Dead by Daylight.

Heather finds out why it's true that you shouldn't talk to strangers. Or look in mirrors, quite honestly.

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Dead by Daylight.

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You know that latest section of Dead by Daylight which features Pyramid Head chasing Heather?I thought Pyramid Head was a manifestation of guilt and a desire to be punished that's why he chases James Sunderland around. But why is Pyramid Head chasing Heather here?
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Re: Dead by Daylight.

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We already have a thread about the Silent Hill content in Dead By Daylight here:

And a thread about general discussion of Dead By Daylight here:

So I'll go ahead and lock this and conversation can be in one of those. But to answer your question, Dead By Daylight is a horror crossover series where an unseen "Entity" pulls various people throughout "history" that have presumably died into their realm to participate in it's game. In the Dead By Daylight lore, it pulled Pyramid Head after it's purpose was fulfilled and pulled Heather after she eventually passed away.

But the real answer is they wanted to have something from each of the first three Silent Hill games so you have a stage from SH1, a killer from SH2, and a survivor from SH3. It's not meant to be taken that seriously. This is a game where Freddy Krueger can chase Bill from Left 4 Dead around the lab from Stranger Things.