Can Somebody Please Get Me Past The School?

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Can Somebody Please Get Me Past The School?

Post by Cam977 »

After recently revisiting the original Silent Hill on my PS1 (played on the PS Store version on my Vita) I finished the game and received the 'GOOD' ending which brings me onto the cause of this request. As of late I've had very little time to play games, so, with this in mind, if I were to send somebody my SH save would they please kindly get me past the hospital on my "NEXT FEAR" hard playthrough so I can get past the hospital and pickup the chainsaw?

I play on PAL if you're interested, if anybody is willing to fulfill this kind act for me then I'd be hugely appreciative towards the user who does so.

Let me reiterate this, I ask because I don't have two hours to run through a game in search of a chainsaw, if there are any pros here then your services would be hugely appreciated.

I will update this post with a link to my savefile.

here is my save
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Re: Can Somebody Please Get Me Past The School?

Post by Patman »

In case no one is willing to indulge you (I just can' t), if you have a PS3 you might find what you want here, or the next best thing at least.

I' m not sure NTSC save files can be used on a PAL version, but hey, it' s worth a shot.
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