Silent Hill 3 PC tweaking help

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Silent Hill 3 PC tweaking help

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I see people here don't like bumping old threads so here i'm opening a new thread just for Silent Hill 3 PC.

I have managed to run the game in 1080p, FOV fixed. However i have some problem with the graphics and i'm not sure if Catalyst Control Center actually do anything when i forced all those fancy AA, V-Synch, Triple Buffering stuff on this game.

Right now i'm using the 1st cutscene as a benchmark. I notice few tearing in the scene, the 1st minor one when heather stands up, zooms in to her face there's a tear on the neck, then more obvious one when she steps out of the burger shop, major tear there, then minor tear when the scene switch to the old guy's face. Some tearing in game when you run around between cameras.

So obviously i can say v-synch is not active even if i forced it. I'm not sure about AA and those stuff as the subtitle still looks jaggy as ever.

Right now i'm using 2048x2048 texture as 4096x4096 will result in major fps drop, even during cutscenes. Everything else maxed out.

I've heard about d3doverider that forces v-synch & triple buffering but it's not compatible with 64bit windows. But i have heard that the audio might go out of sync if you force them.

So I'm wondering anybody managed to get SH3 maxed out without tearing problem? This game is seriously amazing on HD setting for a old gen game.
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