Possible game bugs or malfunctioning PlayStation 2 slim.

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Possible game bugs or malfunctioning PlayStation 2 slim.

Post by anonymousfartmachine »

I have possibly come across some bugs never seen before and wanted to know if others have experienced them. It may be my console that is the issue -- it was not working for a while -- but I seemingly fixed it after using rubbing alcohol on two small metal parts near the disc drive.

I am in the chapel and have tried to read the captions under the various paintings on the left and right sides of the pews. I can read the first one with no problem, maybe the second but, once I get to the third, the screen goes black and I am unable to back out/cancel the action. I figured I'd just leave them be and continued on my merry way until I got to a bedroom and tried to read a blue book where the same thing happened AGAIN, though this time bits of background music was playing intermittently.

I will have to test out a different game some other time to see if it's my console or the game (fingers crossed it's the latter) but, in the meantime, wanted to ask a question here.

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Re: Possible game bugs or malfunctioning PlayStation 2 slim.

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I would start with what you’ve suggested, and try and to identify if it’s a problem with the console or the disc. Try a different game and see if the problem persists.
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