The Bad Ending...confused

Truck drivin' Travis detours into Silent Hill. Tree Top Tall & Wall-to-Wall, Good Buddy.

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nobody wrote:Since the bad ending is not canon-> Travis is the trucker in the beginning of the game, not a pyramid head.
i know, i'm just stating my opinion about this...
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so am i. just don't get how you say it may be him and then say you know it's not. :mrgreen:
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Re: The Bad Ending...confused

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I know I'm necro-bumping an old thread, but no-one seems to have suggested this; I always assumed the person watching Travis at the end of the bad ending was Lisa. I'll admit there's very little that led to this conclusion; the person appears to be wearing red, and Lisa's uniform is red... I know it's a stretch, but I figure that she was watching the doctors sedate him and feeling sorry for him, or something... I guess it makes more sense for it to be a random cult member as people have suggested, but I can't help but feel "what's the point?" in inserting a random nobody (because everything has to mean something, right? :wink: ).
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