Why BoM WON'T kill the series

Come here to talk about the Book of Memories.

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Re: Why BoM WON'T kill the series

Post by the konami code »

Augophthalmoses wrote:Trying to claim gameplay = talking about the camera when you made no mention whatsoever of the camera until after the next post is a poor attempt to salvage credibility.

Just save yourself time and don't try getting into a debate with me. You're not going to accomplish anything doing so with the way you think and post.

Whatever. I used the wrong word, get over it... it doesn't absolve the fact that went from 0 - to douche in a matter of seconds. But for now, maybe if you weren't so hellbent on dominating "teh interwebz" and this arguement, you wouldn't have missed where I was attempting to come to some compromise, where I try to be a little bit more clear with you in the future, if you would try not to rush in to throw your balls in my face. AGAIN, think before you type.
the konami code wrote:yea. Your lack of comprehension is absolutely not my problem, however if you can handle a conversing as an adult, by asking questions and not rushing to spew impulsive sophomoric assumptions, maybe I'll make it a point to be more specific for you so we can have a civil discussion about the game series we both love.

for the record, ^THIS^ is being firm.
Out of respect for the other board people, I'm done arguing with you about this here. Don't bother replying because I won't even look at it. If you don't like me or my opinions, feel free to add me to your foe list -__-
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Re: Why BoM WON'T kill the series

Post by Augophthalmoses »

It's not wise to tell the other person to get over things when you're the guy who didn't have the common sense to specify what you were talking about. And even that that claim about the camera is stupid since it's been a common camera style in many dungeon crawlers before God of War was a gleam in anyone's eye.

Think before you post and don't say anything stupid. You'll be less likely to receive flak in return.
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Re: Why BoM WON'T kill the series

Post by Droo »

Both of you cut it out.

I won't ask again.
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Re: Why BoM WON'T kill the series

Post by KoRn_Child »

I'm not reading through this whole topic, especially after seeing the shit-flinging a few posts above mine. So I'll just address the topic at hand: why this game won't kill the series. I'm not a fan of it by any means, but really it's just a handheld spinoff. If this were the next major entry in the series I could see it causing some major damage to the brand, but as a standalone side-project it's not likely to have much of an impact. And honestly, while it's not much of a Silent Hill game it's also really not the travesty it could have been.

With that being said, Konami's mishandling of the franchise is the true threat here. The mangled HD Collection is a good example, as is their willingness to farm the franchise out to seemingly any developer that will take it.
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Re: Why BoM WON'T kill the series

Post by Chimpyglassman »

Is it fair to say that this DID actually kill the series?
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Re: Why BoM WON'T kill the series

Post by Mephisto »

^ No. Because it was a trivial title and it was for a handheld that nobody owns. Plus, it was a spin-off.

Don't blame the developers. Blame the publishers. Konami, them stupid fucks, killed the series.
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Re: Why BoM WON'T kill the series

Post by AuraTwilight »

Chimpyglassman wrote:Is it fair to say that this DID actually kill the series?
If anything killed the series, it was Konami cancelling Silent Hills.
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Re: Why BoM WON'T kill the series

Post by Touch Coma »

Its safe to say it killed the series for 9 years at this point. OP is redeemed. Worst fucking game in the series. Even Bloopy or whoever is making the next game wouldnt do this to a legendary horror series.
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Re: Why BoM WON'T kill the series

Post by NanayaShiki »

The two posts above you, responding to the last time someone bumped this thread to say this, are still the correct answer.

Book of Memories was a small spin-off on a handheld system most people didn't own. It was released the same year as the "major" entry Downpour to emphasize it's nature as a spin-off. It had little to no impact on the series overall. The only thing that put the series in the state it's currently in is Konami's business practices, which we know because all of it's IPs are in the same boat.

I'll personally add on to that to say that while Book of Memories is far from a 10/10, for a spin-off into a different genre it was a fine enough time. I had fun with it for a week or two with a friend. I doubt most of the people who criticize the game ever played it (because, again, nobody owned a Vita).
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