Origins story is bad, but..

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Chris Sunderland
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Origins story is bad, but..

Post by Chris Sunderland »

This of all the western games captured the team silent era exploration and atmosphere the best.Even some of the creatures were decent and enjoyable to analyze. The game suffered I think from it's rocky development and them trying not to rock the boat to much design wise, to the point that it lacked the originality it needed to stand out.The story being a pointless prequel toSH1 while trying to ape SH2 at the same time being it's biggest faults.Back in the day after Shattered memories came out and proved these guys could right a good story, and reinterpret Silent Hill in a new and interesting way while maintaining the essence of Silent hill I was hoping that Climax would get a chance to make the next "big" HD console Silent Hill set in the original canon. Alas we got Downpour which I admire the team for trying to make something interesting of the budget of 3 chickens and a clamshell that Konami gave them it wasn't for me.
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Re: Origins story is bad, but..

Post by NanayaShiki »

The more times goes on the more I feel like Origins is my least favorite in the series almost because it tried and failed to capture the gameplay of the original games. It was just the same thing but worse. The exploration was worse, the monsters were annoying, the Otherworld mechanic missed the point of what made the Otherworld scary. It may be closer to 1-4 but I'd take Homecoming and Downpour's attempts to do something new over a failed attempt to emulate the original. Granted Climax completely made up for it with Shattered Memories, my third favorite game in the series.

Though it has been MANY years since I played Origins. I didn't enjoy my time with it but it might be due for a revisit. I might find I feel differently about it now, much further removed from the originals than I was when I first played it.
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Re: Origins story is bad, but..

Post by Vixx »

I just can't forgive the degradable weapons. Still. 🤣

Downpour is my fav western game. Obvs it's a pretty low bar, but I found it the spookiest and the most intriguing story-wise.
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Re: Origins story is bad, but..

Post by fudgestix »

I enjoyed Origins at the time, and it's stuck with me after all these years, even though I only played it once. I enjoyed the set pieces and the gameplay was fine.

On the other hand I honestly cannot even remember if I played Shattered Memories... I'm sure I did, but I only have a vague recollection of it. I'll admit the gameplay style is really not my cup of tea.

I love Downpour, although I understand the frustration some people have towards it.

I never even finished Homecoming. I didn't enjoy the story enough to put up with the frustrating combat.
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Re: Origins story is bad, but..

Post by Droo »

Great soundtrack and I enjoyed exploring more of the town (although it was starting to make the town laughably large as it became with Homecoming and Downpour).

Degrading weapons absolutely sucked and they mangled the character of Lisa.

The Sanitarium was ridiculously large and a slog to get through, and one of the main reasons I rarely replay this.
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Re: Origins story is bad, but..

Post by Jonipoon »

Best part of Origins was the amusing realization that Travis was carrying around 15 television sets.
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Re: Origins story is bad, but..

Post by leftshoe18 »

Whenever a game gives me limited supply of something (no matter how large that limit is) I hoard the crap out of it so I had sooooooooooooooo many weapons by the end of the game my first time through because I just used my fists on everything besides bosses.
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The Adversary
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Re: Origins story is bad, but..

Post by The Adversary »

Has anyone done a TV-only playthrough? 'cuz that would be awesome.
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