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Konami had P.T. BC manually blocked on PS5

Posted: 08 Nov 2020
by jdnation
Polygon reported that they successfully transferred P.T. to PS5 and even played it without any problems.

But after an update to PS5, it ceased to work. Some believe the API for BC white/black list is updated anytime your PS5 connects online.

When Sony was contacted about this, they said it was a decision by the publisher, Konami.

P.T. is not playable on PlayStation 5
There was backward compatibility here. It’s gone now. ... ystation-5
Here’s the strange thing, though: At one point over the past two weeks, it was both transferable and playable on PS5. I played P.T. on my PS5 in late October, the day after I received my review unit. But it appears that when the PlayStation 5 launches on Nov. 12, it won’t play P.T. through backward compatibility.

P.T. was the first PS4 title I tested through backward compatibility on PS5. On Oct. 24, I transferred my copy of P.T. to and played the game on my PS5, picking up from a recent save that carried over from PS4. Then I restarted P.T. from the beginning, and played through a bit more. It seemed to work fine. In fact, the 4K screenshot at the top of this post was captured from the PS5 review unit that Sony sent me.

But in the days leading up to Sony’s PS5 review embargo, the situation changed. P.T. is now listed as a “Playable on PS4” title, meaning it can’t be played on PS5.

And after being forced to do a factory reset of my PS5 review unit this week, which deleted all game content from the system, I learned I was no longer able to transfer P.T. from PS4 to PS5. (My colleague Russ Frushtick still has his transferred copy of P.T. sitting on his PS5 SSD.)

When it was playable, P.T. appeared to perform on PS5 just as it did on PS4. I did not complete a full playthrough of the demo, but I experienced no noticeable issues during the 10 minutes in which I tested the game.


Reached for comment, a Sony spokesperson told Polygon that the change to P.T.’s backward compatibility on PS5 “was a publisher decision.”

Sony Confirms P.T. Was Backwards Compatible & Playable On PS5 Until Konami Interfered

P.T. on PS5 tested.

Re: Konami had P.T. BC manually blocked on PS5

Posted: 08 Nov 2020
by Vixx
This is so fucking frustrating. It's one thing preventing people from downloading it afresh - it's another to deliberately prevent people from playing something they love. I'm usually pretty quick to give Konami the benefit of the doubt, but this is such a shitty decision.

Re: Konami had P.T. BC manually blocked on PS5

Posted: 09 Nov 2020
by NanayaShiki
Konami has wanted PT buried from the beginning. Part of why I was so shocked earlier this year to hear they were talking with Kojima (though it seems those talks fell through and didn't result in anything from what people have said) is because of just how hard they went after his stuff when the break up first happened.

It's been a few years so just in case anyone forgot, they didn't just take PT down from the PS Store. They made it impossible to share play, which was super extra. Then they started trying to get ebay listings of PS4s with it on the hard drive taken down. Then they went after youtubers reporting on the situation. Right around the same time they wouldn't let Kojima accept a reward at TGA for MGS5.

I'm not surprised in the least they are blocking it from working on PS5. As much as fans have a hard time letting PT and the idea of Silent Hills go, Konami has had just a hard time letting it go in their own way.

Re: Konami had P.T. BC manually blocked on PS5

Posted: 09 Nov 2020
by jdnation
It's a move that only calls more attention to the thing they are hoping to suppress, and on top of that it reflects badly on the company.

P.T. disappeared off my PS4's HDD after doing a firmware update once. Some other people reported similar things, though PS4 does have an, admittedly rare, issue where sometimes games entirely disappear from the HDD when doing a firmware update. In most cases you'd just download/install it again, so it might've been a freaky coincidence.

But anyway, given that nobody could download it, and even those who lost it largely can't get it again without a known trick. The people that have it left are also the ones who know the game is cancelled, so if Konami intended to avoid confusion about a cancelled project there was literally nothing to worry about so that excuse doesn't fly.

The most generous interpretation of it is that Konami does want to do something Silent-Hillsy, and wants to avoid confusion with Kojima's demo. So either that's coming soon, or they have a blank slot open to do it for which they are waiting for someone to step in and make it like the last gen titles (PS3/PSP/Wii/360).

But even then, this is just going out of ones way to sledgehammer a speck of dust on the wall. Konami are just the worst. Hopefully Kojima just spills the beans one day after he's a completely retired old man about what went on in there.


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