After thinking about it... Book of memories is brilliant!  

Come here to talk about the Book of Memories.

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After thinking about it... Book of memories is brilliant!  

Post by blackglass657 »

First I thought it was a lame game, but after thinking and analyzing it, I think it's brilliant.

Especially that game messes it up, in a clever way, with the lore of silent hill.

I mean don't you wanna imagine, that Heather in SH 3 dies, just because you used the BOOK and have Aglaophotis in your pocket.

Or wrote something in the BOOK and make, creature Valtiel, serve and help you.

And it gets, more and more, after analyzing it.

The developers, I think explained, which is obvious, that you encounter monsters, from all Silent Hill, Main Series.

Be able to travel, through Silent Hill dimensions, otherworlds.

With power of that BOOK of Memories.

And this BOOK is fucking with you, the whole game.

You wrote something in a BOOK and then, you woke up in the BOOK.

One of my theory's, on BOOK of Memories, is that maybe hero of BOOK of Memories.

Feel emotional pain of monsters, they represent and by this, feel's pain of the previous protagongists.

Since they represent emotional pain, right.

Like just, How crazy this BOOK, actually is.

Yeah it brings tears to my eyes in a bad way and to the fans of series, including myself.

But on other hand, there so many of that stuff, and the lore of SH that the protag, can messed up, with the "explanation" that its the BOOK.

That BOOK, includes all of the monsters, otherworlds, all information and so on.

Interesting, what the hell are the developers thinking. It reminds me more and more of "Arkham world" videogame, joke-rumor.

Yeah, such concept for the SH game, I don't know how to describe it. :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
:shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

Well basicly being a G o D of Silent Hill, with this, BOOK on your hands.

It's like P.T.

If you like Adventure Time, or Gravity Falls

You should definetly, check it out.

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Re: After thinking about it... Book of memories is brilliant

Post by Haunting Hero »

Book of memories is actually pretty good, I haven't played through all of it though, but I really like it's concept :)
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