James Swearing?

James got a letter. From a dead person. Oh dear.

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James Swearing?

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In the stage_apart_e3fe_msg_e.mes message resource file, there's a text string that suggests someone swearing.

The surrounding text implies that this string is consumed somewhere on the third floor of the Wood Side Apartment.
I got a #
courtyard key .
I got the #
fire escape key .
Just a normal washing machine.
There's nothing of interest.
The phone doesn't seem to work.
There's nothing interesting in
the newspaper or magazine.
There's a painting hanging
on the wall. It looks like a
landscape of this area.
There's a painting hanging
on the wall. It's some kindof strange landscape.
Note that there's a separate message resource file where the cutscene of Laura kicking the key away from James takes place. In other words, the profanity probably isn't part of that conversation.

My best guess is that James was supposed to swear when he runs into Pyramid Head in Room 307. In the actual game, James gasps on seeing Pyramid Head as he hides in the closet. When you think about it, James swearing does seem out of character as he's initially depicted as mild-mannered. Perhaps they decided to have James gasp instead of swear.
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