"The body must have been crushed..."

Heather finds out why it's true that you shouldn't talk to strangers. Or look in mirrors, quite honestly.

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Re: "The body must have been crushed..."

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The only person I remember being trapped in Silent Hill is Lisa,and that is because Valtiel is actually working in order to make that happen. Even Walter is gone for good after 4. People like Maria, Ernest and Leonard are just manifestations based on memories attached to the place and again; Silent Hill is supposed to be a neutral place, it makes you face your darkness but it also gives you all that you need to surpass it so it wouldn't keep anybody against will.

Travis being a Charon equivalent makes no sense; in the first place, he conquered his demons and survived the town trails so he earned his return to the real world after Silent Hill rules. In the second place, he helped Alessa who has the power to take him out of the town like she did with Harry and Cybil; Alessa would never betray somebody who was kind to her. Travis became the second PH, Homecoming used him in order to force a connection between the bastard games and pretend to have a continuity.

Finally... Didn't Eddie have a van? or was that just speculation?
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Re: "The body must have been crushed..."

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I don't know if Eddie's van has ever been confirmed. I think the speculation comes from the scene in the intro movie of him and Laura near a white van.
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