What the 'f' stands for

It's true - a Silent Hill game from ryukishi07! Here's what we know so far...

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Re: What the 'f' stands for

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Related, the process of making the Silent Hill f trailer.

https://twitter.com/AestheticGamer1/sta ... 8511846401


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Re: What the 'f' stands for

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Nice stuff!

As I'd thought, the girl is confirmed not to be the game protagonist, and I'm guessing that like the nurses, she may be an enemy type. My feeling is because her design is too generic by itself to be a supporting cast member. Also the scarecrow girl with a sickle and the girl dragging a pipe suggest enemies.

Erosion and Fog are key visual themes aimed at beautiful horror. The trailer depicts actual events relevant in the game's narrative, so it's not just a conceptual visual demo, but is telling a part of the story. The time says June 1960, but the actual game could take place later.

The trailer was a separate company using UnReal 4. I think they may be handling other cutscene cinematics for the game.
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