Unreleased SH2 music tracks

James got a letter. From a dead person. Oh dear.

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Unreleased SH2 music tracks

Post by SilverWolfPet »

Hey, here's a question - out of all the music tracks from Silent Hill 2, which ones from the GAME would you have loved to see on the official soundtrack (and didn't make it in)?

For me, it would be the guitar piece you can hear when James talks about the letter he got. What about you?
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Re: Unreleased SH2 music tracks

Post by jdnation »

There was this ambiance sound that according to the description -

"This sound will play when you're one hit away from death on floor 2 of Otherworld Brookhaven Hospital."

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Re: Unreleased SH2 music tracks

Post by Droo »

"Oh yeah, I've been here before
I can see it with eyes closed
Shadows that look like blood
Dead as far as the mind goes
Fear that comes from my head
Lives in the mirror"
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