Silent Hill 3 — killing God in normal mode

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Silent Hill 3 — killing God in normal mode

Post by Xuchilbara93 »

It's been a few months since I last played it, but I may as well post this now for future reference: I have gotten through the game on normal mode (just normal; not New Game+ normal), and ended up expending almost all my first aid kits, health drinks, ampoules, shotgun, and pistol ammo.

Then I reached God. And I've tried every technique I've read about, including the "blind spot", but every now and then, I might end up stepping out of the blind spot (doesn't help that the D-pads appear to have a mind of their own sometimes, causing Heather to back away), which considering my circumstances, causes a lot of issues for me. So ... what's left (not my mind, that's for damn certain)? Because I absolutely hate the idea of just playing it on easy mode again or new game+ normal mode.

EDIT: I have since started a new game, and simply saved up as much ammo and health drinks as I could, and I beat her. Kinda wish I could have meleed her, though.
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Re: Silent Hill 3 — killing God in normal mode

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I had the same problem on Hard mode. God is a nightmare. Instead I started the game over, learned to block and saved all the handgun ammo I could. Shotgun and Submachine gun don't do anything for God so I used those instead.
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