Photo in the confessional booth

Heather finds out why it's true that you shouldn't talk to strangers. Or look in mirrors, quite honestly.

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Re: Photo in the confessional booth

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Knowing Team Silent+, this is an actual person who was rendered for the game. I've been searching for the source material—I know it's out there—without luck, though. It's possible there's some clue as to who he is (or is supposed to represent) in the context of the game, should his identity be discovered.

The Silent Hill Making Of videos show a lot of religious art that the team used as in-game assets, so I suppose this priest may very well be from something like that.

He does look like any generic 19th century priest who predicts the end of the world, though, to be honest.

phantomess wrote:Maybe it's the "priest" that people normally confessed to in the booth?
I doubt that would be the case. The whole point of confessional is to be anonymous, on both sides. A little counterproductive if his face is just smiling down upon you. But maybe a little on-brand.
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