Silent Hill 5: Pros (What you like)

Poor Alex ... his momma don't seem to like him much. We wonder why in here ...

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Post by Caine »

there arent any, only akiras music is good.
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Post by DistantJ »

Just to add to this, something I consider a real pro in the game is the use of a physics engine. It's not the best physics engine or one which affects the gameplay in any way, but the fact that you can be walking about in the darkness in silence and then CLANG! bump into a metal table, can be incredibly scary, and can alert monsters you were trying to creep past. It makes things a lot more intense, for example in 0rigins I felt I could switch off my flashlight and wander around certain areas without worrying about the monsters all around me due to the darkness, but you never feel safe in this one.
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Post by KristinT »

I am really enjoying the design of the monsters I've come across so far (I'm at the Hotel), something about them is just wrong and creepy and unsettling. For instance, I am annoyed at the Smog in practical terms of having to deal with it, but the design itself is creepy and engaging.

I love the quality of the sound design, from the voice acting through to the creepy ambient soundscape. Many times now I've heard random things that have sent me into a blind panic (as well as Fight stance). I also wonder whether there are any Silent Hill fans out there who've developed a minor Pavlovian response to the sound of sudden radio static.

I love that this game is so immersive and absorbing that I am genuinely creeped out and unsettled whilst playing it (this is my first go around though so I'm aware that this might fade). My anxiety and fear has to do with what might be lurking around the corner ready to leap out at Alex, not just annoyance that I struggle with the game controls when trying to deal with said things leaping out at Alex.

I also like that Alex is handsome.
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Post by DistantJ »

Just you wait for the Schisms... They'll challenge you, but as a result get you used to the combat... But they're so freaky to look at, and the way they move is so weird (especially if you manage to see one standing around casually having not noticed you, the weird stuff they do, the church is a good place for this). Couple that with the way they can thrash you within an inch of your life quite easily and they basically become the new Pyramid Head.

All I can say is, as tempting as it will be, don't give up at the police station. The area gives you a bit of tough love in order to get you used to the combat and at first it can be a total nightmare, but it's worth it.
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Post by paladin181 »

5 Schisms in a row is NOT tough love. It's an ass whoopin waiting to happen.
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Post by SethSunderland »

DistantJ wrote:All I can say is, as tempting as it will be, don't give up at the police station. The area gives you a bit of tough love in order to get you used to the combat and at first it can be a total nightmare, but it's worth it.
I admit, I almost gave up too. I think a lot of the motivation I got to continue was for the fact that I was playing it on release day, and I wanted to be the first to find out something awesome. I swear, It was difficult, half wanting to play more, half wanting to post more on the forum. XD.
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Post by KristinT »

I've just met the first "boss" monster of the game. Honest to god, I was so terrified and had so little idea what to do I just stood there, doing nothing, staring at it in all its wrongness, while it murdered Alex. I have to say though it wasn't quite as terrible as I was dreading during the cut scene because when
all those fleshy sacs began descending from the ceiling, I just went OH MY GOD, MONSTERS ARE GOING TO COME RIPPING OUT AREN'T THEY, HURRY UP AND END, CUT SCENE, I FIGURE OUT WHAT THE F#&K TO DO HERE!!
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Post by DistantJ »

Haha, lucky for you, nothing comes out of the meat sacs. They're your target!
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Post by Mephisto »

How the Hell could you not figure out what to do? Just chop the goddamn thing to pieces. :|
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Post by Fevered Dream »

Things I liked:

-The voice acting in this game was very well done. It's actually bearable to watch the cutscenes in this game.
-The gameplay was very challenging in that each monster was always capable of whooping my ass into oblivion, which added to the tension of running into the monsters.
-Interesting characters (Possibly could have done without Curtis has he didn't have much purpose in the game in my oppinion)
-Many different areas to visit in both Sheperd's Glen and Silent hill.
-Excellent bosses, especially Scarlet of course.
-Story was great, and I honestly didn't see the ending coming until I beat the final boss. (I'm slow and I realize this)
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Post by RinoTheBouncer »

All I can say is that I'm ready to buy the Limited Edition of it for 1000$ if there was one ...
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Post by Skele »

^ yeah, if there was a directors cut with more of SG to explore, i'd buy it in a heartbeat.
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Post by Csilent Ihill »

Homecoming is definately a good game. It contains some flaws indeed, but I think the developers really treated the game with enough care, attention and respect.

