Interested in let's play videos?

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Interested in let's play videos?

Post by VoiDusk »

Hello everyone!
I'm VoiDusk and recently found this Forum.

Around one year ago i saw the Silent Hill movies and i was directly caught by this. So since then i decided to be a Silent Hill Fan, and also to play all the Parts there ever have been. Well at least the main parts.

Since I'm also on Youtube now, I'm planning to do let's plays of all the main parts and currently I'm playing Silent Hill 2, some parts are already uploaded.

My question is now: Would you enjoy if i would post my Videos here to watch them? Also before i do, is it even tolerated to do that here?

I would always post the video here after i recorded it and then we can discuss it and you can tell me your opinion and suggestions.

Looking forward to this,
best regards VoiDusk. :)
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Re: Interested in let's play videos?

Post by fudgestix »

You may share your Let's Play here once your post count is above 50. :)

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