Your favorite ending and why.

James got a letter. From a dead person. Oh dear.

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Re: Your favorite ending and why.

Post by Ryantology »

It has vexed me for a long time why Rebirth can't be achieved until getting one of the other endings. It's not a joke or bonus ending, it is plot-significant and is the only ending in which James appears to get what he initially claimed to want. I can see some gameplay-related justifications for this, but within the context of the overall plot, it doesn't make sense to me.

I've also come to a sort of meta understanding of this game's endings; this is not one story about one man with four possible outcomes. This is four stories, about four James Sunderlands, each of whom is different in some key way pertaining to their personality and character. To be more clear on this, I don't think the same person who ends up Leaving with Laura is exactly the same person who tries to leave with Maria. I think the fact that you, the player, make key choices to affect the ending belies the reality, which is that all the really important decisions and points of divergence really take place before the game even begins. After all, many of us accept the idea that there are different realities, different universes, parallel worlds, within the framework of Silent Hill. So, why can't Silent Hill 2 take place in four alternate realities, all virtually identical but for a tiny number of extremely important differences?
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Re: Your favorite ending and why.

Post by JPS 79 »

I prefer the dialogue and the scenes in the Leave ending. It's the only ending where James is completely honest and open when speaking to Mary. It may or may not be the more believable ending. I would also like to point out that it's not necessarily a happy ending once you begin to dig deeper into the situation.
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