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Posted: 26 Jan 2010
by KageReneko
Isn't the same, I want to backup my save files... They literally have my blood and sweat... (Especially the one of SH1 where I could beat n less than 2 hours...)

To have the savefiles of other people don't mean anything for me...

ANyway, that kind of devices aren't available in my country... I found a "Do it yourself" process for transfer your data from the memory card to the PC but I need to remove one of the memory slots from my PS2 (I won't do it) or to get a multiplayer device (That is really expensive here)...

Posted: 26 Jan 2010
by Restoration01
Just be happy that SM is not a leveling game >.<
GOD... Disgaea... It's hell to reach level 9999... :|

Posted: 25 Feb 2010
by Eva-Unit01
Sorry, I had to have my account activated because I switched E-Mails for it.

But, back to the main topic; 9999 in Disgaea? Didn't know you could ever reach over 99 in that game.

Most games don't go past level 99, lol.

Re: Shattered Memories ERROR?!

Posted: 08 Nov 2012
by VinnySplendelicious
I just tried to play my copy tonight, and it won't let me. It brings up an error message while the disc is loading. The disc is in good condition, too. I was pretty pissed. I tried a few other games, which all work fine, and a couple of which are not in as good condition.

Re: Shattered Memories ERROR?!

Posted: 09 Nov 2012
by teosoleil
What does the error message say?