Should I play Silent Hill Downpour now?

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Should I play Silent Hill Downpour now?

Post by predxeno »

I was originally going to play Downpour after Silent Hill 4 The Room was released on PSN, but since that may be a long time from now I've been considering my options. Does Silent Hill Downpour reference the fourth game at all? What is thecontrol scheme for Downpour; is it just like the first 3 games or did they finally change it? And while we're on the subject, what is the control scheme for Silent Hill 4?
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Re: Should I play Silent Hill Downpour now?

Post by teosoleil »

In my opinion, you really don't need to worry about any "control scheme" (they both have their flaws). Downpour makes subtle references to the past games, and has a huge easter egg containing a plot point of the 4th game, but it shouldn't ruin anything, really.

In my opinion, atmosphere and presentation matters much more than any control layout in any survival horror game.
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Re: Should I play Silent Hill Downpour now?

Post by fudgestix »

The question of which games should be played prior to Downpour has been discussed many times, for example here.

I've noticed you starting a lot of threads to ask questions, and I'm sure most of them can be answered by digging through other threads. Please always search the forum before you start a new thread, so be sure the topic hasn't been covered before.

With that, locking this.
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