Install Problem Silent Hill 4 on PC

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Install Problem Silent Hill 4 on PC

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Hi Guys

I am new to pc gaming because i wanted to have a console where you can play new and old games on.
I recently bought Silent Hill 2 to Silent Hill Downpour because I really love playing Silent Hill :D
Anyway I was able to install every game but when I start Silent Hill 4 The Room after install an error message appears 'Failed to initialize DirectX'
I have Windows 8.1

Silent Hill 4 needs DirectX 8.1 but since I have Windows 8.1 i only have newer versions of DirectX. The weird thing is; Silent Hill 2 and 3 also need DirectX 8.1 but those games really run smooth.

Is there anyone who knows what to do so i can play Silent Hill 4? I have already tried downloading older versions of DirectX and also i have tried to install DirectX 8.1 from the game disc but the message 'You already have a newer version of DirectX, Installation not needed' appears...

So the main problem is that when, after installation of Silent Hill 4The Room, when i press Play Silent Hill 4 the error message 'failed to initialize DirectX' appears... I really need someone to solve this plss help :(
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