help Blue Creek apartments room 109

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Post by bryansurvive »

If you have the coins you have already been in room 109. So there fore you should complete the puzzle where the coins are to get the key for room 209. Which is what I am doing
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Re: help Blue Creek apartments room 109

Post by Glenn »

I'm playing Silent Hill 2 again and got this message for the first time. I forgot to visit Eddie and couldn't see Angela due to the "force" holding the door back. Guess that's sort of an error they made when they did the game. Obviously you need to meet Eddie the first time, so the second scene in the bowling alley makes sense, but they should have had you get a key in Eddie's room to access Angela's room to "naturally" force you into meeting Eddie before Angela.

I tried skipping some rooms to save time and it ended up backfiring on me.
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