Silent Hill 2 - The Best Game Ever Made (spoilers)

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Silent Hill 2 - The Best Game Ever Made (spoilers)

Post by Chimpyglassman »

Hi Guys -

Ever since it came out, I think Silent Hill 2 is the one game that has stayed with me my whole life.
It's story and symbolism is so rich that I don't think it will ever be matched.

Because of this, I had an idea to make a video documenting why I love it so much including a little bit about the history and whatnot.

What do you think?
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Re: Silent Hill 2 - The Best Game Ever Made (spoilers)

Post by Vixx »

Hello, Chimpyglassman,

It's great to have you here and talking about Silent Hill, but we're not super keen on people who jump on, post an ad to a project/product of their own, and disappear into the fog again. I hope you understand!

If you stick around, you're very welcome to post a link to your project in Your Special Place once you've reached the requisite 50 posts. :)
V xx

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