- The voice acting is well-performed and engaging; it's generally emotive and makes you get involved with the characters. The best voice overs since SH2.
- Interesting characters in overall. Alex, Elle, The Mayor and Dr. Finch are ambigious, housing nuanced elements.
- Intriguing plot despite a rather inconsistent and somewhat sluggish story telling. This is a solid psychological SH2 approach. Emotional rewarding.
- Refreshing, quite challenging gameplay that at times get a bit frustrating, though. Sometimes it's really difficult (the spiders), sometimes it's really easy (some bosses). Takes time to get friends with the controls and to avoid the bad timing-awards...
- Epic, Silent Hillish bosses. Scarlett in particular is a gripping and memorable encounter. One of SH's best boss fights. Fantastic score by Yamaoka. The last boss is disturbing and rewarding, though the game ends unexpectedly. However, it really feels like the bosses have various meanings that logically connect with the story.
- The soundtrack is the best since SH3, and it seems like Yamaoka's sort of low-key, melancholic approach basically is a return to the music pattern of SH2. Fantastic scores.

7 / 10
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Post by SilentFan311 »

I just finished this game. I was skeptical... since I've heard a lot of negative criticism about it... but, being a massive SH fan, as we all are, of course I had to try it for myself.

I loved it. I thought it was super intense to the degree that SH3 was. I thought the combat was... just... SO GOOD! I actually felt like I had some control over what was happening instead of shooting and hoping the thing died before it reached me! I loved the look of it. The "otherworld" scenes were beautiful and horrifying. And, like some other posters before me... I loved the "Descent to Hell" level! "Behind you" was PERFECT!!! Perfectly "Silent Hill". The game had its flaws... but overall I thought it was really great... and FUN, and that's what's most important!
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Post by AirborneSFSoldier »

Silent Hill Homecoming is in my opinion the second best Silent Hill game out there, the first being the original. The original was scary and creepy and had fun game play but SHH had funner game play, perhaps SHH wasn't as scary as the original Silent Hill game but the combat system was very innovative. You had to be skillful to stay alive, dodging your enemies in the right direction, using the right weapon for the right job, rolling when you need to, running when you need to. Also the fact you only get a minuscule amount of ammunition means you really need those critical shots. The weapons were awesome and the other world uprooting before your very eyes as you play was a nice touch.

Post by valiturus »

1.) The music. The best scores I've heard since SH3.

2.) The story.

3.) The creatures. Very original and fresh from Team Silent. I especially loved Sepulcher; very disturbing.
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Post by EmilietheStrange »

Homecoming is actually the only Silent Hill game I've played, as I lack a PS2. However, I plan on fixing this by acquiring one, as well as all the other Silent Hills. It was a very good game. Things I liked:

1. The atmosphere for most of the game. Although it was rather linear, and I've heard the other Silent Hills have better atmospheres, I still enjoyed the scenery in this one.

2. Speaking of that, I loved the Hell Descent level. During my first play through, I was expecting something grotesque to jump out at me the whole time.

3. Believable characters that for the most part, weren't super obvious as to which side they were on. There was just one exception, and I think we can all guess who that is.

4. The monsters were nice. I'm familiar with the monsters from the other games, and I've got to say that I like the ones from Homecoming the best. I thought the Siams were especially awesome, there should have been more of them.

5. The bosses, especially Scarlet. She was more cool looking than scary though.

6. The dialogue options, thus allowing slightly different conversations to take place.

7. Manual aim on fire arms. I like how you have to make you're shots count.

8. I also liked the de-ephasis of using guns in this game. During my last playthrough, the only enemies I used guns on were the Siams and the occasional schism. (I just avoid smogs for the most part).
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Post by Francescabella »

1. I enjoyed the atmosphere of most locations such as the streets of Shepherd's Glen, Alchemilla hospital (both normal and Otherworld), Alex's house, the streets of Silent Hill, the area outside the SH church, and of course the whole Hell Descent level.

2. Manual aiming on the guns. It was a bit challenging for me coz I got used to the auto-aim in the previous games, but I ended up enjoying it.

3. The dialogue options and decision-making. I liked how you can easily get a certain ending based on your decisions in the game, and not based on your actions.

4. All the monsters (except for the needlers coz they annoy me so much). This might be cliche, but Scarlet is indeed the best SH boss ever, hands down. I totally hated her coz I almost gave up the whole game during my first playthrough. She's the hardest boss that I've ever encountered. I had a hard time killing her even when I was on "cheese mode" (I only used the laser pistol).

5. The inclusion of human enemies (Order soldiers)

6. The music and the voice acting (the best since SH2). Everything from Akira's ambient music to the powerful songs sung by Mary was just awesome. I really liked "The Terminal Show" and "Witchcraft". "One More Soul to the Call" and "This Sacred Line" are two of my most favorite SH songs ever.
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Post by clips »

The early part of the game had great atmosphere and the helldescent levels and the otherworld house level was great. I also like how alex reacted more realistically than any other character in the series. Voice acting was the best in the series as well.

I liked all of the boss creatures too.
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Post by PyrmidHeadPwner »

Best. Game. Ever. Except. For. Half. Life. 2. Episode. One. And. Two. And. Normal. Half. Life.

I wish there was a Dog ending in Homecoming... The costume you unlock would be a... a... a dog...
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