How Walter actually did the R.H.A. (SPOILERS!)

Henry's locked in his apartment and can't get out. Bless.

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How Walter actually did the R.H.A. (SPOILERS!)

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So today, I have been playing SH4..and I am curious about a few things.

The "bottles of black powder" found in Walter's cell in the Water Prison, I think it is on Floor 2, is the same substance that is found in the depression under his corpse in the sealed off store room. It seems that he may have mixed the black powder with the white oil in the pestle and mortar on the altar table...but what exactly is this substance and it's purpose?
This black liquid is found in the abandoned factory areas of the Forest World in huge it must of be significance.
While Joseph Schreiber believed that the "Walter who committed suicide in his jail cell" wasn't the real Walter, I believe that it was the real Walter. The Ritual of the Holy Assumption told him to commit suicide first, then to resurrect himself from the dead. He dug up his own corpse from the Silent Hill Forest graveyard near Wish House, carried the dripping bag of bloody hearts, the white oil, the black cup, the Cult Bible, the black powder stuff, and anything else up to the then vacant/empty Room 302. He then sealed off the back storage room, before "Offering the Blood of the Ten Sinners and the White Oil", and thus finishing the "Ritual of the Holy Assumption". Some time later, Joseph Schreiber moved into 302, and was thrust into Walter's Otherworld, in which he ended up as victim forward to the present, and now we have Henry going through the same thing that Joseph did.
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