posted: 08 May 2017
by Midori-chan
Honestly. But no, the movies were such an abomination I hate to think that I ever watched them in the first place.

Re: Where it all began !!!!

Posted: 08 May 2017
by Mephisto
I thought the movies were alright, to be honest. Don't forget that they're based on the games so don't expect everything to be the same.

Re: Where it all began !!!!

Posted: 09 May 2017
by Kenji
The first movie was okay, and I wish there was a director's cut for all that missing content, 'cuz I'm fairly interested in what Gans wanted that the studio didn't.

The second movie is an abomination. I regret letting my sister talk me into watching it.

Now that we're at this point in the franchise, I'd be highly amused if a third movie came out that was based on one of the later games and handed it its ass.

Re: Where it all began !!!!

Posted: 21 Jun 2017
by J. Quinzelle
Kenji wrote:Now that we're at this point in the franchise, I'd be highly amused if a third movie came out that was based on one of the later games and handed it its ass.
It's what I'm trying to accomplish. A Silent Hill movie that makes up for Revelations' being such a crap movie. At least the first one had atmosphere.

I wish there was a way the Silent Hill community could support my efforts and get this paper out there.

Re: Where it all began !!!!

Posted: 26 Jun 2017
by mikefile
When I first saw Gans' movie, I was disappointed. The atmosphere was epic, but it didn't capture the soul of the first game (or the series). But with time, that started to change. The more I watched the movie, the more I fell in love with it.. because I understood that it had its own soul and that I was using the wrong approach the whole time. Regardless first appearances, the story in itself is very different from the first game, thus it has its own rules and motivations. It's funny how with time it became one of my top favorites.

To sum up, in regards to Rule #21 mentioned by a member earlier, we shouldn't forget (reversed #21) Rule #22: "Forget the series if you want to know the movie."

*Notice how I wrote movie, not movieS, as nothing will ever help you understand Revelation since that garbage makes no fucking sense whatsoever.

Re: Where it all began !!!!

Posted: 02 Jul 2017
by Alexius Corvinus
Watched the first Silent Hill movie with a mate unfamiliar with the series. We saw it when it was first released in the theaters. It pained me to see how awful the movie was compared to the games, as my friend had the wrong impression about the series as a whole. When the entire theater erupts in laughter in several scenes, you know you have an accidental comedy on your hands.

As far as I can rember in the games, the Order was never a Christian sect or cult. Yet in the first movie, the references to Christianity was so on the nose. Although I wouldn't call myself a bible toting Christian (for certain reasons), I think the blanket criticism of an entire religion could have been done in a more tasteful way. Just my opinion though.

Re: Where it all began !!!!

Posted: 24 Sep 2017
by Jonipoon
Actually, the first movie was fine by itself until Double Helix Games decided to copy its Otherworld transitions into Homecoming. So, the movie is partly to blame for that...

On the other hand, I don't really consider anything post-The Room to be part of the series anyway. Origins fucked up many major events, Homecoming AKA Saw 5 was just atrocious, Shattered Memories is silly even though it is its own thing, and Downpour was a nice try that didn't deliver.

Re: Where it all began !!!!

Posted: 04 Oct 2017
by phantomess
I actually enjoyed the first movie quite a bit. I saw it in theatres THREE times opening weekend, and still watch it occasionally. Certainly there are things I'm less than fond of: the cult scenes (that's quite a bit, I know, lol), Alessa's portrayal (and yet I had Jodelle sign a SH movie poster, lol again), the stupid explanation scene, the fact that they killed my favorite character in a fucking terrible way... But I enjoy the atmosphere, environments, monsters, and music throughout so much of the movie that I can't help having some level of respect for it. Plus I shamelessly enjoyed the moments of fan service, like the alley scene (she even ran into the barrel!!).
I do think it was a decent Silent Hill movie in a number of important aspects. Sure, it can't really measure up to the games, but it made a pretty amazing effort for a movie.

Revelations, on the other hand, I still have not watched a second time. I keep thinking I will one of these days, and wonder if I'll like it somewhat more the second time, but... I dunno. I remember there being some moments I liked, but on the whole, it was quite bad.

Should this thread be in the movie section?

Re: Where it all began !!!!

Posted: 15 Oct 2017
by J. Quinzelle
I liked the first film, didn't love it. I found the atmosphere to be near perfect in replication. But the script was severely lacking a lot. Poor dialogue, odd character choices, and the idea to turn it into a witch hunt? What was Avery thinking. I liked turning Harry into Rose, hated Gans reasoning for it. As time went on, I watched it countless times. It's often playing in the background when I'm playing on my Vita or writing. It's my favorite video game movie now.

Now, Silent Hill Revelations... That was crap.

Re: Where it all began !!!!

Posted: 10 Jan 2018
by Jonipoon
Deer Rest FOA wrote:To be honest, I only like the first three games, and if you want to push the issue, I'd say I can stick 4: The Room in that list as well. Unfortunately, the others aren't that great at all. However, I did like the first movie. The sequel is a yawn fest, though, but I thought the Australian girl was hot at least.
Oh yeah.


I'd hit her. So much.