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Rev wrote:
Brispir wrote:That actually makes it better. There is only so much you can add to a story before you actually ruin the game. Personally, I kinda wish the sequels never added anything to SH1 and just did their own thing... except I AM a huge fan of Alessa to be honest.
I liked Alessa, too, although not a HUGE FAN of her. I just think her story is done and over with (especially after SH3), and any more would just be beating a dead horse.
Which, you know, if it's one thing that I am glad that Tomm Hulett does get when it comes to future SH games, it's that much. Much as I don't agree with him on some things, he did at least prevent Homecoming from being another game about Alessa and basically told the team during development, "Hey guys, Alessa's story kind of ended already. Can it."

Buuut... that's kind of getting off topic, heh.
I agree. You can't really add any more to the story. Personally, I don't think Alessa's story ever should have had a sequel... though I DID like what they did with Shattered Memories.

Anyways, just now I was playing through Downpour and was chasing that girl (haven't found out who she is yet) through the otherworld version of St Maria's.... and for some reason I kept calling her Cheryl. Kinda felt like SH1 again.
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