HD remake too dark?

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HD remake too dark?

Post by eru777 »

I was wondering,does anyone find the HD remakes (PS3) to be too dark?
I was stuck in the pit in the historical society when I had to look online for help. Doing so, I saw some videos of the PC version and it was much brighter. Am I alone in this?
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Re: HD remake too dark?

Post by Its Gone Now »

It may just be the brightness is set low on the game or on your TV.

You are quite lucky if that is the only problem you encounter, the whole thing us festooned with bugs.

You are probably better off getting the PC version anyway.

If you don't have a PC I would just stick to the PS2 version. Theres nothing wrong with that one.
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Re: HD remake too dark?

Post by phantomess »

I, too, would suggest adjusting your brightness.
I don't remember noticing it being too dark. There were some other bothersome things about it, though.
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