Silent Hill: Sinner's Reward Review

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Silent Hill: Sinner's Reward Review

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Basic Info
Silent Hill: Sinner’s Reward was published by IDW Publishing in 2008. It was written by Tom Waltz with art by Steph Stamb.

When hitman Jack “The Pup” Stanton runs away with his mob boss’s wife, he thinks he’s finally put his murderous past behind him. Instead, Jack and his lover take a wrong turn into Silent Hill and quickly learn that some sins are impossible to escape.

Silent Hill: Sinner’s Reward combines crime drama and horror. Not sure if those two genres goes good together, but in this graphic novel, it was a match made in Heaven…or Hell. Depends on how you look at it. My only complaint is the idea of anybody (especially a criminal) falling in love or having an affair with a mob boss’s wife is cliché.

I can’t really find the words to describe the artwork for this graphic novel. However, I will say it matches the tone of the Silent Hill franchise.

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