Wild speculation

Everything we know so far about No Code's upcoming take on Silent Hill...

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Re: Wild speculation

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I just wish someone could get a screenshot of the distance-to-Portland sign in SILENT HILL: DOWNPOUR. I remember seeing it, just never bothered to write it down, and I can't recall where specifically it is.

>Lake Seabago in Maine is pretty close to Portland, and it has quite a few beaches even though it's an in-land lake.<
Yeah that's a pretty massive lake at five miles across. For reference, Toluca Lake—at least according to the fan-made complete map—is roughly 15 miles across from the end of Nathan Ave. to Pleasant River.
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Re: Wild speculation

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MistahJ wrote: 20 Oct 2022 I saw a post on Twitter speculating that it isn't really about "punishment". If you listen to what the guy is saying, it sounds like the person he is talking to said he was there to be punished, but the interrogator believes he is lying about this and is actually in Silent Hill for another reason. I'm hoping this is the twist and that it may not be what it seems at first.
Yeh, I think the whole point of that line was to poke fun at the line of thinking that all western games are the same. i.e. A poor imitation of Silent Hill 2.

No Code are better than that.

My personal view is that it may relate to Silent Hill 1, but is not directly focused on Alessa. The person being interrogated could potentially be involved in the cult. Furthermore, as was mentioned on the discord by another user, the beach with waves could be symbolic of electromagnetic waves. To expand on that idea, I think the small portable tv screen might be Townfall's version of the radio, with information being viewable on the portable screen, helping you solve puzzles.
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