Silent Hill: Past Life - Thoughts, Questions, Theories

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Silent Hill: Past Life - Thoughts, Questions, Theories

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First of all, I want to thank Tom Waltz and Menton3 for (in my opinion) capturing the aesthetic and atmosphere of the best Silent Hill games in graphic novel form. I enjoyed Sinner's Reward as well, but Past Life really struck a personal chord for me in the same way the most memorable entries of the game series did.

I noticed several threads in the forum for reviews of the individual volumes, but I didn't see a place for general impressions and theories surrounding my personal favorite supplemental Silent Hill material. So I'd like to open a space for fans of Past Life to discuss this excellent installment in the mythos.

I'll start with some questions I'm still pondering after these several years:

Did the events depicted in this series actually show...
PRIME_BBCODE_SPOILER_SHOW PRIME_BBCODE_SPOILER: the Gillespie bloodline was initially connected to the ancient spiritual power pervading the Toluca Lake area?
How are the events depicted related to...
...the Sheperd's Glen splinter group's split from the main Order sects?
As for my own theories:

My most prevalent revolves around Howard Blackwood (and in Downpour, DJ Ricks). I think his first appearance introduces us to the concept of...
...people drawn to Silent Hill who wouldn't face the truth about their own past, yet still had a strong will to live. This leaves them in a limbo in which they're incorporated into the current manifestation produced by the powers of the town and given a function. It seems their primary function is to deliver vital information to the current focus of the town's powers. Jebediah in Past Life and Murphy in Downpour.
As for Awinita's baby...
...I think it becomes a twisted, distorted vessel for the town's power. This could genealogically lead to Alessa Gillespie, which in turn could explain her predisposition to the psychic power that allowed her to split her soul in the original Silent Hill.
Assuming there are some fans (like me) of Past Life still floating around on the forum, what were your impressions, theories or questions after you finished the graphic novel?
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