Silent Hill 2 HD: Getting the Blue Gem

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Silent Hill 2 HD: Getting the Blue Gem

Post by NanayaShiki »

This may be the first time I've ever posted in this section, but I'm absolutely stumped. I had the original PS2 release of SH2 and that's the version I've played all these years, so last year's HD Collection is my first experience with the content from Greatest Hits. Having finished the game a year ago, today I decided to play it again but I can't seem to get the Blue Gem to appear.

From what I understand, I need to have beaten the main scenario once and Born From a Wish once. I've done this. I also understand that you need to load the results page before selecting new game so that the game loads your completed data. Here seems to be my problem. Every time I load up a results screen, I think it's overriding the previous results screen I loaded.

I've read that the best way to get the Blue Gem to appear is load the results screen for the main game, then the results screen from BFAW, then start a new game. However, when I do this the Blue Gem is still not there. In fact, checking the extra options yields no bullet adjust so I do believe that when loading the BFAW results, it's canceling out the main game results that I loaded. When I load just the main game results and then start a new game the extra options are there, but of course no Blue Gem.

Am I misunderstanding what I have to do or have I finally run into a major issue with the HD Collection (which has so far been fairly good to me)? Anybody have any suggestions?

Edit: I was able to finally get it. For some reason I had to beat the main game and Born From A Wish again and it finally showed up on the next playthrough. I suspect it might have something to do with the patch, since I was trying to use result files from before the patch. Either way, I have it now, but should anyone else in the future have this problem, I guess the solution is to just keep beating the game and it'll eventually work?
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Re: Silent Hill 2 HD: Getting the Blue Gem

Post by Esperandote »

Haha, literally everything you said can be said of me. Thanks for that edit, it was very helpful!
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