SH: Homecoming "interactive monologue"

Poor Alex ... his momma don't seem to like him much. We wonder why in here ...

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SH: Homecoming "interactive monologue"

Post by Akheon »

Oh yeah. I started writing this a few years ago, then forgot all about it. I only now remembered it again when I was cleaning up things on my hard drive.

So this is basically a list of all the things Alex thinks to himself when examining things in the levels. It's incomplete - only up to Nightmare Church or so, but most of the game is there. I don't think something like this was published before? Well, enjoy:
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Re: SH: Homecoming "interactive monologue"

Post by Pastucci »

Thank you for contributing this.
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Re: SH: Homecoming "interactive monologue"

Post by Tabris »

This was one of the things that I really liked about Homecoming, especially in the first half or so. His thoughts really added to the overall atmosphere of the game.
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Re: SH: Homecoming "interactive monologue"

Post by AuraTwilight »

One of the few things about Homecoming it unambiguously got right. Thanks for this.
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