Homecoming vs Downpour

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Re: Homecoming vs Downpour

Post by Skele »

The Adversary wrote: 28 Mar 2023 >"Pendleton *awkward long pause*........... Get on the bus!"<
That was incredibly clunky. Like, what was she getting at there?

After having not played either since they were released, and relying solely on playthroughs, I think I now prefer HOMECOMING over DOWNPOUR, though that's primarily because I delved into the chronology of DOWNPOUR and got nowhere with it. And I'm not sure why they put Silent Hill in the same zip code as parts of southern Portland, Maine/Cape Elizabeth. It doesn't make sense that Harry would move to hide from the Order in a city that's only a few miles away. Silent Hill should be in the more northern region.

I'm also still irritated at the final levels of DOWNPOUR and how many times I died just trying to get to the final boss. Only to find the final boss be easily the worst in the series.

My main complaint at the time of HOMECOMING was the combat. I don't care about quick moves and action. Just let me play the game for the story, please.
Haha, yeah even the letsplayer (mapocolops) just busted out laughing.

I will admit that Downpour is a slightly better game than I gave it credit for and I can see why one might enjoy it. After seeing the same letsplayer take on Homecoming, I understood why people hated the game's combat. If you're not a fan of the action, or don't grasp it well, it's just a big turn off. And yeah, that final boss was underwhelming.
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Re: Homecoming vs Downpour

Post by NanayaShiki »

I still intend to replay both of these games and I was going to take some screenshots and video of Downpour for the site so when I get to that I will look for any distance signs.
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Re: Homecoming vs Downpour

Post by Jonipoon »

Interestingly, Downpour seems to have a very large separate fanbase, something which Homecoming hasn't. I know this because I'm getting so much hate on my YouTube video where people harass me for giving Downpour a low rating.
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Re: Homecoming vs Downpour

Post by leftshoe18 »

Downpour is my favorite game but I couldn't imagine harassing somebody over their opinion on it. People suck.
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