Places you may have not been too

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2nd gig

Places you may have not been too

Post by 2nd gig »

I must either be dumb or retarded, but when i finished the theater thing and exited I looked on my map and saw the public records place, its right outside the theater and i went IN!

I dont know if either of you guys have noticed that - if not check it out (I dont know whats in there yet as i have the game on pause now)
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Post by Silent Pyramid »

You can enter it... I entered it myself.
These kinda things happen to me sometimes and I have to reload to check them out...

But I think it has weapons and supplies or maybe a note... I don't actually remember... -_-
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2nd gig

Post by 2nd gig »

It has 2 very important records about Alessa and the fire and about Dahlia and Alessa's relationship
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Post by Silent Pyramid »

Btw, check out ... c&start=15

and you'll see that I left to corner unsearched...
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Post by sh#1fan »


I went there right after the theater.... if you notice on the map all the places you can enter show up as pink. there is important notes and i think theres some ammo in there.

Also another place people might not have gone or missed is the alternate library.
In the theater level. on stage use the scenery swiches to get the library back drop and the table in the middle of the room, go through the mirror to the alternate library to find a bunch of notes/files. plus I think there is somthing hidden in the back of that room... might just be ammo I dont remeber.
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Post by David01 »

cool I'lll remember that, I havent played this game yet.. but my mouth is watering and I"m soo excited about it. I love the idea of going through mirrors.. and going to alternate realities. I'm sure that once I get the game, I'm going to every nook and cranny of this game.. I'm going to search high and low for every item in the entire game. Has anyone here found every item in the game, or every location that you can go. Because there might be hidden buildings that no one has found yet.. afterall most silent hill's have alot of hidden secrets and places that sometimes, go unnoticed in the town.
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Post by Delirious »

Ugh. After reading this, I realized just -how much- I missed while playing this game.

I was always rushing to where I needed to go, mainly to avoid the monsters because my health was low, and I ended up missing a lot of things. I need to go back and play again, but I just now beat the game.

Guess I'll wait until a rainy day.
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Post by Krysta »

kinda reminds me of someone elses post about enterable Police Station in SH1. Always stick to the walls while exploring SH games open areas that way you won't miss any enterable lil'holes
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Post by angelofROOM302 »

Ugh, why hasn't anyone else mentioned this to me! :(
I must add this to walkthrough!

Thank you for bringing this up though. I'll have to check it out.
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Post by AdjectiveRyan »

for the most part l just went to the places l needed to go. that particular entry of the series l just wanted to get through. ended up liking it but wasn't completely happy with it.
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Post by Mr.Death »

I'm sure I missed plenty,I couldn't search too much,after I was low on health and the streets were infested with roadkill.
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Post by leftshoe18 »

i missed this...too bad i can't find my PS2 to go check it out

i also missed the police station in SH1...where is it at?
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Post by Rob Matter »

An optional location to visit; I didn't find it particularly interesting.
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Post by jdnation »

Yeah I noticed that on the map after leaving the theatre to go to the next location, so I ran all the way back there to check it out. There were some other places and alleyways guarded by monsters that I was too afraid to explore. On a second playthrough with those powergloves I might give it a go!
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Post by Silent Milance »

You find a couple of files there and some ammo.. It's locked or smth when you try to enter before finishing the theatre, but it's unlocked after... It's hard to miss, since the camere zooms in on it as you pass by.
I visited everything on my first run and collected every item. I was pretty proud of that... :D
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Post by Detective Cartland »

There wasen't too much to the public records building, just a memo on the fire, and some supplies.
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Post by MariaRising »

I found it, I thought it was helpful. Shed a little light on the story line
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Post by wilford_brimley »

Btw, someone knows who the smiling man on the big picture at Public Records refers to, i think it also was at Cedar Groove.
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Post by KageReneko »

Don't you think that grated door at the Public Records is really misterious??
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Post by MarcusMiller84 »

I went into the public records the 2nd time around. Kinda made me mad.. I was like "how'd I miss this!"

I think the main reason for missing it though was because I was just trying to run away.

as for the police station in SH1...

how could some of you not know?!

That's the first building that you just kinda defaultly go to as you enter the town. I went there my very first play through.
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