BoM Development Timeline on Joystiq

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BoM Development Timeline on Joystiq

Post by CrypticIdentity »

So an article including BoM's development timeline and some commentary by Tomm Hulett was posted on Joystiq today. (If this has already been posted about in another topic, I apologize; I didn't see any topics specifically about it yet, and seeing as how the article was posted today, I figured it hadn't been posted about yet. Please close this if this discussion is already happening elsewhere.) ... -memories/

Some pretty cool stuff, including screenshots of the early 3rd-person build of the game that Tomm mentioned a while back, as well as some insight into the development process overall.

As for my own opinions... Is it bad that I like the old 3rd-person look a lot? Perhaps it's just nostalgia for the other games, but I kind of wish they still had the function Tomm mentioned before that they had to can: the ability to switch between 3rd-person and top-down views. I can understand why they ended up canning that idea, and top-down makes a bit more sense in terms of the multiplayer dungeon-crawler concept, but I really like the vibe of some of those original screenshots.

Ah, well. I'm still looking forward to the game. Don't know if I'll get to play it, since I don't plan on getting a Vita, but whatever.
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Re: BoM Development Timeline on Joystiq

Post by 0uiled »

It's not bad to like the original idea, it looks nice. But I don't really mind how it is now.
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Re: BoM Development Timeline on Joystiq

Post by Droo »

Wait, the game was finished in the Spring? Why the long delay then?
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Re: BoM Development Timeline on Joystiq

Post by Typographenia »

I would lay odds it was because of the storm surrounding the HD Collection/Downpour (as it was slated to release as the third SH title that month), and Konami decided to push the date back to their regular slot in the fall for the titles. Let the heat die down a little and hopefully get some extra sales with the Halloween crowd. Speculation of course, but that is what I would wager. Playing it safe is probably a better idea than going through with their ridiculous strategy to pump the three titles out within a single month.
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Re: BoM Development Timeline on Joystiq

Post by thy_butcher »

Wow, thanks for the link. That was a really interesting timeline.
I was always interested in a Vita, but BoM has sealed the deal. I WILL get a Vita.... eventually... ;)

I'm looking forward to traversing the different worlds. They all seem to be visually diverse.
I also hope the random level generator is implemented well. I love the idea of it.
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Re: BoM Development Timeline on Joystiq

Post by five5sixers »

Well, I know what I want for Christmas.

This is all looking pretty fabulous, though still surreal. Hard to believe it's finished, let alone was conceptualized in the first place. As always, excited with uncertainty creeping in but I'm looking forward to it.
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Re: BoM Development Timeline on Joystiq

Post by jdnation »

The game will be playable on the show floor at TGS '12

Though Downpour wil lalso be there for some reason, was it not released in Japan?
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Re: BoM Development Timeline on Joystiq

Post by Augophthalmoses »

Well, guess we'll hear more about it then. They really could use more gameplay videos as we barely have any to go by.
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Re: BoM Development Timeline on Joystiq

Post by chounokoe »

jdnation wrote:Though Downpour wil lalso be there for some reason, was it not released in Japan?
Not yet, and after Homecoming everybody is still a little unsure whether it will actually happen. Though I just hope they have some visible translation material ready for TGS.
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Re: BoM Development Timeline on Joystiq

Post by clips »

I kinda like how it looked before they changed it....tho graphically right now, from the top down perspective, i think the game looks good, but incorporating that SH atmosphere and creepy factor?.....that is going to be quite a hurdle.

Bom still isn't my type of game, but we need to start seeing some current vids of this game in action....
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