Origins is the best Silent Hill game ever made

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Post by NothingLikeSleep »

I like the idea of the fixed camera, that added to the creepiness, so bring that back and use it more with sweet graphics then yes
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Post by pink_isnt_well000 »

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NothingLikeSleep you've been here long enough to know better. If you do it again we are going to start removing your posts due to spam.
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Post by PyrmidHeadPwner »

Travis isn't a man. Chuck Norris is a man.
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Post by Kassad »

I think Travis is a pretty cool guy, eh throws TV's and doesnt afraid of anything
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Post by SHF »

while i like the behind the back camera, id like to see a FPV angle. its better to examine things with.
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Post by dsagent »

Kassad wrote:I think Travis is a pretty cool guy, eh throws TV's and doesnt afraid of anything
I haven't laughed on this board for a long time. Also the misspelling.

Also something about beating the final boss with a toaster just feels right
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Post by AuraTwilight »

The Misspelling was intentional. Learn2meme.
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Post by Mephisto »

Does any of you find Origins to be the weakest game of the series in replay value subject?
I mean, the other Silent Hill's, I finished them like what? 4, 5, 6, 10, 15+ times? But with Origins I only finished it 3 times, because of the endings.
The accolades/outfits aren't that fun to get (and they don't really are worth a thing 'cause the only cool outfit for Travis is the standard imo).

But anyway, I don't know why but I don't have any reason to play Origins again. Whenever I try to play it I remember about the Sanitarium so I pick another game. Maybe it's because of this fuckin' level that I have no reason to play it again. . .
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Post by spunkytexan »

while I enjoy the hell out of 0rigins, I definately agree that the replay value is just not very high at all. I have played it though 3 times and have not touched it since.
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Post by simeonalo »

I would've liked a remake rather than a prequel for the PSP.

Origins is good. Not the best, though (haven't I posted in this thread before?)
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Post by Daily »

Think like this game because come back of alessa ... And alessa is the ORIGiNS of silent hill !
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Post by JuriDawn »

The main appeal of Origins (for me) was the inclusion of further details of Alessa's history and the Order's rituals. I was curious about Travis and his past the first time or two that I played it, but subsequent playthroughs were all about what else I could uncover about Alessa, such as the very large possibility that she is not the burned girl Travis rescues at the beginning. :wink:
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Post by MariaRising »

I like this game, but I agree with the others. Lack of replay value keeps me from playing it more, along with length and difficulty. I only wanted to play it to see the additional storyline bits to begin with, but while playing I also enjoy seeing Kaufmann, something's really different about him this time and I laugh everytime he has dialouge... Idk why lol.
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Post by mimee »

Snakesonaplane -

I completely agree with you - I played HS1/2/3 *playing4* and beat Origins last year And I must admit - this is the BEST Silent Hill ever made out of the 4 ive played.

I also played it on my PSP, another thing that really got me into while i was playing was the music - the soundtrack is extremely good, the graphics are insane, the gameplay is awesome!

And I dont get why people are judging a game over "replay" value. Makes no sense ;p I love Zelda Twilight Princess and I mean it. LOVE that game to DEATH and I would NOT beat the game all over again... what for? i beat it once.. and games are already long enough to beat them 50 more times. But about replay value I dont know why this one isn't - IMO this game gave us the very same feel and touch of previous Silent Hills. Its like saying Mario 1 was replay value but Mario 2 wasn't doesnt make sense cause both games are the same thing..

I would really suggest you guys get this game ASAP.
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Post by Mr Negative »

Is there any jumps or really creepiness in Origins?
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Re: Origins is the best Silent Hill game ever made

Post by Sam Pilgrim »

I enjoyed SH0, I really did, but it's not the best SH, al least for me.
And.. about Travis being a real man... I dunno, he's badass, but Harry IS the real man :wink:
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Post by SPRINGS02 »

Mr Negative wrote:Is there any jumps or really creepiness in Origins?
Not really it's definitely not one of the creepiest silent hill games.
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Re: Origins is the best Silent Hill game ever made

Post by snakesonaplane »

Sam Pilgrim wrote:I dunno, he's badass, but Harry IS the real man :wink:
No :|
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Re: Origins is the best Silent Hill game ever made

Post by Mumbler »

So, is it just me or is snakesonaplane a really...bizarre troll?
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Re: Origins is the best Silent Hill game ever made

Post by Kaiza Killa »

I still have not had the opportunity to play this installment of the series. The original poster does seem a little over-excited about it, but perhaps I too will share his/her excitement once I have played it. That is doubtful however.

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