Bloober rumoured to be remaking SH2…

Everything we know - and don't know, I guess - about all those Silent Hill rumours.

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Re: Bloober rumoured to be remaking SH2…

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NanayaShiki wrote: 14 Aug 2022
Vixx wrote: 14 Aug 2022Ooh, a peek at Laura's adult life could be pretty interesting, actually!
It'd be funny if that eventually happens considering that's what Elle in Homecoming was supposed to be originally.
omg, I had completely forgotten about that! Wow. Homecoming. What a ride, eh? 🤣
V xx

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Re: Bloober rumoured to be remaking SH2…

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All of the production stories from Homecoming make me thankful the end product didn't turn out as bad as it could have.
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