What is the PSP Remastered Series?

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What is the PSP Remastered Series?

Post by predxeno »

I just checked the PSN Store and saw that both Silent Hill Origins and Shattered Memories are available for $10 and $30 respectively. Are these the PSP Remastered Series that I've been hearing about? I'm still not quite sure what the Remastered Series is; is it true that it's in HD and has special content (and can I play it on the PS3)? It would make sense cause who would buy Shattered Memories (PSP) for $30 unless it's been revamped?
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Re: What is the PSP Remastered Series?

Post by fudgestix »

I believe you are referring to the HD Collection, as of now there are no other SH games being made into HD past these two.

As I said last time, search around before you start thread to ask questions. Chances are they've been asked and answered before.
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